Family Guy
Season 10

s10e01 / Powerball Fever

26th Sep '11 - 1:00am
Powerball Fever

Peter blows his savings on lottery tickets and the family writes it off as one of his usual shenanigans until they end up millionaires.
In true Griffin fashion, they can't handle the good fortune and struggle to stay grounded.

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s10e02 / Seahorse Seashell Party

3rd Oct '11 - 1:00am
Seahorse Seashell Party

When a storm hits in Quahog, to help pass the time and calm his nerves, Brian consumes some questionable substances and has trouble sobering up.
Meanwhile, Meg goes off the deep end after the family takes one too many jabs at her.

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s10e03 / Screams Of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q

31st Oct '11 - 1:00am
Screams Of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q

Quagmire lands in the hospital and his sister, Brenda, and her boyfriend, Jeff, rush to Quahog to nurse him back to health. As Glenn recovers he quickly realizes that Brenda is the one who needs help

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s10e04 / Stewie Goes for a Drive

7th Nov '11 - 2:00am
Stewie Goes for a Drive

Ryan Reynolds pays a visit to Quahog and becomes obsessed with Peter.
Meanwhile, Stewie (MacFarlane) tries to be a big boy and steals the family car for a joy ride but lands in a bit of trouble.

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s10e05 / Road to the Pilot

14th Nov '11 - 2:00am
Road to the Pilot

Brian and Stewie travel back in time to the pilot episode of Family Guy to change history, and then to change history again.

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s10e06 / Thanksgiving

21st Nov '11 - 2:00am

Lois cooks a big Thanksgiving meal and invites the whole crew over for dinner.
Meanwhile Joe receives some shocking news.

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s10e07 / Amish Guy

28th Nov '11 - 2:00am
Amish Guy

On the return from an adventurous day at an amusement park, the Griffins' car breaks down in Amish country and they are stranded with no way out. When Meg falls for an Amish boy, the Griffins then find themselves in a crusade against the conservative locals.

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s10e08 / Cool Hand Peter

5th Dec '11 - 2:00am
Cool Hand Peter

Peter and the guys take a stand against their wives and flee to the Deep South on a road trip. On their Deep South road trip, Peter and the guys earn a one-way ticket to jail, then decide to make a run for it.

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s10e09 / Grumpy Old Man

12th Dec '11 - 2:00am
Grumpy Old Man

It's winter in Quahog, and Lois' parents take Stewie away on a trip. But when Carter falls asleep at the wheel, the family decides it might be time for him to retire.

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s10e10 / Quagmire and Meg

9th Jan '12 - 2:00am
Quagmire and Meg

Quagmire shows interest in Meg on her 18th birthday

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s10e11 / The Blind Side

16th Jan '12 - 2:00am
The Blind Side

Brian starts dating a blind girl and things get a little dicey when she divulges that she hates dogs.
Meanwhile, the Griffin family installs a new staircase in their home when Peter keeps falling on the old one and decides to live upstairs full-time.

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s10e12 / Livin' On A Prayer

30th Jan '12 - 2:00am
Livin' On A Prayer

When Stewie's new best friend falls ill, Lois takes him to the hospital where she finds out he has a critical, but treatable, disease. However, the boy's parents refuse treatment due to their religious beliefs, leaving Lois no choice but to take drastic measures to seek treatment for the boy herself.

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s10e13 / Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream

13th Feb '12 - 2:00am
Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream

When Peter decides to become a famous actor, he becomes Tom Tucker's agent as his first step toward stardom.
Meanwhile, Chris dates a girl who looks disturbingly like a member of the Griffin household.

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s10e14 / Be Careful What You Fish For

20th Feb '12 - 2:00am
Be Careful What You Fish For

When Peter and the guys try to salvage a sunken Mercedes-Benz, Peter half-heartedly promises a favor to a helpful dolphin. Soon the dolphin moves to Quahog, outstays his welcome at Peter's and moves into Cleveland's house across the street. Peter tries to reunite the dolphin with his ex-wife in hopes that he'll return to the ocean, but his plan backfires and the whole dolphin family moves into Cleveland's old house.

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s10e15 / Burning Down the Bayit

5th Mar '12 - 2:00am
Burning Down the Bayit

Overwhelmed with financial troubles, Mort asks Peter and Quagmire to help him save his pharmacy. However, things take a turn for the worse when the trio decides to burn it down to collect insurance money.

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s10e16 / Killer Queen

12th Mar '12 - 1:00am
Killer Queen

When Peter and Chris go away to fat camp, they cross paths with a serial hugger who targets overweight kids. Meanwhile, Stewie is traumatized by the frightening cover of a Queen album.

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s10e17 / Forget-Me-Not

19th Mar '12 - 1:00am

When a seemingly innocent guy's night out takes a sudden turn, Peter, Joe, Brian and Quagmire wake up in a hospital and discover that their memories have been erased and Quahog has been deserted.

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s10e18 / You Can't Do That On Television, Peter

2nd Apr '12 - 1:00am
You Can't Do That On Television, Peter

After Peter's favorite children's television show gets cancelled, he takes matters into his own hands by creating and starring in his own show for kids.
Meanwhile, Meg begins an internship at the hospital with Dr. Hartman.

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s10e19 / Mr. and Mrs. Stewie

30th Apr '12 - 1:00am
Mr. and Mrs. Stewie

Stewie meets a girl who's just as precocious as he is, and it turns out that they have much in common including a love of advanced weaponry. Meanwhile, Lois is tired of being crushed in bed by the sleeping Peter, so she gets twin beds. This upsets Peter, who needs to cuddle to fall asleep.

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s10e20 / Leggo My Meg-O

7th May '12 - 1:00am
Leggo My Meg-O

Meg takes a solo trip across Europe but after she's kidnapped, Brian & Stewie travel abroad to save her.

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s10e21 / Tea Peter

14th May '12 - 1:00am
Tea Peter

When Peter's business is shut down by city hall, he joins the Tea Party and successfully shuts down the government.
Meanwhile, Carter reaps the benefits with all the chaos in Quahog.

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s10e22 / Family Guy Viewer Mail #2

21st May '12 - 1:00am
Family Guy Viewer Mail #2

Stewie & Brian present another round of viewer inspired segments.

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s10e23 / Internal Affairs

21st May '12 - 1:30am
Internal Affairs

With Peter's encouragement, Joe has an affair on Bonnie, but when she insists on a divorce, Lois forces Peter to get them back together.
Meanwhile Peter meets up with an old foe.

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