Season 7

s07e01 / Nine is Enough

22nd Sep '94 - 12:00am
Nine is Enough

Space limitations prompt Dan and Roseanne to boot Becky and Mark; Dan must shave his armpits to treat a cyst, and Roseanne finds his new look sexually appealing. Jackie moves out when Fred accuses her of smothering the baby; and Roseanne reveals that she has not caught Mark's flu.

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s07e02 / Two for One

29th Sep '94 - 12:00am
Two for One

Dan is anxious at the thought of Roseanne having another child; Roseanne is upset to discover that Darlene is seeing a college student and that David has accepted it.

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s07e03 / Snoop Davey Dave

6th Oct '94 - 12:00am
Snoop Davey Dave

Smarting over being dumped by Darlene, David tells her parents that she has been experimenting with drugs at college.

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s07e04 / Girl Talk

13th Oct '94 - 12:00am
Girl Talk

Dan, Mark and Fred indulge in a little "girl talk" and are horrified to discover what their respective wives have told each other about the men's sexual preferences â- and disfunctions.

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s07e05 / Sleeper

20th Oct '94 - 12:00am

David has to move in with D.J. when the basement is flooded; David hesitantly admits to Becky that he had an erotic dream; she assumes it was about her; D.J. tells Mark, who tries to beat up David; then David confesses the dream was really about Roseanne.

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s07e06 / Skeleton in the Closet

27th Oct '94 - 12:00am
Skeleton in the Closet

Leon outdoes himself hosting a Halloween soirée with the Lunch Box clan and a bevy of his gay friends, many of whom seem to know Fred â- intimately. Meanwhile, Jackie and Roseanne visit Bev's hairdresser and become convinced that she wears a wig.

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s07e07 / Follow the Son

3rd Nov '94 - 1:00am
Follow the Son

D.J. wants out of his busboy job at the Lunch Box, and David wants to put the kibosh on Darlene's moving in with her new squeeze Jimmy - who misinterprets David's obsessive interest in him.

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s07e08 / Punch and Jimmy

10th Nov '94 - 1:00am
Punch and Jimmy

An impromptu visit to Darlene's apartment gives Roseanne a clear picture of what Jimmy is all about; meanwhile at home, Dan finds himself a bit fuzzy on parenting skills: D.J. is being beaten up by a bully, and taking it out on David.

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s07e09 / White Men Can't Kiss

17th Nov '94 - 1:00am
White Men Can't Kiss

D.J'.s refusal to kiss a black student in the school play brings Dan and Roseanne face to face with their own racial prejudices.

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s07e10 / Thanksgiving '94

24th Nov '94 - 1:00am
Thanksgiving '94

Thanksgiving is a real turkey at the Conner household when Roseanne gets alarming medical news she can't confirm with the pre-natal clinic, and Nana Mary arrives with a feeble husband on her arm - then upsets Bev by discussing the two abortions Nana Mary had years ago.

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s07e11 / Maybe Baby

1st Dec '94 - 1:00am
Maybe Baby

Roseanne is warring with Dan and in a dither over her upcoming second medical test, which may require a difficult decision - one she believes is hers alone to make.

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s07e12 / The Parenting Trap

15th Dec '94 - 1:00am
The Parenting Trap

Dan takes the bull by the horns after he learns that D.J. isn't performing well in school; meanwhile, to Roseanne's horror, Darlene seems genuinely impressed with David's dimwitted new girlfriend.

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s07e13 / Rear Window

5th Jan '95 - 1:00am
Rear Window

The Connors get an eyeful from a new elderly neighbor couple who enjoy nudity in their home but are all too visible from Roseanne and Dan's bedroom. Meanwhile, Mark is so convinced that he is losing Becky to David that he asks Darlene for help.

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s07e14 / My Name is Bev

12th Jan '95 - 1:00am
My Name is Bev

After Bev is charged with drunken driving, Jackie and Roseanne accompany her to a compulsory AA seminar. Her new resolve of sobriety on Super Bowl Sunday wreaks havoc with Dan's keg party.

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s07e15 / Bed and Bored

2nd Feb '95 - 1:00am
Bed and Bored

Roseanne feigns illness to get some rest, but grows bored instead; Jackie confronts Bev about having been a rotten mother to her.

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s07e16 / Sisters

9th Feb '95 - 1:00am

Sibling rivalries fester when Jackie complains to Roseanne about D.J'.s annoying visits, and Roseanne lures Darlene home.

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s07e17 / Lost Youth

16th Feb '95 - 1:00am
Lost Youth

Jealousies mount between David and Mark over vulnerable Lunch Box waitress Stacy, whom David asks to pose for a wall mural in the diner; Jackie complains to Fred that their lovemaking needs a shot in the arm, even though he likes it just the way it is.

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s07e18 / Single Married Female

23rd Feb '95 - 1:00am
Single Married Female

In Roseanne's absence, Dan gets unexpected advice from David after discovering a scandalous secret concerning Jackie.

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s07e19 / The Clip Show: All About Rosey (1)

2nd Mar '95 - 1:00am
The Clip Show: All About Rosey (1)

Youngsters Roseanne and Jackie visit a fortuneteller who gives them a peek into their futures via his crystal ball; in the future, Jackie takes an adult, autistic D.J. to see a psychiatrist.

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s07e20 / The Clip Show: All About Rosey (2)

2nd Mar '95 - 1:30am
The Clip Show: All About Rosey (2)

The "Sitcom Moms Welcome Wagon" visits Roseanne.

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s07e21 / Husbands and Wives

23rd Mar '95 - 1:00am
Husbands and Wives

Just as Fred gets ready to cave in and return home, Roseanne comes to regret sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong by trying to reunite him with Jackie.

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s07e22 / Happy Trailers

30th Mar '95 - 1:00am
Happy Trailers

Becky and Mark finally leave the Conner nest to move into a tacky trailer park, but when Roseanne and Dan try to help out financially, their offers are met with a wall of resistance. Meanwhile, a tipsy neighbor drops by to put out the trailer park welcome mat.

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s07e23 / The Blaming of the Shrew

4th May '95 - 12:00am
The Blaming of the Shrew

Dan puts his foot down when D.J. allows a pushy vixen to boss him around; and Jackie gets a few things off her chest when she and Fred visit a therapist to save their marriage.

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s07e24 / The Birds and the Frozen Bees

11th May '95 - 12:00am
The Birds and the Frozen Bees

Roseanne has a bee in her bonnet over the possibility that David may like another girl better than Darlene - who risks losing him if she doesn't take her mom's advice and act fast.

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s07e25 / Couch Potatoes

18th May '95 - 12:00am
Couch Potatoes

Because the Conners have been selected as a Neilsen family, Roseanne decrees that their household viewing habits must change.

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s07e26 / Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute

25th May '95 - 12:00am
Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute

A Gilligan's Island fantasy plays into the season finale, which finds Dan torn between pleasing Roseanne and building a boat for a future adventure. Dan becomes the Skipper, Leon becomes Mr Howell, Bev becomes Mrs Howell, Jackie becomes Gilligan, Darlene becomes Maryanne, and Roseanne becomes Ginger.

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