American Dad!
Season 3

s03e01 / Camp Refoogee

11th Sep '06 - 1:00am
Camp Refoogee Summary

When Stan tries to trick Steve into attending summer camp, things go horribly wrong and Steve ends up in a refugee camp. However, Stan, being the eternal optimist, joins Steve and manages to stage a camp Olympics between the refugees and the rebel faction living across the river.

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s03e02 / The American Dad After School Special

18th Sep '06 - 1:00am
The American Dad After School Special Summary

Stan realizes his own weight problem after he criticizes Steve about his new, overweight girlfriend, so he goes overboard with exercising, and develops anorexia. Steve realizes that his overweight girlfriend is the root of his father's problems, and he has to make a hard choice in an effort to save his father's life.

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s03e03 / Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option

25th Sep '06 - 1:00am
Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option Summary

Stan loses his confidence, and his job, when a car salesman gets the best of him in a negotiation. Meanwhile, Roger and Steve set up a makeshift drive-in to try to get to first base with popular schoolgirls.

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s03e04 / Lincoln Lover

6th Nov '06 - 2:00am
Lincoln Lover Summary

Stan has his heart set on speaking at the Republican National Convention on behalf of the Langley chapter, but when they pass him up for another candidate, he accepts the only endorsement he gets from the local chapter of Gay Republicans. While the people around him disapprove of his new lifestyle choice, Stan decides to follow his heart to speak on their behalf.

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s03e05 / Dungeons and Wagons

13th Nov '06 - 2:00am
Dungeons and Wagons Summary

After Francine tells Stan she's looking for excitement in their marriage, Stan gets in the driver's seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up. Meanwhile, Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend, Jeff, who is emotionally crushed until he joins Steve's world of online gaming. When Hayley finds out, she tries to sabotage their fun.

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s03e06 / Iced, Iced Babies

20th Nov '06 - 2:00am
Iced, Iced Babies Summary

When Steve's new relationship with his girlfriend gives Francine empty nest syndrome, she tries to convince Stan to have another baby. Meanwhile, Roger tries to enroll in college with Haley in order to experience college life, but while Roger ends up teaching the class, Haley finds a new crush in her classmate Ethan (Elijah Woods), who turns out to be far from normal.

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s03e07 / Of Ice and Men

27th Nov '06 - 2:00am
Of Ice and Men Summary

When Francine discovers Stan's secret, decades-old passion for competitive figure skating, she decides to be supportive and becomes his pairs partner until Stan's competitive nature gets the best of him and he ditches her for a new partner. Meanwhile, Steve's classmate Snot finds new respect among his peers when he parades his mail-order bride around the playground.

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s03e08 / Irregarding Steve

11th Dec '06 - 2:00am
Irregarding Steve Summary

When Roger helps Steve see that his father isn't as smart as he always believed, the power-hungry pair set their sights on fame and fortune in New York City. It doesn't take long for Roger to lose everything on Wall Street, and Steve contemplates prostitution after Jon Stewart shoots down his comedy routine. Meanwhile, the rest of the family is certain that the two have just run away to the tree house, so when it explodes in a lightning storm, they are devastated, but console themselves with Steve's college fund.

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s03e09 / The Best Christmas Story Never Told

18th Dec '06 - 2:00am
The Best Christmas Story Never Told Summary

When an injunction prevents Langley Falls from lighting their annual Christmas tree, Stan blames secular non-believers for ruining his favorite holiday. With Stan's holiday spirit at an all-time low, the Ghost of Christmas Past visits him and tries to show him the true meaning of Christmas. However, Stan is convinced that Christmas can be saved by changing the outcome of Vietnam, but finds that changing the past only dramatically changes the future.

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s03e10 / Bush Comes to Dinner

8th Jan '07 - 2:00am
Bush Comes to Dinner Summary

When Stan enters an essay contest to have his personal hero, President Bush, come over for dinner, he is overcome with joy when the President arrives at his doorstep. However, not everyone in the Smith family shares Stan's excitement. Hayley tries to drill President Bush on the Iraq war, and Steve and Roger attempt to convince him that they've found Osama Bin Laden, but instead get him drunk. Stan tries to save the President from public humiliation, while Hayley revels in his fall from glory.

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s03e11 / American Dream Factory

29th Jan '07 - 2:00am
American Dream Factory Summary

When Stan feels like he's not climbing the ladder fast enough at work, he turns to his lifelong ambition of making festive teddy bears. However, when he realizes that making a quick profit takes a lot of work, he resorts to using illegal aliens as cheap labor. Meanwhile, Hayley sees her father's new business model as an atrocity and takes matters into her own hands by calling Uncle Sam.

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s03e12 / A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial

12th Feb '07 - 2:00am
A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial Summary

When Roger is rejected by Steve, who seems to be over him, Roger heads out in search of a new human companion. But when this new friend starts to abuse Roger and the relationship turns into a lot of excuses and sorry's, Steve and Hayley scheme to get Roger out of the bad relationship and back home where he belongs. Meanwhile, Stan tours the Mr. Pibb factory and meets the man himself.

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s03e13 / Black Mystery Month

19th Feb '07 - 2:00am
Black Mystery Month Summary

While researching a paper about George Washington Carver in celebration of Black History Month, Steve uncovers a conspiracy that's been going on since the Civil War. When the curator of the Smithsonian Peanut Museum reaches out to tell Steve the truth, he's mysteriously cuddled, and Steve and Stan are tracked by a secret society that will stop at nothing to keep this scandalous secret of American history.

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s03e14 / An Apocalypse to Remember

26th Mar '07 - 1:00am
An Apocalypse to Remember Summary

Stan arrives late to a CIA nuclear drill and thinks it's real. He decides to move the family into the mountains to survive the apocalypse. Even though he realizes his error, he begins to enjoy the attention that he gets from the family so much that he doesn't tell them the truth. However, when the family meets a mountain man and learns the truth, Stan has some explaining to do.

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s03e15 / Four Little Words

2nd Apr '07 - 1:00am
Four Little Words Summary

Stan sets Bullock up on a date with one of Francine's friends. Fearing that Francine will be right about the outcome of the date, Stan goes to great lengths to make sure it goes well by getting everyone drunk. Unfortunately, Bullock accidentallyhugs the woman, to which Stan frames Francine for the cuddle in order to keep her from asking so many questions.

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s03e16 / When a Stan Loves a Woman

30th Apr '07 - 1:00am
When a Stan Loves a Woman Summary

After Stan discovers that Francine has a secret sex garden, he feels like their marriage may be crumbling. Looking to rekindle their romance, Francine asks for a divorce so that Stan can experience life as a bachelor again, and both learn a valuable lesson in love. Meanwhile, addicted to an energy drink, Steve finds himself panhandling in the streets to support his new habit.

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s03e17 / I Can't Stan You

7th May '07 - 1:00am
I Can't Stan You Summary

When Stan brings home CIA equipment designed to eavesdrop on conversations, he finds out that his neighbors don't think too highly of him. In retaliation, Stan has the entire neighborhood evicted so that he can live free of any criticism. However, when an unexpected friend comes to his rescue, he realizes that gossip is a two-way street.

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s03e18 / The Magnificent Steven

14th May '07 - 1:00am
The Magnificent Steven Summary

After Stan is prosecuted for sending contaminated cattle to a slaughterhouse, he says that it began as a quest to make a man out of Steve. Meanwhile, Roger sparks a cat fight between Francine and Hayley, for reasons of his own.

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s03e19 / Joint Custody

21st May '07 - 1:00am
Joint Custody Summary

Roger becomes a bounty hunter, and he and Stan race cross-country to turn in Jeff, who is wanted for smuggling pot into Florida.

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