Not Going Out
Season 3

s03e01 / Pregnant

30th Jan '09 - 9:30pm

Lee is shocked when Lucy announces that she is pregnant and he wonders if he could accidentally be the baby's father.

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s03e02 / Winner

6th Feb '09 - 9:30pm

Lee wins a ?1000 after winning an essay writing competition. A journalist shows up to interview Lee but expects him to be disabled after reading his story.

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s03e03 / Amy

13th Feb '09 - 9:30pm

Lee and Tim ask a lesbian couple who have moved into the building over for dinner. They are shocked when Lucy discovers a side of herself that she never knew existed.

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s03e04 / Party

20th Feb '09 - 9:30pm

Lee and Tim decide to try and throw Lucy a 30th birthday party but they both have different ideas. Lee is not happy when Lucy shows up at the party with a man and decides to try and get rid of him.

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s03e05 / Neighbour

27th Feb '09 - 9:30pm

Lucy isn't happy with the noise a new neighbour is making. She asks both Lee and Tim to talk to him but both are scared too. Tim decides to take up boxing so that he will have more courage. Lee ends up going to confront the man.

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s03e06 / Speech

6th Mar '09 - 9:30pm

Lucy is worried about a speech she needs to write for a recruitment conference. Lee offers to help but Tim thinks that he would be better at it. Tim and Lee end up competing to impress Lucy.

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s03e07 / Marriage

20th Mar '09 - 9:30pm

Lee is shocked when he finds out that Lucy is thinking about getting married to Pavlov so that he will be able to remain in the country. As Lee attempts to get her to change her mind her family and other friends think that Pavlov is perfect for her.

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s03e08 / Absent Father Christmas

23rd Dec '09 - 9:30pm
Absent Father Christmas

Lee's father shows up unexpectedly after having walked out on him when he was just four. Lucy tries to convince Lee to forgive his father for what he did.

294 have watched this episode
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