01 /  Mugging

17th Oct '14 - 9:30pm

After Lucy's handbag is stolen under Lee's nose, he feels the need to prove his manliness many times.


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02 /  Christening

24th Oct '14 - 9:30pm

Lee's big mouth has got him and Lucy invited to a christening party thrown by new neighbours Toby and Anna, and now they have no time to find the perfect present for the baby who has everything.


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03 /  Donor

31st Oct '14 - 9:30pm

When Lucy decides it is time to have a baby, she is surprised to find the whole family taking a personal interest in the conception.


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04 /  Anna

7th Nov '14 - 9:30pm

Lucy aspires to be friends with her posh new neighbours Toby and Anna, but she hasn't reckoned on Lee dragging her back down to earth.


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05 /  Pointless

21st Nov '14 - 9:30pm

In an attempt to impress Lucy with his intellectual prowess Lee joins Daisy as a contestant on the TV quiz show, Pointless.


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06 /  Alcohol

28th Nov '14 - 9:30pm

Frank's drinking becomes a problem and forces Lee and Lucy to reassess the living arrangements in the flat.


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07 /  Surprise

5th Dec '14 - 9:30pm

No matter what happens, Lucy's surprise party for her parents' anniversary must remain a secret or it won't be a surprise. So why she tells Lee about it is anyone's guess.


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08 /  Plane

12th Dec '14 - 9:30pm

Flying off on a summer holiday, Lucy and Daisy endure the worst flight of their lives when Lee gets a bad case of the jitters on the plane.


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09 /  Lucy

19th Dec '14 - 9:30pm

Lee spends time in the bar with Toby worrying that the woman of his dreams is drifting further away.


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10 /  Christmas Special

24th Dec '14 - 9:30pm
Christmas Special

The tension between Lee and Lucy reaches a new high, as the couple find themselves in uncharted emotional water. Frank takes Lee on a night out, leading to disastrous consequences that involve a traffic cone, arm wrestling on a zebra crossing and slow dancing to Whitney Houston. The police also find a item in Lee's possession that's stolen.


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11 /  The Outtakes

27th Dec '14 - 9:30pm
The Outtakes

All the bits you were never meant to see.


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