Not Going Out
Season 4

s04e01 / Drugs

6th Jan '11 - 9:30pm

After a night out clubbing Tim arrives home only to discover that he has picked up the wrong coat with drugs inside one of the pockets. He soon learns that the coat belongs to to Larry 'the butcher' Stubbs and Tim with Lee's help attempt to return the coat without getting killed in the process.

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s04e02 / Debbie

13th Jan '11 - 9:30pm

A 20-year-old girl called Debbie shows up on Lee's doorstep and declares that he could be her father forcing him to go into immediate denial. Lee then remembers a one-night stand he had at a party twenty years ago.

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s04e03 / Movie

20th Jan '11 - 9:30pm

Lucy becomes irritated by the way that Lee uses her flat as if it belongs to him. Lee promises here that he will change his ways but forgets to mention that he has already let out the flat to a film director who is going to pay him ?500 to use it whilst Lucy is at work.

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s04e04 / Dancing

27th Jan '11 - 9:30pm

Lucy and Tim's parents, Geoffrey and Wendy, have decided to split up. Geoffrey ends up moving into Lucy's flat which sees Lee having to sleep to the sofa. Lee is determined to get them back together so that he can have his bed back.

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s04e05 / Fireworks

3rd Feb '11 - 9:30pm

There aresome odd goings-on in Lucy's flat after an old lady wanders and joins Lee on the sofa. Lee throws her out only to find out that she has a rich son who always pays a handsome reward to the person who brings her back home safely.

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s04e06 / Life on Mars Bars

10th Feb '11 - 9:30pm
Life on Mars Bars

Lee dreams about having the perfect life with Lucy but real life not be good enough to match up to his dreams.

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