Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 5

s05e01 / Redemption, Part II

24th Sep '91 - 12:00am
Redemption, Part II Summary

Stardate: 45020.4 With the Klingon Empire embroiled in a civil war, can Picard and the Federation protect against a possible Romulan support to one of the factions in the war?

Data also finds a reluctance to his taking over as captain of one of the blockade ships among the crew of that ship he is sent to command, as part of the Federation's effort.

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s05e02 / Darmok

1st Oct '91 - 12:00am
Darmok Summary

Stardate: 45047.2 Capt. Picard is sent to meet with a race the leaders of the Federation has been unable to communicate with, as their language has been deemed unintelligible. The leader he is to meet with turns out to be the Captain of a one of their starships, whom abducts Picard down to a planet which has a vicious alien predator with cloaking ability. Picard and the alien ship's Captain must break through their communication problems and work with each other, if they are to survive the planet's vicious predator.

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s05e03 / Ensign Ro

8th Oct '91 - 12:00am
Ensign Ro Summary

Stardate: 45076.3 A new Ensign is forced upon Capt. Picard. She has a bad history, but one of Starfleet's Admirals forces the issue. She is sent to help Picard solve a new Maquis problem with the Cardassians. However, can Picard trust her? And is she really working toward the same Federation goal? Only time and events will tell, and the Starfleet Admiral's goals come into question, too.

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s05e04 / Silicon Avatar

15th Oct '91 - 12:00am
Silicon Avatar Summary

Stardate: 45122.3 Riker, Data, and Dr. Crusher are once again threatened by the Crystalline Entity while on a planet they were evaluating. Surviving the attack, and once back on Enterprise, they meet a visiting scientist who has been studying the Crystalline Entity.

It soon becomes apparent that the scientist is bent on the destruction of the Crystalline Entity at any cost, even while the Enterprise crew is determined to try to communicate with the structure.

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s05e05 / Disaster

22nd Oct '91 - 12:00am
Disaster Summary

Stardate: 45156.1 Enterprise is hit by a quantum filament leaving the ship disabled and the crew in distress. Capt. Picard becomes trapped with three children, while Worf must deliver Keiko O'Brien's baby in Ten Forward.

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s05e06 / The Game

29th Oct '91 - 1:00am
The Game Summary

Stardate: 45208.2 - An addictive game is distributed among the crew of the Enterprise, however, it appears that this game interferes with a person's logic and reason, which leaves the crew open to manipulation. Only a young Ensign and a vacationing Wesley Crusher are able to think for themselves, and must find a way to reverse the damage before the ship falls into the wrong hands.

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s05e07 / Unification, Part I

5th Nov '91 - 1:00am
Unification, Part I Summary

Ambassador Spock has dissapeared and intelligence finds him on Romulus. Captain Picard is sent to Romulus to find Spock. Meanwhile Riker and the rest of the crew investigate the fragments of a Vulcan ship discovered in the wreck of a Ferengi vessel.

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s05e08 / Unification, Part II

12th Nov '91 - 1:00am
Unification, Part II Summary

Stardate: 45245.8 Enterprise gets drawn into Ambassador Spock's plan to seek a unification between the Romulans and the Vulcans. However, Spock may be being lead down a destructive path, through Romulan deception.

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s05e09 / A Matter of Time

19th Nov '91 - 1:00am
A Matter of Time Summary

Stardate: 45349.1 - While on a mission to help a planet recently struck by an asteroid, the Enterprise is payed a visit by a man who claims to be from the future.

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s05e10 / New Ground

7th Jan '92 - 1:00am
New Ground Summary

Stardate: 45376.3 - Worf's son, Alexander, unexpectedly arrives on the Enterprise to stay with his father. However, Alexander wants to stay permanently.

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s05e11 / Hero Worship

28th Jan '92 - 1:00am
Hero Worship Summary

Stardate: 45397.3 When the Enterprise searches and finds a missing research vessel, they find a lone survivor. The survivor, a boy named Timothy, becomes the key to saving the Enterprise, now that it is stuck in the same predicament as the research vessel.

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s05e12 / Violations

4th Feb '92 - 1:00am
Violations Summary

Stardate: 45429.3 When Enterprise transports a delegation of telepaths to Kaldra IV, several of the crew fall into comas. It appears that one of the delegates has broken his races' vow not to use their telepathy to harm others.

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s05e13 / The Masterpiece Society

11th Feb '92 - 1:00am
The Masterpiece Society Summary

Stardate: 45470.1 Enterprise finds a secluded planetary colony in danger from a stellar core fragment. However, their contact leads some in the colony to want to leave with Enterprise. This could prove the demise to those that want to remain on the planet due to the limited population there.

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s05e14 / Conundrum

18th Feb '92 - 1:00am
Conundrum Summary

Stardate: 45494.2 - The Enterprise crew unknowingly receives a new first officer who claims that the Federation is at war with another species.

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s05e15 / Power Play

25th Feb '92 - 1:00am
Power Play Summary

Stardate: 45571.2 When the Enterprise investigates the possible location of the missing Star Ship Essex on a desolate planet, several of the crews' bodies are over taken by life forces, who have been trapped on the planet.

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s05e16 / Ethics

3rd Mar '92 - 1:00am
Ethics Summary

Stardate: 45587.3 When Worf is badly injured and paralyzed, a visiting surgeon suggests a radical operation to restore him. But can Dr. Crusher trust this surgeon's untested ideas?

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s05e17 / The Outcast

17th Mar '92 - 1:00am
The Outcast Summary

Stardate: 45614.6 - While investigating the disappearance of a J'naii shuttlecraft, the crew finds reason to believe the missing ship is stranded in an abnormal pocket called "null space". Riker and Soren, a member of the J'naii race, begin preparing to rescue the craft, and the two strike up a friendship. Their relationship develops quickly as the pair question each other about mating habits, since the J'naii are androgynous and do not identify themselves as either male or female. Despite this difference, sparks begin to fly between them.

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s05e18 / Cause and Effect

24th Mar '92 - 1:00am
Cause and Effect Summary

Stardate: 45652.1 Enterprise finds it is in a time loop. However, in each time loop, the crew seems to remember a little bit more. Data turns out to be the key to resolving or stopping the constant time looping.

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s05e19 / The First Duty

31st Mar '92 - 1:00am
The First Duty Summary

Stardate: 45703.9 Wesley gets caught up in a Starfleet Academy incident in which a fellow student dies. The question is, should Wesley remain silent to protect his team members, or reveal the truth to the investigating tribunal.

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s05e20 / Cost of Living

21st Apr '92 - 12:00am
Cost of Living Summary

Stardate: 45733.63 - Deanna's mother pays a surprise visit to the Enterprise with even more surprising news: she plans to marry a man she has never met. After destroying an asteroid, the ship becomes infected with parasites that eat away at the ship's hull.

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s05e21 / The Perfect Mate

28th Apr '92 - 12:00am
The Perfect Mate Summary

Stardate: 45761.3 When the stasis field she was being transported in is broken, Capt. Picard unfortunately becomes the imprint for a female empathic metamorph destined to be mate of another world leader, in hopes of resolving a long interplanetary war. The empathic metamorph is nearing the final stages of a permanent imprint, which will bond her forever to her mate. Picard's strength of character and resolve are tested as she places her inherent talents into focus on him.

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s05e22 / Imaginary Friend

5th May '92 - 12:00am
Imaginary Friend Summary

Stardate: 45832.1 One of the children on Enterprise believes she has an imaginary friend. However, to the crews' dismay, the imaginary friend turns out to be real, and trouble.

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s05e23 / I, Borg

12th May '92 - 12:00am
I, Borg Summary

Stardate: 45832.1 - An injured Borg is discovered and brought back to the Enterprise where he is 'repaired' by Dr. Crusher and befriended by Geordi, who names him 'Hugh'. Soon, Hugh starts showing signs of individuality while Picard must choose between destroying him or returning him to the collective.

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s05e24 / The Next Phase

19th May '92 - 12:00am
The Next Phase Summary

Stardate: 45092.4 - While the Enterprise helps a Romulan science vessel, an accident occurs which forces Geordi LaForge and Ro Laren slightly out of 'phase', causing them to become undetectable to everyone but each other. As a result, the crew thinks they are dead and make arrangements for their funerals, even though they are closer than the crew realise.

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s05e25 / The Inner Light

2nd Jun '92 - 12:00am
The Inner Light Summary

Picard is struck by an energy beam from an alien probe, which renders him unconscious and places him in the life of a citizen on the planet Kataan, with his memory of the Enterprise intact. Although he searches for a way to return, he finally decides to live his life with his Kataan wife, have children & grandchildren, learning to play a flute and completely immersing in the Kataan culture. He finds the planet is dying due to an imbalance of its sun. With no way to evacuate the planet's people, the government builds a probe which will tell others how they lived. The same probe that Picard met. Picard wakes to find himself back on the Enterprise having lived an entire lifetime in just minutes. The probe, having disgorged its memories, gives one last gift: the flute (which shows up in later episodes.)

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s05e26 / Time's Arrow, Part I

16th Jun '92 - 12:00am
Time's Arrow, Part I Summary

Stardate: 45959.1 - Data's head is uncovered in an archaeological dig on Earth, where evidence is also found that aliens may have been on Earth as early as the 19th Century. Using modified technology, an away team follows Data into the late 1890s to investigate.

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