House of Payne
Season 11

s11e01 / What's In A Payne Name

24th Mar '22 - 12:00am
What's In A Payne Name

With Lisa and Malik home with the new baby and Janine's plane status still unknown, tensions are very high; Ella and Miranda welcome the couple and the newborn home while Curtis, C.J., and Calvin are elsewhere.

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s11e02 / Major Payne

31st Mar '22 - 12:00am
Major Payne

As the pressure mounts for Lisa to choose her college classes, she envisions what her future would be like down different career paths.

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s11e03 / Bag Men

7th Apr '22 - 12:00am
Bag Men

Curtis uses his street resources to acquire a beat-up food truck for his barbeque business, only the learn the truck was used for something other than food; Malik and Lisa fight over roles.

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s11e04 / H.O. Hate

14th Apr '22 - 12:00am
H.O. Hate

Curtis sets his sights on retaliation when the new HOA president threatens to shut down the grand opening of his food truck.

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s11e05 / Meme, Myself, and I

21st Apr '22 - 12:00am
Meme, Myself, and I

After Calvin has a bout of writers' block, he is inspired to use footage of Curtis having unhappy outbursts for a new ad campaign; when Curtis learns he's become a viral sensation he takes advantage of his internet audience.

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s11e06 / Good Will Nothing

28th Apr '22 - 12:00am
Good Will Nothing

CJ and the others begin sucking up to Curtis when they discover that he is updating his will following the sudden death of a friend.

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s11e07 / Payne-Ting

5th May '22 - 12:00am

When Calvin, CJ, and Malik clean out Curtis and Ella's garage, they stumble upon Ella's secret diary filled with love poems she wrote to another man; thinking Ella is cheating on Curtis, they all start questioning their own relationship.

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s11e08 / A Payne-ful Interview

12th May '22 - 12:00am
A Payne-ful Interview

Curtis is ecstatic when one of the hottest online Atlanta news magazines wants to interview him about his BBQ sauce; but when he freezes up, Ella comes to the rescue causing the show to become more interested in her.

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s11e09 / Woman To Woman

19th May '22 - 12:00am
Woman To Woman

When Christian wins Student of the Year, Laura gets him an autographed football jersey from a popular NFL player; Miranda takes umbrage with the gesture, citing the player's history of domestic violence.

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s11e10 / It Was All A Dream

26th May '22 - 12:00am
It Was All A Dream

After a much-needed night on the town with his boys and ten too many drinks, Calvin finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation. In a drunken state, he sends sexual text messages to Miranda and invites her over.

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