Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 2

s02e01 / The Child

22nd Nov '88 - 1:00am
The Child Summary

Stardate 42073.1 After the Enterprise's new medical doctor is brought aboard, the vessel and her crew head to the Rachellis Star System to retrieve collected samples of an unknown plasma plague that has broken out there. The Enterprise must deliver them to a science station in order for a cure to be found. As they begin their journey to the star system, a mysterious beacon of light enters the ship.

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s02e02 / Where Silence Has Lease

29th Nov '88 - 1:00am
Where Silence Has Lease Summary

Stardate 42193.6 While en route to a star system not yet visited by the Federation, the Enterprise encounters a seemingly empty body of space, where no starlight can be seen. Moving in for a closer look, Picard prepares to investigate the dark mass by launching research probes into the object.

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s02e03 / Elementary, Dear Data

6th Dec '88 - 1:00am
Elementary, Dear Data Summary

Stardate 42286.3 While en route to rendezvous with the USS Victory, and with a bit of time tohug, Data and Geordi enter the holodeck. Slipping into their respective guises of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson, the two begin one of the adventures of the Sherlock Holmes novels. However, since Data knows all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works on Sherlock Holmes, Geordi has the holodeck computer create a new challenge for Data, and not Sherlock Holmes. This leads to a holodeck creation that threatens the entire ship. Can their new holodeck Moriarty be defeated?

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s02e04 / The Outrageous Okona

13th Dec '88 - 1:00am
The Outrageous Okona Summary

Stardate 42402.7 While the Enterprise is passing through a star system that contains two inhabited planets which have a treaty that keeps a shaky peace in place, the crew receives a call from the cargo ship Erstwhile, saying it is in need of repairs. The captain of the vessel is Thadiun Okona, a handsome scoundrel, who quickly makes a reputation for himself aboard the Enterprise. However, his reputation made on the two inhabited planets catches up with him. Now, both planets demand that he be turned over to them.

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s02e05 / Loud as a Whisper

10th Jan '89 - 1:00am
Loud as a Whisper Summary

Stardate 42477.2 Leaders of warring factions in the Ramatis Star System have asked for the Federation to send a mediator to help resolve their differences. The Enterprise has been ordered by Star Fleet to act as courtesy transportation for the arbiter, a man named Riva who was instrumental in brokering treaties between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

Riva, who is a mute, is assisted in his arbitrations by three people who speak his thoughts and feelings. When the three arehuged in an ambush, Riva tells the crew that he can not continue the arbitration with them. Capt. Picard must convince Riva to find another way to proceed, if a peace is to be brokered.

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s02e06 / The Schizoid Man

24th Jan '89 - 1:00am
The Schizoid Man Summary

Stardate: 42437.5 The Enterprise receives a distress call from one of the greatest living scientist, Ira Graves. His assistant has called for help against his wishes. The elderly Graves has an incurable illness, and is now near passing. However, they find Graves interested in learning more about Data.

After Graves dies, Data begins acting strangely, and the crew begins to worry about what is happening to him.

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s02e07 / Unnatural Selection

31st Jan '89 - 1:00am
Unnatural Selection Summary

Stardate: 42494.8 After finding the crew of the U.S.S. Lantree all dead of old age, the Enterprise heads to the ship's last location, the Darwin Genetic Research Station. They find the researchers there are suffering from the same aging diseases as on the Lantree. They tell the crew that they can't find the cause or a cure, and asks the Enterprise to evacuate two genetically engineered children from the station. The scientist state that the children have been in quarantine the whole time and could not have been infected.

Picard reluctantly agrees, but adds additional precautions by having them beamed up in stasis to a shuttle craft piloted by Dr. Pulaski. Nevertheless, shortly thereafter, Dr. Pulaski begins to show signs of having the aging disease too.

Now the crew must frantically fight to save Dr. Pulaski, before times runs out.

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s02e08 / A Matter of Honor

7th Feb '89 - 1:00am
A Matter of Honor Summary

Stardate: 42506.5 Riker agrees to be the first Starfleet officer to serve on a Klingon war ship as part of an officer exchange program. As part of this program a Benzite is assigned to the Enterprise. Both must learn to adapt to another culture's ways, when a space borne bacteria is found feeding on both the Enterprise and the Klingon Warbird.

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s02e09 / The Measure of a Man

14th Feb '89 - 1:00am
The Measure of a Man Summary

Stardate: 42523.7 Upon visiting the new Starbase 173, Data is reassigned to the command of an officer who wants to study and disassemble Data, to aid in his research into making more androids.

At the same time, Capt. Picard is reunited with an old romantic acquaintance, Phillipa Louvois, who also happens to be the lone person on the station who can save Data from this deadly fate. However, can Phillipa, the station's JAG officer (the Judge Advocate General), put aside her conflicted feelings for Picard, and impartially decide Data's fate?

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s02e10 / The Dauphin

21st Feb '89 - 1:00am
The Dauphin Summary

Stardate: 42568.8 The Enterprise's task to transport a young woman back to her home planet, which she is destined to rule, is complicated when Wesley becomes smitten with her. However, the young woman and her guardian are not what they appear to be. Wesley must come to terms with this fact, before his object of affection leaves the ship.

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s02e11 / Contagion

21st Mar '89 - 1:00am
Contagion Summary

When the Enterprise speeds into the neutral zone to the rescue the Starship Yamato, which is suffering system failures, the Enterprise begins to suffer similar system failures. This occurs after Enterprise downloads the destroyed Yamato's data logs. Enterprise heads to the Yamato's last known planet fall, the ancient mythical lost planet of the Iconians.

However, can Capt. Picard and Data find the solution to the Enterprise's problems before their ship is destroyed, too?

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s02e12 / The Royale

28th Mar '89 - 1:00am
The Royale Summary

Stardate 42625.4 After discovering debris from an old manned NASA vessel, an away team beams down to an out of place building on a nearby planet. There inside the building they discover a recreation of an Earth casino-hotel. They also discover that there is no exit from this casino-hotel.

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s02e13 / Time Squared

4th Apr '89 - 12:00am
Time Squared Summary

When Enterprise comes upon a shuttlecraft adrift in space, they bring it onboard. What they discover shocks them greatly. The shuttlecraft is from their Enterprise, and the pilot is none other than Jean-Luc Picard himself, or at least a duplicate of him. This Picard is semi conscious, and doesn't seem to know there are crew around him. Dr. Pulaski determines that this Picard is in a state of temporal flux from a point in time several hours in their future.

After checking the shuttle's logs, they see that this Picard left his Enterprise just before it was destroyed, near a massive space vortex. The crew and their Picard must determine how to avoid this future event before it happens again, to them, and their Enterprise is destroyed, too.

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s02e14 / The Icarus Factor

25th Apr '89 - 12:00am
The Icarus Factor Summary

Riker must make a tough choice when he is offered the command of his own starship. His decision on whether to accept, or not, is hampered by the appearance of his father, with whom he detests and has been estranged from for a very long time. His father pushes Riker to take the command, but they must first hash out their underling bad feelings toward each other, before Riker can make his decision.

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s02e15 / Pen Pals

2nd May '89 - 12:00am
Pen Pals Summary

Enterprise is on a survey mission to monitor a system of planets, when it is learned that Data has secretly been communicating with a "pen pal" on Drema IV, one of the planets being investigated. Although he was contacted by accident by the little girl, his response back was still a major breach of protocol, and Picard is quite displeased. However, Data has learned through his contact, that conditions on Drema IV are deteriorating and the planet's life is about to be extinguished.

Meanwhile, as part of his ship board studies to become a full officer, Riker puts Wesley in charge of the team performing the mineral studies being done on the planet. Wesley finds that being in charge of a team composed of more senior adults a big challenge, as they begin to dismiss his directions and instead try to convince him to follow their lead.

Will Data be allowed to rescue his new found friend on the planet, and will Wesley be able to reign in the scientists under his temporary command?

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s02e16 / Q Who?

9th May '89 - 12:00am
Q Who? Summary

Stardate: 42761.3 Q, from the Q continuum, returns to the Enterprise to toy with Picard and the crew. Q asks to become a member of the crew, but when he is rebuffed, he sends Enterprise out of the Alpha quadrant and into an unknown part of space. Here, Q warns them about the dangers they will face as they "go where no one has gone before".

The danger turns out to come from a deadly aggressive machine like race made up of part human, part machine, cyborg-like people, known as the Borg. As the Borg approach Enterprise, Picard tries to make friendly overtures, but the Borg response is that the crew will be "assimilated". Enterprise's defenses prove no match for the Borg's Cube that is attempting to "assimilate" them.

Can Picard save the ship and crew from certain assimilation into this machine like race, and what personal sacrifice must he make in order to secure their escape?

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s02e17 / Samaritan Snare

16th May '89 - 12:00am
Samaritan Snare Summary

Stardate: 42779.1 An innocently looking repair mission on a backward society's ship turns into a rescue mission to save Geordi from a kidnapping.

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s02e18 / Up the Long Ladder

23rd May '89 - 12:00am
Up the Long Ladder Summary

Stardate: 42823.2 The Enterprise races to evacuate a lost colony who's planet is about to be destroyed. The rustic colonists, known as the Bringloidis, tell the crew that they had traveled from Earth many generations ago with a second colonist group, which continued on to another planet, after their colony was dropped off.

The Enterprise decides to search for the second group, to check if the Mariposans, as the other group are known as, also survived. They soon find the Mariposans, and are surprised to find they all are descended from the five survivors of the ship, which crashed, and all are now clones. Dr. Pulaski discovers that the Mariposan colony will soon die out due to an inherent flaw in the cloning process.

The Mariposans ask the crew for some of their DNA, but when they refuse, the Mariposans then attempt to steal their DNA. When they are foiled in their attempt, the crew comes up with their own solution, which involves the commingling of the Bringloidis.

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s02e19 / Manhunt

20th Jun '89 - 12:00am
Manhunt Summary

Stardate: 42859.2 Lwaxana Troi hops a ride on Enterprise to a conference to which it is taking two other delegates to, as Lwaxana is going as a delegate too. The other two delegates have come aboard in self induced comas, as to avoid their species dislike of space travel.

The crew tries to find ways to avoid Lwaxana, as she chases after Capt. Picard and others, for marital purposes; in effect, her "manhunt". Deanna explains that her mother is at the point in her life where a Betazoid woman's sex drive increases tenfold. When Picard decides to hide in a Dickson Hill holodeck program, Lwaxana sets her sights on Riker.

However, as the other two delegates begin to fully awaken from their comas, it is Lwaxana's telepathy that alerts the crew to a major danger facing the conference.

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s02e20 / The Emissary

30th Jun '89 - 12:00am
The Emissary Summary

Stardate: 42901.3 Enterprise is sent to intercept an old Klingon warship and crew who are in long term hibernation. They are on a military mission, which was launched while the Klingons and the Federation were still at war. A special half human, half Klingon Emissary is sent to help in this task. However, Worf and the female Klingon Emissary begin to make a strange personal connection, after a rocky start. However, will Worf's ridged following of Klingon ways ruin things between them?

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s02e21 / Peak Performance

11th Jul '89 - 12:00am
Peak Performance Summary

Stardate: 42923.4 Enterprise participates in a battle simulation between Enterprise and an 80 year old starship, to be capt'.d by Riker. A Zakdornian is assigned to oversee the mismatched simulation. The Zakdor is also a master of the game Strategema. Learning this, Dr. Pulaski pushes Data to challenge the Master to a game. Data relents and plays the game and loses. Stunned, Data removes himself from duty, feeling he must be malfunctioning.

The battle simulation then takes place, but it is interrupted by a Ferengi attack on the Enterprise, as they think there must be some profit Enterprise is seeking from the weaker Starfleet vessel. The question is can Riker, in the weaker vessel, save Enterprise from the Ferengi attack.

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s02e22 / Shades of Gray

18th Jul '89 - 12:00am
Shades of Gray Summary

Stardate: 42976.1 On an away mission, Cmdr. Riker is struck by a deadly thorn. As the crew fights to cure the virus or infection he has received, Riker must be subjected to very emotional flashbacks in order for the medical team to find the right medical path to take.

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