Season 5

s05e01 / Around The Whirlpool

14th Sep '02 - 11:00am
Around The Whirlpool

After being thrown overboard by Team Rocket, Ash, Misty and Brock notice something swimming under them as they are rescued by Professor Elm.

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s05e02 / Fly Me To The Moon

21st Sep '02 - 11:00am
Fly Me To The Moon

Ash and friends discover an island on which the Pidgey population-long protected by environmental regulation and free from predators-has grown to unusually stout proportions and virtually abandoned any desire for flight. There Ash and friends find one Pidgey, however, in which the desire to soar through the heavens burns more fiercely than even in Pidgey from beyond this island. Anxious to see this Pidgey achieve its dreams, the young trainers join with the Pidgey's trainer and follow the Pokémon in a jet-assisted hot air balloon, tracking its flight as the Pidgey climbs higher into the stratosphere than any Pokémon in history.

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s05e03 / Takin' It On the Chinchou!

28th Sep '02 - 11:00am
Takin' It On the Chinchou!

On their way to the Whirl Cup competition, Ash and friends are fortunate enough to pass a small mountain village just as an annual Chinchou migration is about to occur. Long ago seismological forces had combined to lift the mountain out of the depths of the sea, bringing along with it the undersea nesting ground of these Chinchou.

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s05e04 / A Corsola Caper!

5th Oct '02 - 11:00am
A Corsola Caper!

A group of Corsola that have helped build an island have been scared off by another Corsola threatening the island.

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s05e05 / Mantine Overboard!

12th Oct '02 - 11:00am
Mantine Overboard!

A treasure hunter is searching for the treasure that her great-grandmother discovered under the sea.

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s05e06 / Octillery The Outcast

19th Oct '02 - 11:00am
Octillery The Outcast

After reaching the town where the preliminary round of the Whirl Cup is held, Ash and Misty enter and earn the two victories required to continue on to the finals. A friend they had met earlier is not as fortunate. When Misty tries to console him with promises of the next Whirl Cup to be held in three years, he remains depressed, saying that it was not lack of ability but the low spirits of his Octillery that had brought about his defeat. The Pokémon had been depressed ever since it evolved from a Remoraid and was subsequently spurned by its onetime Remoraid friends. If the boy cannot somehow mend these friendships between Pokémon that have now grown different in appearance, he doesn't see any hopes of victory even in three years time. Ash and friends willingly lend their knowledge and enthusiasm to this problem of Pokémon sociology.

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s05e07 / Dueling Heroes

26th Oct '02 - 11:00am
Dueling Heroes

As the Whirl Cup continues, Ash and Misty come across some tough opponents.

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s05e08 / The Perfect Match!

2nd Nov '02 - 12:00pm
The Perfect Match!

Ash and Misty each emerge victorious from arduous bouts only to be paired against one another in the next round. As these two square off, Team Rocket plots to steal the tournament's prize using reverse psychology: they leave an anonymous tip with the local police force that the prize is in danger. This tip, Jessie reasons, will lead to heightened security, which will in turn lead to overconfidence and carelessness, effectually making it easier for Jessie and James to sneak in and claim their prize. With Ash already in strong position, Misty accidentally deploys Psyduck to face his Kingler. In a surprise turn, however, Psyduck launches a Confuse attack that wins the match for Misty. Ash takes his place in the stands and cheers for Misty as she begins her next round. Meanwhile Team Rocket watches in shock as-contrary to Jessie's plan-not only is the police presence at the event fortified, but the police show no sign of growing overconfident.

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s05e09 / Plant It Now... Diglett Later

9th Nov '02 - 12:00pm
Plant It Now... Diglett Later

A village is having trouble with a group and their Dodrio and need help.

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s05e10 / Hi Ho Silver... Away!

16th Nov '02 - 12:00pm
Hi Ho Silver... Away!

The gang has decided to explore the rest of the remaining unseen Whirl Islands and reach a town, in which everything is shaped after the Silver Feather.

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s05e11 / The Mystery is History

23rd Nov '02 - 12:00pm
The Mystery is History

Ash, Brock and Misty have a surprise meeting with Ritchie and find a baby Lugia.

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s05e12 / A Parent Trapped!

30th Nov '02 - 12:00pm
A Parent Trapped!

Team Rocket have captured the baby Lugia as they try to capture the mother Lugia.

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s05e13 / A Promise is a Promise

7th Dec '02 - 12:00pm
A Promise is a Promise

Ash and the gang, along with Richie, captured by Team Rocket and held at their base. Dr. Number and the other Rockets look upon their capture of the parent Lugia, but they rather use that than the child so they carry that one off.

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s05e14 / Throwing in the Noctowl

14th Dec '02 - 12:00pm
Throwing in the Noctowl

Missing a flight back to Olivine City, the gang finds help from a man with a not-so-safe plane.

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s05e15 / Nerves of Steelix!

21st Dec '02 - 12:00pm
Nerves of Steelix!

Jasmine is now able to challenge Ash to a battle using her Magnemite and Steelix.

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s05e16 / Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!

21st Dec '02 - 12:30pm
Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!

Professor Oak and Tracey have a problem. The Pokémon in Professor Oak's garden are acting very aggressive. Seeing the extremity in this case they call Ash for his Bulbasaur because Bulbasaur took care of and understood wild Pokémon in the past.

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s05e17 / Espeon, Not Included

28th Dec '02 - 12:00pm
Espeon, Not Included

The group meets up with Sakura who's Espeon has evolved into Espeon as she considers her future plans.

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s05e18 / For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll!

28th Dec '02 - 12:30pm
For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll!

Eugene is out to catch Suicuine but Team Rocket launches an attack on the Tin Tower.

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s05e19 / Extreme Pokémon!

4th Jan '03 - 12:00pm
Extreme Pokémon!

A skateboarding competition is taking place where the winner will receive an egg and Gary is taking part.

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s05e20 / An EGG-sighting Adventure!

11th Jan '03 - 12:00pm
An EGG-sighting Adventure!

Team Rocket try to steal Ash's egg but Togepi manages to teleport it away.

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s05e21 / Hatching A Plan

18th Jan '03 - 12:00pm
Hatching A Plan

Ash's egg hatches into Phanpy as Team Rocket attempt to steal it.

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s05e22 / Dues and Don'ts

25th Jan '03 - 12:00pm
Dues and Don'ts

Upon realizing that Ash and friends have many more Pokémon than they do, Team Rocket goes on a search for a new Pokémon. They find a Delibird in a cage, free it and capture it. A lady comes out and says that if they can prove members of Team Rocket, they can keep the Delibird. They search through Team Rocket records to find they names aren't listed. Will Jessie and James finally get a new Pokémon?

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s05e23 / Just Waiting On a Friend

25th Jan '03 - 12:30pm
Just Waiting On a Friend

A mysterious lady falls in love with Brock as Ash and Misty have their doubts.

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s05e24 / A Tyrogue Full of Trouble

1st Feb '03 - 12:00pm
A Tyrogue Full of Trouble

A Tyrogue causes trouble trying to steal food as a man tries to catch it.

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s05e25 / Xatu the Future

8th Feb '03 - 12:00pm
Xatu the Future

A group of Xatu are worshipped by a town knowing they can predict the weather.

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s05e26 / Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution

15th Feb '03 - 12:00pm
Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution

A group of Team Rocket members cause a Magikarp to evolve sending it on a rampage.

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s05e27 / Rage of Innocence

22nd Feb '03 - 12:00pm
Rage of Innocence

With Gyarados on a rampage, the group along with Lance must try and stop it.

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s05e28 / As Cold as Pryce

1st Mar '03 - 12:00pm
As Cold as Pryce

With the business of the Red Gyarados over, Ash decides to challenge the Gym Leader Pryce but he isn't in town. They find him meditating under a waterfall. Ash battles him with Phanpy and quickly loses. Afterwards, Pryce tells the gang that his most prized Pokémon Piloswine disappeared a long time ago and he needs help finding it. The group agrees to help and they set out immediately. Jessie and James are nearby and they decide to steal it. Can Ash and the others find it before Jessie and James do?

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s05e29 / Nice Pryce, Baby!

8th Mar '03 - 12:00pm
Nice Pryce, Baby!

With his Piloswine back with him, Pryce accepts Ash's gym battle.

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s05e30 / Whichever Way the Wind Blows

22nd Mar '03 - 12:00pm
Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Evolution rivalry occurs between Vileplume and Bellosom as the group have to stop it.

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s05e31 / Some Like it Hot

29th Mar '03 - 12:00pm
Some Like it Hot

A giant Marcargo blocks a mountain path stopping anyone from passing.

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s05e32 / Hocus Pokémon

5th Apr '03 - 12:00pm
Hocus Pokémon

Ash, Brock, and Misty meet up with a witch named Lily. She is seeking ingredients to conduct a spell to make humans more friendly with Pokemon. The one last ingredient she needs is tears of an Aipom, and the group fights Team Rocket to get an Aipom. Lily then conducts the spell, turning Ash into a Pikachu!

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s05e33 / As Clear as Crystal

12th Apr '03 - 11:00am
As Clear as Crystal

A lake with a crystal in sees an appearance by the legendary Zapdos.

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s05e34 / Same Old Song and Dance

19th Apr '03 - 11:00am
Same Old Song and Dance

In the midst of their travels, Ash and friends meet up with a young girl who, along with her two Igglybuff assistants, stars in her own musical variety television program. Our heroes are content to sit back and enjoy the show, but unfortunately Team Rocket has other plans in mind.

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s05e35 / Enlighten Up!

26th Apr '03 - 11:00am
Enlighten Up!

A mystic and her Slowpoke offer the gang the chance to enlighten their minds.

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s05e36 / Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?

27th Sep '02 - 11:00am
Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?

James disguises himself as Professor Oak so that they can benefit from his popularity.

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s05e37 / Wish Upon a Star Shape

3rd May '03 - 11:00am
Wish Upon a Star Shape

A spaceship arrives on Earth but a Cleffa has gotten seperated from the group.

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s05e38 / Outrageous Fortunes

10th May '03 - 11:00am
Outrageous Fortunes

Misty hopes to evolve Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath when a trainer boasts about his Poliwrath.

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s05e39 / One Trick Phony!

17th May '03 - 11:00am
One Trick Phony!

Ash visits a local Battle park unaware that it is run by Team Rocket.

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s05e40 / I Politoed Ya So!

24th May '03 - 11:00am
I Politoed Ya So!

Misty's Politoed is mistaken for another Politoed used by a cheerleader.

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s05e41 / The Ice Cave!

24th Jul '16 - 11:00am
The Ice Cave!

As they continue on their journey, Ash and co go through the Ice Cave, a shortcut to Blackthorn City. But when they slip, they fall into a hole. Why is there a hole? Team Rocket, of course.

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s05e42 / Beauty is Skin Deep

31st May '03 - 11:00am
Beauty is Skin Deep

Hoping to win his final Johto badge, Ash comes across Clair and her Dratini.

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s05e43 / Fangs for Nothin'

7th Jun '03 - 11:00am
Fangs for Nothin'

Ash challenges Clair to a gym battle and has a tough time against her Dragon-types.

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s05e44 / Great Bowls of Fire!

14th Jun '03 - 11:00am
Great Bowls of Fire!

Ash's Charizard flies in and lands on Ash. Liza also lands in on Charla who is in love with Charizard. Rocket find a bowl in a Dragon Shrine which upsets Dragonite and causes a fire in a field. So Ash, Liza and Clair set to put out the fire to save wild Pokemon.After the fire is put out, TR is grateful that they were saved from the fire. Dragonite is under an attack rage and starts attacking Clair, Ash and the gang. This leads to a battle between Dragonair and Charizard versus Dragonite which ends his attack rage.

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s05e45 / Better Eight Than Never

21st Jun '03 - 11:00am
Better Eight Than Never

Using Charizard, Pikachu and Snorlax, Ash challenges Clair for his final badge.

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s05e46 / Why? Wynaut!

28th Jun '03 - 11:00am
Why? Wynaut!

After getting all 8 badges that he needs, Team Rocket end up stealing them.

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s05e47 / Just Add Water

12th Jul '03 - 11:00am
Just Add Water

Misty finds herself annoyed by an unofficial gym leader specialising in Water-types.

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s05e48 / Lapras of Luxury

26th Jul '03 - 11:00am
Lapras of Luxury

Ash finds himself reunited with his old friend Lapras near a coastal town.

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s05e49 / Hatch Me if You Can

9th Aug '03 - 11:00am
Hatch Me if You Can

The egg the group got from Professor Elm hatches into Larvitar who isn't well.

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s05e50 / Entei at Your Own Risk

16th Aug '03 - 11:00am
Entei at Your Own Risk

Near a hot spring, a young boy is trying to catch the legendary Entei.

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s05e51 / A Crowning Achievement

23rd Aug '03 - 11:00am
A Crowning Achievement

A drought is causing trouble and a village hopes a Slowpoke will evolve and make it rain.

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s05e52 / Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid

30th Aug '03 - 11:00am
Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid

Casey is looking to catch an Elekid which evolves into Electabuzz.

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s05e53 / You're a Star, Larvitar!

6th Sep '03 - 11:00am
You're a Star, Larvitar!

Reaching the base of Mt. Silver, Ash does some training for the Johto league.

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s05e54 / Address Unown!

13th Sep '03 - 11:00am
Address Unown!

An Unown lands near the group and it uses its power to make strange things occur.

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s05e55 / Mother of All Battles

15th Sep '03 - 11:00am
Mother of All Battles

Larvitar is reunited with its mother but the poachers that caused the trouble are back.

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s05e56 / Pop Goes the Sneasel

16th Sep '03 - 11:00am
Pop Goes the Sneasel

Ash and friends offer to help the Silver Conference Officials retrieve the Ho-Oh Flame from atop a mountain shrine. However, a Sneasel and its buddies Machop and Machoke are guarding the shrine. They also meet another trainer, from the Hoenn Region, named Harrison. Harrison vows to catch the Sneasel. Will he succeed and will they get the Flame?

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s05e57 / A Claim to Flame!

17th Sep '03 - 11:00am
A Claim to Flame!

The Silver Conference gets underway but Ash's old rival Gary is taking part.

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s05e58 / Love, Pokémon Style

18th Sep '03 - 11:00am
Love, Pokémon Style

Ash's next opponent in the Silver Conference is Macy who develops a crush on Ash.

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s05e59 / Tie One On!

19th Sep '03 - 11:00am
Tie One On!

Ash calls on Bulbasaur for his next battle against a trainer named Jackson, who is well known for having a powerful Meganium and a Shiny Magneton.

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s05e60 / The Ties that Bind

20th Sep '03 - 11:00am
The Ties that Bind

Ash finds that his next match is up against long time rival Gary as he prepares for a tough match.

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s05e61 / Can't Beat the Heat!

27th Sep '03 - 11:00am
Can't Beat the Heat!

Ash's battle against Gary is only just starting but his Blastoise is a tough opponent.

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s05e62 / Playing with Fire!

4th Oct '03 - 11:00am
Playing with Fire!

Ash's match against Harrison is underway but who will win?

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s05e63 / Johto Photo Finish

11th Oct '03 - 11:00am
Johto Photo Finish

Our hero is at the end of a tough battle with Harrison at the Johto League Silver Conference. The winner of this battle will go on to the semi-finals. Each trainer has battled hard and is down to their last Pokémon. Ash is using Charizard. Harrison is also using a high level fire type called Blaziken. Charizard flies up with Blaziken and is in position for a powerful Seismic Toss. After the impact, however, both Pokémon are standing! As Charizard tossed Blaziken down, Blaziken had directed a Flame Thrower attack towards the ground to propel it back up, softening the blow of the impact! Both Pokémon battle well, and it seems like neither will give in, but, in the end, Charizard faints. Harrison continues on into the semi-finals, but is defeated in the next round. After his battle, he tells Ash all about Hoenn and the amazing Pokémon there. As the Silver Conference comes to a close and the gang prepares to leave for Vermillion City, Gary makes a surprising announcement - he's giving up battling. He's decided to become a Pokémon Researcher.

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s05e64 / Gotta Catch Ya Later!

18th Oct '03 - 11:00am
Gotta Catch Ya Later!

Back in Kanto, the group reach Viridian City as they prepare to go their seperate ways.

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s05e65 / Hoenn Alone!

25th Oct '03 - 11:00am
Hoenn Alone!

Ash is on his way to Hoenn with just Pikachu but Team Rocket manages to steal Pikachu.

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