Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 3

s03e01 / Evolution

26th Sep '89 - 12:00am
Evolution Summary

Stardate: 43125.8 Wesley loses a couple of the nanites that he was studying, which then multiply and evolve, finally reaching a collective intelligence. When they start feeding off of Enterprise's computer chips, several systems failures begin to occur, and this delays a very important scientific mission. The visiting scientist, there to oversee this important scientific mission, then tries to destroy the nanities, to save his once in a life time spatial observation. Now the crew must fight the nanites attempts to take over the ship, and their attempts to seek revenge on the visiting scientist.

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s03e02 / The Ensigns of Command

3rd Oct '89 - 12:00am
The Ensigns of Command Summary

Stardate: 43133.3 When the Sheliak race, which abhors human kind, finds a large human colony on one of their planets, they demand their removal before they exterminate them. The crew learns that the people in question are from a ship that crashed there years ago.

Now Picard and Deanna must negotiate with the Sheliak to try to get more time to evacuate this colony. Meanwhile, Data must try to convince the colonists to evacuate. However, he is impeded by a very proud and stubborn leader that is willing to stay and die defending the colony. Can Data convince the rest of the colonist to go against their leader, and leave the planet? And is there even enough time to evacuate the settlers before the Sheliak begin their eradication process?

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s03e03 / The Survivors

10th Oct '89 - 12:00am
The Survivors Summary

Stardate: 43152.4 Enterprise finds a planet that has had its surface obliterated, except for the appearance of a house and the land around it, and a retired elderly couple who live there. When Deanna senses who and what one of the couple, Kevin, truly is, her senses are blocked by the placing music from a music box into her mind. And when Picard senses trouble, Kevin tries to lure the Enterprise away by sending the evil Husnock race after them. However, Picard stays one step ahead of Kevin, and eventually figured who, or what Kevin is. Being discovered, Kevin takes the music form Deanna's mind. He also explains that he is a Dowg, a non-corporeal life form that can shape shift into any form, whom had married his wife Rishan when he was in human form. When the planet was attacked, he tried to fool the Husnock, since his own prime directive was that he would nothug, but when his wife ishuged in the attack, he takes the ultimate action against the Husnock.

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s03e04 / Who Watches the Watchers?

17th Oct '89 - 12:00am
Who Watches the Watchers? Summary

Stardate: 43173.5 A primitive race, known as Mintakins, discovers a hidden federation outpost set to observe their planet and culture, when there is a explosion at there outpost. The Federation scientists signal for help and the Enterprise responds. However, Enterprise must walk a dangerous path, to try to fix this "too early" first contact.

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s03e05 / The Bonding

24th Oct '89 - 12:00am
The Bonding Summary

Stardate: 43198.7 When on an away mission, crewman Marla Aster ishuged by an ancient device. Then a non-corporeal life form indigenous to the planet, that can take human form, decides it must care for Aster's son Jeremy, who is now an orphan, as it was their ancient weapon thathuged his mother. The entity takes the form of the boy's mother, Marla, and intends to take the boy down to the planet and raise him as his mother. However, the Enterprise crew intervenes, and tries to convince the entity that Jeremy's interests would be better served by the boy staying with his own kind.

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s03e06 / Booby Trap

31st Oct '89 - 1:00am
Booby Trap Summary

Stardate: 43205.6 When the Enterprise discovers an ancient Promellian Battle Cruiser, from a race thought a myth, they get caught in the same radiation field that was created during the Menthar and Promellian war to trap the battle cruiser.

To figure a way to get out, Geordi must recreate Leah Brahms, one of the people that designed and constructed the Enterprise, in a holodeck simulation.

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s03e07 / The Enemy

7th Nov '89 - 1:00am
The Enemy Summary

Stardate: 43349.2 When Enterprise finds a crashed Romulan ship on a planet with severe electromagnetic storms, they attempt to find survivors. However, Geordi is forced to join with one of the surviving Romulans he finds, as he gets separated from the away team and falls into a pit. The two must learn to trust each other if they are to survive their ordeal on the tough planet.

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s03e08 / The Price

14th Nov '89 - 1:00am
The Price Summary

Stardate: 43385.6 Enterprise hosts a race's negations on the rights to control a wormhole, one which they claim is stable. As the crew sets out to determine the stability of the wormhole, the Ferengi barge into the negotiations. Also, Troi becomes attracted to one of the negotiators; a mysterious hiredballoon who has a secret to hide from the rest, putting Troi in an awkward situation.

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s03e09 / The Vengeance Factor

21st Nov '89 - 1:00am
The Vengeance Factor Summary

Stardate 43421.9 The Enterprise investigates a destroyed research facility. The researchers have been knocked out with phaser blasts and the lab has been ransacked of all valuable items. Evidence suggests the raiders are the Gatherers, a space-faring group of Acamarians who left their home world, Acamar 3, almost a century ago, over clan disputes.

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s03e10 / The Defector

2nd Jan '90 - 1:00am
The Defector Summary

Stardate 43462.5 Picking up a distress signal from a Romulan Scout Ship, the Enterprise moves in to help the vessel... as it is being chased by a Romulan Warbird. The lone Romulan aboard the Scout Ship is saved and brought aboard the Enterprise where he tells of a secret Romulan base in the Neutral Zone that is nearing completion. In 48 hours the base will go online and the Romulans will be that much closer to attacking the Federation. However, Picard and his senior staff are skeptical of the defector's story.

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s03e11 / The Hunted

9th Jan '90 - 1:00am
The Hunted Summary

Stardate: 43489.2 While visiting a planet which is seeking membership in the Federation, a military prisoner there escapes. Enterprise is asked to help recapture him, only to find this to be a daunting task. The reason is the ex-soldier appears to have been modified or enhanced by the society, to fight in their just concluded war with their vanquished enemy.

The more the crew learns about the prisoner, and the harder it becomes to stop him, the more they question the society's plea to join the Federation.

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s03e12 / The High Ground

30th Jan '90 - 1:00am
The High Ground Summary

Stardate: 43510.7 A group of terrorists that are demanding freedom on their planet decide to kidnap Dr. Crusher, in order to see if she can treat their transporter disease, which restricts their movements.

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s03e13 / Déjà Q

6th Feb '90 - 1:00am
Déjà Q Summary

Stardate 43539.1 The Enterprise moves in to assist Bre'el IV, as their planet's satellite's orbit has decayed exponentially, sending it on a collision course with the planet. Just as the Enterprise begins the operation to attempt to move the satellite away from the planet, an intense ringing is heard throughout the ship. It is just then that a very undignified Q makes another appearance aboard Picard's ship.

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s03e14 / A Matter of Perspective

13th Feb '90 - 1:00am
A Matter of Perspective Summary

Stardate: 43610.4 A fight between Riker and a scientist results in the explosion of a space station. This results in getting the attention of Tanegan Security Service, and Riker is brought to trial, while they investigate what caused the explosion, and possible cuddle.

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s03e15 / Yesterday's Enterprise

20th Feb '90 - 1:00am
Yesterday's Enterprise Summary

Stardate: 43625.2 A time rift opens up in front of the Enterprise. A battered and abused starship comes through from 22 years in the past. It is the Enterprise-C, the predecessor to the modern ship. A terrible battle which almost destroyed it has opened the rift. As the Enterprise-C comes through the rift, however, the end of its presence in the past drastically alters the present, and Lt. Worf is replaced by the formerly deceased Tasha Yar... The Enterprise-C's failure to be where it needed to be has led to a very different present, victim of a long and drawn-out war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, leading to the passing of billions. Only Guinan senses the change, and, warning Picard, he must make a choice - to send back the ship through the rift, to almost certain doom, trusting Guinan's assurances that his present was never meant to be. Or to save the 125 surviving crewmembers.

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s03e16 / The Offspring

13th Mar '90 - 1:00am
The Offspring Summary

Stardate: 43657.0 Data constructs a daughter for himself, but Starfleet want to take her away for their own studies.

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s03e17 / Sins of the Father

20th Mar '90 - 1:00am
Sins of the Father Summary

Stardate: 43685.2 A Klingon first officer comes onboard the enterprise as part of the exchange program; he has some news for Worf about his family.

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s03e18 / Allegiance

27th Mar '90 - 1:00am
Allegiance Summary

An unknown race replaces Captain Picard with a perfect double, who's orders lead Enterprise into a potential deadly situation. Meanwhile, the real Picard is trapped in a cell with three individuals from different known races, as part of some test..

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s03e19 / Captain's Holiday

3rd Apr '90 - 12:00am
Captain's Holiday Summary

Stardate: 43745.2 The crew suggests a small vacation for Jean-Luc, and he goes to Riker's vacation planet. He gets bored, annoyed, and frustrated... especially at a Ferengi, who is after a disk with important information that a woman has, and so the Captain's vacation turns out to be one big adventure.

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s03e20 / Tin Man

24th Apr '90 - 12:00am
Tin Man Summary

Stardate: 43779.3 An alien ship named Gomtuu is in danger since it is in Romulan space. Enterprise is forced to rely on a Betazoid named Tam Elbrum to try and communicate with Gomtuu. It turns out that Gomtuu needs Tam, as much as Tam needs Gomtuu. Tam's has telepathic abilities so strong that for a time Tam had to be a patient of Deanna once, and Gomtuu hasn't seen its crew or another of its own kind in many years.

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s03e21 / Hollow Pursuits

1st May '90 - 12:00am
Hollow Pursuits Summary

Stardate: 43807.4 When strange mechanical events occur aboard Enterprise, Geordi assigns the investigation to a Lieutenant who is having trouble fitting in. The Lieutanant, Lt. Reginald "Reg" Barclay, seems to prefer his holodeck life to his real life aboard Enterprise.

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s03e22 / The Most Toys

8th May '90 - 12:00am
The Most Toys Summary

Stardate: 43872.2 A rich collector of the "most rare" objects, and "one of a kind" objects decides to add Data to his collection.

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s03e23 / Sarek

15th May '90 - 12:00am
Sarek Summary

Stardate: 43917.4 Sarek is about to lose his mind as a result of a terminal illness where Vulcans are no longer able to suppress their emotions, so Picard offers to help.

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s03e24 / Ménage à Troi

29th May '90 - 12:00am
Ménage à Troi Summary

Riker and Deanna, both on shoreleave, are unexpectedly joined by Deanna's mother, Lwaxana, on Betazed. Shortly, all three are kidnapped by the Ferengi who want to study Lwaxana's telepathic abilities.

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s03e25 / Transfigurations

5th Jun '90 - 12:00am
Transfigurations Summary

Stardate: 43957.2 Enterprise comes to the rescue of a survivor of a crashed spaceship. Although the survivor has amnesia, he begins to exhibit signs of strange powers during his recovery. However, a ship from his home planet arrives, and claims he is actually a criminal, and a danger to the state. Enterprise soon learns their guest is actually the first of his race to fully experience the evolutionary change his society is about to go through.

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s03e26 / The Best of Both Worlds (1)

19th Jun '90 - 12:00am
The Best of Both Worlds (1) Summary

Stardate: 43989.1 When Borg "footprints" are found on a alien planet, Starfleet sends Borg expert, Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Shelby, to assist them. However, upon contact, the Borg are able to kidnap Picard and assimilate him.

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