Not Going Out
Season 6

s06e01 / Rabbit

5th Apr '13 - 9:30pm

In an attempt to secure a lucrative work contract Lucy goes for dinner at a client's house but on her way home accidentally drives over his daughter's beloved pet rabbit. Panicking, in case she loses the job, she inveigles Lee into her hair-brained scheme to get herself off the hook.

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s06e02 / Skiing

12th Apr '13 - 9:30pm

On a skiing trip to Eastern Europe, Lee, Lucy and Daisy become stuck in a cable car with a pregnant woman.

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s06e03 / Therapy

19th Apr '13 - 9:30pm

When Lucy enrols at Night School on a training course in counselling, Lee takes advantage of her new-found skill to help patch things up with his father. But the joint therapy sessions throw up more questions than answers.

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s06e04 / Conference

26th Apr '13 - 9:30pm

Determined to put a stop to Lucy flirting at an Annual Trade Conference in order to get work, Lee takes evasive action.

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s06e05 / Rachel

10th May '13 - 9:30pm

After some dubious advice from Daisy, Lee decides that the best way to get Lucy to notice him is to make her jealous, and the best way to make her jealous is to get himself a girlfriend. Now all he has to do is choose the right girl...

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s06e06 / Play

17th May '13 - 9:30pm

The return from Africa of Lucy's first teenage love proves too much for Lee, especially when it turns out that Scott has written a play for Lucy and wants her to star in an Amateur production of it. Can Lee prevent them from getting too close?

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s06e07 / Magic

24th May '13 - 9:30pm

When Lucy's god-daughter is suddenly dumped on her twenty-four hours before the girl's birthday party, it is left up to Lee to decide on an appropriate entertainment for fourteen nine-year olds.

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s06e08 / Boat

31st May '13 - 9:30pm

Lee's father, Frank, buys himself a boat after a big win on the horses and invites Lee down for a long weekend with Lucy and Daisy. Despite the fact that Lucy is terrified of water, Lee persuades her to come along in the hope that he can manipulate her into sharing a double bed.

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s06e09 / Christmas Special

24th Dec '13 - 10:00pm
Christmas Special

Lee is determined to create the perfect Christmas for Lucy and invites her parents to join the two of them and Daisy in a cosy old house in the country which used to be owned by his dead aunt.

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