Season 3

s03e01 / Don't Touch That 'dile

14th Oct '00 - 11:00am
Don't Touch That 'dile

Ash begins a new journey in Johto and new Pokemon and new freinds are featured in this episode.

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s03e02 / The Double Trouble Header

21st Oct '00 - 11:00am
The Double Trouble Header

In a Pokemon Battle Ash defeats a young trainer who runs away dejectedly but Team Rocket steps in and tries to steal Pikachu again but they eventually fail once again.

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s03e03 / A Sappy Ending

28th Oct '00 - 11:00am
A Sappy Ending

The gang discover a forest where some Pinsir invaders are causing a heavy deforestian
Team Rocket are carlessly harvesting some sap from a local wood thereby they are upsetting nature.

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s03e04 / Roll On, Pokémon!

4th Nov '00 - 12:00pm
Roll On, Pokémon!

The gang are fortunate to stumble in a valley where Donphan are used to harvest stones Not so fourtunate are the valley's citizens Team Rocket again is on the heels of some young trainers and are already hatching a plan to steal stones for themselves.

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s03e05 / Illusion Confusion!

4th Nov '00 - 12:30pm
Illusion Confusion!

Who would be so foolish to brave a thick forest in the dead of night without a Hoothoot guide? Certainly not Ash but he settles for the guide available an intept Hoothoot with no sense of direction he might of been better alone.

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s03e06 / Flower Power

11th Nov '00 - 12:00pm
Flower Power

Finally making their way out of the forest the gang find themselves at the outskirts of a large city called Flowender wondering what they should do next .

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s03e07 / Spinarak Attack

11th Nov '00 - 12:30pm
Spinarak Attack

Our heroes make their way to Cattailia City, a town recognized for its magnificent buildings. A patrol car barrels down the street, and knowing that Officer Jenny must be inside, Brock gives chase. However, a few seconds later, he trips over a thin web. Ash and Misty catch up with him and after Togepi notices something approaching, a Spinarak appears.

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s03e08 / Snubbull Snobbery

18th Nov '00 - 12:00pm
Snubbull Snobbery

While walking through the middle of town, our friends notice that it is full of huge mansions. Apparently, Palm Hills is famous for its sprawling estates and sweeping lawns. Ash, Misty and Brock then come across a very large mansion and stand at the gate in complete amazement. While gazing at this majestic mansion, three butlers are seen in the background searching for something.

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s03e09 / The Little Big Horn

18th Nov '00 - 12:30pm
The Little Big Horn

Brock saves a lost and frightened Stantler fawn and carefully nurses it back to health before releasing it. Little does he know that Team Rocket lies hidden nearby, waiting to capture the defenseless fawn.

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s03e10 / The Chikorita Rescue

25th Nov '00 - 12:00pm
The Chikorita Rescue

Ash encounters a wild Chikorita and engages it in battle, thinking to add it to his team, but as Team Rocket watches the battle from afar, they decide the Chikorita would be better suited to their own nefarious uses.

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s03e11 / Once in a Blue Moon

2nd Dec '00 - 12:00pm
Once in a Blue Moon

Professor Oak's errand - to deliver the mysterious GS Ball to a Pokéball expert - is interrupted when a Quagsire with a penchant for spherical objects steals the GS ball for use in a nocturnal ritual.

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s03e12 / The Whistle Stop

2nd Dec '00 - 12:30pm
The Whistle Stop

When Team Rocket attacks Ash and his friends, a brave young Trainer and her flock of Ledyba come to the rescue. With a bolt of electricity, Pikachu makes quick work of Team Rocket, but they look to capture a prize anyway: the same bolt from Pikachu sends one of the Good Samaritan's Ledyba flying right into their clutches.

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s03e13 / Ignorance is Blissey

9th Dec '00 - 12:00pm
Ignorance is Blissey

Team Rocket can't believe their luck when the Blissey employed in a Pokémon Center willingly gives them the center's entire food supply. As they abscond with the grub, however, an collective pang of conscience tells them to return their ill-gotten booty. However, they are ashamed lest this act of decency ruin their carefully cultivated reputation as troublemakers.

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s03e14 / A Bout With Sprout

16th Dec '00 - 12:00pm
A Bout With Sprout

As Ash, Misty and Brock are walking through town looking for the Violet City gym, a little girl and boy are seen fighting over Pikachu. The kids, by continually grabbing and poking Pikachu, make him launch an all-out thunderbolt attack. Ash quickly picks him up, but although saving the kids from Pikachu's attack, he takes the full brunt of it. A rather attractive woman then comes running out, calling for Zackie and Lizy (the boy and girl fighting over Pikachu). Upon learning that our friends were on their way to the Violet City gym, she introduces herself as Miss Priscilla, a teacher from the Pokémon Academy.

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s03e15 / Fighting Flyer With Fire

16th Dec '00 - 12:30pm
Fighting Flyer With Fire

As our heroes stare in amazement at the Violet City gym, Jessie and James, in a rather pathetic disguise, make their appearance pretending to be conducting a survey on behalf of the Pokémon Bureau. Although Ash, Misty and Brock have never heard of it, they let Jessie examine Pikachu to see if he meets the official Violet City gym standards. Jessie and James confiscate Pikachu and run off.

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s03e16 / For Crying Out Loud

20th Jan '01 - 12:00pm
For Crying Out Loud

Cute and cuddly is one thing, but a bawling Marill is too much even for Misty. When all Misty's attempts to toughen up the picayune Pokémon fall short, Team Rocket takes her by surprise. Misty is left with no help or hope in sight, save for little Marill.

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s03e17 / Tanks a Lot!

27th Jan '01 - 12:00pm
Tanks a Lot!

Team Rocket's most recent super vehicle, the Arbotank, is their ticket to world domination - until Togepi and its newfound Sentret buddy climb inside and inadvertently initiate a cross-country joyride that wreaks unstoppable destruction on everything in their path.

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s03e18 / Charizard's Burning Ambitions

3rd Feb '01 - 12:00pm
Charizard's Burning Ambitions

When Ash hears of the nearby Charicific Valley, he is sure a quick trip would be just the thing to reignite his Charizard's flagging spirits. When they reach the valley, though, they find its dragon denizens anything but cordial. Judged weak, and denied entrance to the valley, Charizard is left more dejected than ever.

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s03e19 / Grin to Win!

10th Feb '01 - 12:00pm
Grin to Win!

The annual Sunflora contest is only a day away and yet our heroes' new friend and Sunflora Trainer is unable to convince her star Pokémon to compete. Complicating things further, Team Rocket enters under pseudonyms, planning to win by whatever means are required.

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s03e20 / Chikorita's Big Upset

10th Feb '01 - 12:30pm
Chikorita's Big Upset

Ash is battling some kid in the neighborhood he was in. Ash used Chikorita while the kid used Raticate. Chikorita took quite a beating but still would not give up. Ash, seeing that Chikortia is a bit to exhausted tries to calls it back and uses Pikachu. Chikorita refuses to go in its Pokeball. Ash was holding up the battle until dark all because he could not call back Chikorita.

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s03e21 / Foul Weather Friends

10th Feb '01 - 1:00pm
Foul Weather Friends

Our heroes chance upon a Hoppip, the fluffy 'Cottonweed' Pokémon that is able to drift for miles on a passing wind. The Trainer of this Pokémon, whom they meet soon after, uses it and several others of its kind to help her forecast the weather.

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s03e22 / The Superhero Secret

17th Feb '01 - 12:00pm
The Superhero Secret

The legendary Gligarman grows old and begins to bend under the weighty task of fighting crime. When Ash and friends wander into town, they bring with them a challenge that threatens to be Gligarman's last - Team Rocket.

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s03e23 / Mild 'n Wooly

17th Feb '01 - 12:00pm
Mild 'n Wooly

The group meet Mary, a girl who lives on a Mareep farm and wants to compete in the upcoming Mareep Festival.

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s03e24 / Wired For Battle!

24th Feb '01 - 12:00pm
Wired For Battle!

When the most promising trainee at a Pokémon dojo abandons battle altogether, opting to gather information for his comprehensive Poké-database instead, it's up to Ash and friends to convince him that battling, and life for that matter, is more than just a matter of probability.

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s03e25 / Good 'Quil Hunting

3rd Mar '01 - 12:00pm
Good 'Quil Hunting

Our heroes are walking through a thick forest, Brock thinks there's something wrong with his map but Misty thinks they're just lost again. A tall kid comes up to them and asks if they've seen any Cyndaquil around, which are supposed to be all over this area. Ash gets excited and starts to look around for one.

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s03e26 / A Shadow of a Drought

3rd Mar '01 - 12:30pm
A Shadow of a Drought

Ash carelessly makes enemies of the Slowpoke-worshipping residents of Azalea Town, but sees a chance at redemption when Team Rocket arrives to capture each and every one of these revered Pokémon.

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s03e27 / Going Apricorn!

10th Mar '01 - 12:00pm
Going Apricorn!

Ash, Misty, Brock and the girl are walking through the woods, the girl explains that getting PokeBalls is a lot more complicated than people think. They approach a large tree but fall into a covered hole. Team Rocket comes and Meowth lassos Pikachu with a rope, then Jessie puts him into an electric-proof jar.

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s03e28 / Gettin' the Bugs Out

17th Mar '01 - 12:00pm
Gettin' the Bugs Out

Ash and friends have delivered the GS Ball safely to Kurt and are heading to the Azalea Town Gym for the next badge. Misty thinks Ash will have a tough time with without Charizard but Ash is confident that Cyndaquil has the firepower he needs.The Azalea Gym is a large dome with a forest-like environment inside. Misty becomes nervous, then a Caterpie drops down in front of her and she freaks. A boy standing up on a tree branch says that this is in fact the Gym and that bug Pokemon are the best. Misty isn't thrilled. Ash introduces himself and the boy says he's Bugsy, the Gym leader.

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s03e29 / A Farfetch'd Tale

17th Mar '01 - 12:30pm
A Farfetch'd Tale

An inexperienced young Trainer mistakenly scares off his own Farfetch'd. Ash and friends are happy to help, but will have to find it before Team Rocket, their stomachs as empty as their piggy bank, can get their hands on this savory Pokémon.

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s03e30 / Tricks of the Trade

24th Mar '01 - 12:00pm
Tricks of the Trade

At the Pokémon Swap Meet, our heroes befriend a young Pokémon trainer who's having difficulties finding a trading partner willing to accept his Wobbuffet. When Jessie inadvertently deposits her Pokéball across from his in the exchanger, this young trainer gets more than he had bargained for.

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s03e31 / The Fire-ing Squad!

21st Apr '01 - 11:00am
The Fire-ing Squad!

Our friends have stopped at a Pokémon Center. Ash calls Professor Oak, he's going to send his Tauros back. Professor Oak says that's okay, but he wants to keep Heracross a while longer. Ash tells Heracross to do whatever the Professor tells it.Nurse Joy complements Ash on taking such good care of his Pokémon. Brock flirts with her, but she says she has to examine more Pokémon for the upcoming Fire and Rescue Grand Prix and she goes, leaving Ash wondering what the Grand Prix is.

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s03e32 / No Big Woop!

28th Apr '01 - 11:00am
No Big Woop!

Ash and friends enthusiastically volunteer to watch over a troubled trainer's school of Wooper, but as always Team Rocket interferes, this time hoping to use the Wooper's soothing qualities to pacify Giovanni.

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s03e33 / Tunnel Vision

7th Apr '01 - 11:00am
Tunnel Vision

Passing through a mountain, Ash and friends are once again confronted by the pesky Snubbull that chases Team Rocket around...

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s03e34 / Hour of the Houndour

14th Apr '01 - 11:00am
Hour of the Houndour

Ash and friends befriend a group of wild Houndour.

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s03e35 / The Totodile Duel

5th May '01 - 11:00am
The Totodile Duel

Ash and Misty both try to capture the same Totodile. When it is caught, no one knows who threw the successful Lure Ball so the two battle for the Totodile.

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s03e36 / Hot Matches!

12th May '01 - 11:00am
Hot Matches!

When Ash and friends hear of a virtually undefeatable trainer operating nearby, they seek her out, only to see first Brock's Vulpix and then Ash's Cyndaquil take heavy abuse from her Skarmory-despite its disadvantage against the Fire element.

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s03e37 / Love, Totodile Style

26th May '01 - 11:00am
Love, Totodile Style

Ash's Totodile falls head over tail for a passing Azumarill, but is still unsuccessful in having its feelings requited when Team Rocket kidnap the Pokémon before Totodile's eyes.

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s03e38 / Fowl Play!

26th May '01 - 11:30am
Fowl Play!

Ash has his sights set on a rare and brightly-colored Noctowl, but this Pokémon's hypnosis leaves Ash's team unable to tell reality from illusion, much less stand up to another Pokémon in battle.

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s03e39 / Forrest Grumps

2nd Jun '01 - 11:00am
Forrest Grumps

When an Ursaring attack leaves Team Rocket and our heroes in compromising positions, compromise they do, members of each team being paired with members of the other. But such a pairing one would guess to be doomed from the start... and one would be right this time.

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s03e40 / The Psychic Sidekicks!

11th Aug '01 - 11:00am
The Psychic Sidekicks!

Ash and co. are wandering through a forest, as they slowly make their way to Goldenrod City. They'd prefer to be quickly making their way to Goldenrod City, as, according to rumor, this forest is full of Ghosts. As a precaution, Misty sends out Psyduck to protect them, since it's the only one who knows any Psychic attacks. The kids are pushing their way through the underbrush, when a dark, grinning face pops out of the bushes, terrifying them all! Misty shoves Psyduck in front of her, but it runs back behind her, and retreats into its Pokéball. Ash approaches the supposed Ghost, who Bites him hard on the hand... but then it raises its other head from the bushes - it's not a Ghost
Pokémon at all, it's a Girafarig!.

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s03e41 / The Fortune Hunters

11th Aug '01 - 11:30am
The Fortune Hunters

A Pokémon Fortune Telling boom turns out to be a Team Rocket plot to steal Pokémon from local trainers. The engineers of this plot, though, are not the Team Rocket regulars, but by the formidable Butch and Cassidy.

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