Season 1

s01e01 / Life and Stuff

19th Oct '88 - 12:00am
Life and Stuff

Roseanne deals with complaints that her daughter Darlene barks in school.

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s01e02 / We're in the Money

26th Oct '88 - 12:00am
We're in the Money

Although Dan and Roseanne agree not to spend any of Dan's 0 advance on themselves, neither can resist the temptation.

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s01e03 / D-I-V-O-R-C-E

2nd Nov '88 - 1:00am

Jackie babysits while Roseanne and Dan go out to a formal restaurant dinner - at which they see a recently divorced friend.

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s01e04 / Language Lessons

23rd Nov '88 - 1:00am
Language Lessons

A body language test reveals Dan's innermost feelings about his sister-in-law; Darlene has a bone to pick with D.J.

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s01e05 / Radio Days

30th Nov '88 - 1:00am
Radio Days

A songwriting contest unleashes creativity in Dan and Roseanne, while Booker unleashes uncontrolled impulses in Jackie.

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s01e06 / Lovers' Lane

7th Dec '88 - 1:00am
Lovers' Lane

Bowling night finds Roseanne checking out Becky's new boyfriend Chip, while Jackie and Booker make a bet with high stakes.

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s01e07 / The Memory Game

14th Dec '88 - 1:00am
The Memory Game

Roseanne discovers that Dan had a one-night stand with her high-school nemesis years ago.

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s01e08 / Here's to Good Friends

21st Dec '88 - 1:00am
Here's to Good Friends

Roseanne and Jackie help Crystal drown her sorrows over breaking up with her lover by taking her to the Lobo Lounge for a few pink squirrels and a pep talk.

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s01e09 / Dan's Birthday Bash

4th Jan '89 - 1:00am
Dan's Birthday Bash

Dan's birthday bash at the Lobo Lounge is interrupted by a bully who picks a fight with Dan at the pool table.

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s01e10 / Saturday

11th Jan '89 - 1:00am

Roseanne bets Dan he'll never finish repairing his truck.

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s01e11 / Canoga Time

18th Jan '89 - 1:00am
Canoga Time

Dan can't bear to part with the "junk" Roseanne wants to donate to a rummage sale; Darlene forges a passing grade on her report card.

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s01e12 / The Monday Through Friday Show

25th Jan '89 - 1:00am
The Monday Through Friday Show

Dan and Roseanne disagree about where to spend a romantic 15th anniversary; Becky refuses to dissect a frog in biology class; Darlene finds her paper route more than she can handle.

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s01e13 / Bridge Over Troubled Sonny

1st Feb '89 - 1:00am
Bridge Over Troubled Sonny

Crystal struggles to cope with the death of her husband; Darlene decides it's cool to smoke.

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s01e14 / Father's Day

8th Feb '89 - 1:00am
Father's Day

Roseanne steps in to referee when Dan's visiting father pontificates about Dan wasting time working as a contractor.

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s01e15 / Nightmare on Oak Street

15th Feb '89 - 1:00am
Nightmare on Oak Street

Darlene's bad dreams aren't due to the scary movies she's been watching.

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s01e16 / Mall Story

22nd Feb '89 - 1:00am
Mall Story

Roseanne takes her reluctant family on a shopping spree at the Lanford mall.

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s01e17 / Becky's Choice

1st Mar '89 - 1:00am
Becky's Choice

Becky is eager for the dinner party with Chip and his parents to come to an end.

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s01e18 / The Slice of Life

8th Mar '89 - 1:00am
The Slice of Life

Darlene's emergency appendectormy makes Roseanne anxious and guilty over having yelled at Darlene earlier.

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s01e19 / Workin' Overtime

15th Mar '89 - 1:00am
Workin' Overtime

After two weeks of overtime at work and chaos at home, Roseanne takes refuge at a diner.

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s01e20 / Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

29th Mar '89 - 1:00am
Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

As a tornado spins through Lanford, a storm is brewing inside the Conner house over the whereabouts of Jackie who hasn't returned from her trip to the market.

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s01e21 / Death and Stuff

12th Apr '89 - 12:00am
Death and Stuff

During the family's busy weekend activities, a door-to-door salesman drops by - and then drops dead in the Conner kitchen.

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s01e22 / Dear Mom and Dad

3rd May '89 - 12:00am
Dear Mom and Dad

An unannounced visit by Roseanne's parents has the Conner house in an uproar.

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s01e23 / Let's Call It Quits

3rd May '89 - 12:30am
Let's Call It Quits

Roseanne has difficulty accepting new rules from a tough new supervisor at the factory.

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