Not Going Out
Season 2

s02e01 / Mortgage

7th Sep '07 - 9:30pm

With Kate moving back to the U.S., Lee finds himself living alone once again. In an attempt to fend off homelessness, he makes an offer to purchase Tim's apartment, but he will have competition.

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s02e02 / Gay

14th Sep '07 - 9:30pm

To try and find out more about one of his business associates Lee pretends that he is gay. Meanwhile, Time believes he is not manly enough.

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s02e03 / Librarian

21st Sep '07 - 9:30pm

Lee is fed with with Gary never going out and always being in the flat. Tim finds a girl he really likes.

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s02e04 / Baby

28th Sep '07 - 9:30pm

Lucy's concern over her age difference with Guy increases when he brings over his grandson. Tim and Lee find themselves babysitting.

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s02e05 / Art

5th Oct '07 - 9:30pm

Lee attempts to impress Lucy with his knowledge in the world of art, but when she invests according to his choices, his plan seems to have backfired.

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s02e06 / Dating

12th Oct '07 - 9:30pm

As Lucy and Guy grow closer Lee decides to try speed dating after being encouraged by Barbara.

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s02e07 / Gangster

19th Oct '07 - 9:30pm

Guy takes Lucy away for the weekend after buying her some expensive presents. Lee becomes suspious and thinks that Guy is really a gangster.

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s02e08 / Murder at Christmas

21st Dec '07 - 9:00pm
Murder at Christmas

Lucy and Tim's parents Geoffrey and Wendy invite themselves to the apartment for Christmas, and Lucy persuades Barbara to work on Christmas Day to help out. On Christmas Day, Tim brings his girlfriend Daisy. Lee buys a hug mystery game, which they all then dress up and play. However, the game ends abruptly when Tim and Geoffrey argue. Lee then manages to talk Geoffrey round and they finish the game.

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