Season 2

s02e01 / The Ex-Girlfriend

24th Jan '91 - 2:00am
The Ex-Girlfriend

After George dumps his girlfriend, Jerry starts dating her but she soon dumps him after going to one of his stand-up acts. Meanwhile, Kramer becomes obsessed over fresh fruit and Elaine becomes curious about a relationship with a guy in her building after he no longer says hello to her.

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s02e02 / The Pony Remark

31st Jan '91 - 2:00am
The Pony Remark

At a 50th anniversary party, Jerry makes a remark that immigrant children shouldn't ride ponies which offends the guest of honor. When she dies, Jerry has to decide whether to go to a championship softball game or attend her funeral. Meanwhile, Jerry bets Kramer that he can't renovate his apartment in a month, Elaine tries to find out what's going to happen to the elderly woman's apartment, and George begins to think he'll never have sex again.

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s02e03 / The Jacket

7th Feb '91 - 2:00am
The Jacket

Jerry buys a suede leather jacket with a pink-stripped lining, which he wears to a dinner date with George, Elaine, and her father. When it starts to snow outside, Jerry is forced to wear it inside out. Alton Benes doesn't want to be seen with Jerry wearing the lining on the outside, so Jerry wears it suede-out and Jerry's jacket is ruined by the precipitation. Meanwhile, George gets the theme song from Les Miserables stuck in his head, and Kramer helps his magician friend.

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s02e04 / The Phone Message

14th Feb '91 - 2:00am
The Phone Message

George, thinking his girlfriend is ignoring him, leaves nasty messages on her answering machine. But George finds out that she's actually out of town and enlists Jerry's help to switch answering machine tapes. Meanwhile, Jerry and his girlfriend have a disagreement over a Dockers pants commercial.

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s02e05 / The Apartment

5th Apr '91 - 2:00am
The Apartment

Jerry makes it so Elaine can have the apartment above him, but then tries to talk her out of it once he realizes the possible ramifications. Meanwhile, Kramer uses mousse in his hair, and George tries out the 'wedding band' theory in order to meet women.

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s02e06 / The Statue

12th Apr '91 - 1:00am
The Statue

In a box of things left to Jerry by his grandfather, Jerry finds a statue that matches one that George's parents had until it was broken. Meanwhile, Elaine boyfriend agrees to clean Jerry's apartment, but after he's done, the statue had disappeared from the mantle where Jerry had left it. Elaine and Jerry find the statue at Elaine's boyfriend's house and have to get it back without risking Elaine's editing job but at the same time have to save George from his parents fury.

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s02e07 / The Revenge

19th Apr '91 - 1:00am
The Revenge

George quits his job when he is forced to use the regular bathroom, but immediately regrets his decision. Jerry suggests that he return to work and go about the day like nothing happened. When Jerry's plan falls through, George plots revenge on his boss. Meanwhile, Newman tells Kramer he's going to jump off the building and Jerry thinks that the laundry mat owner stole 1500 dollar he had in his laundry bag so he plots his own revenge with the help of Kramer.

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s02e08 / The Heart Attack

26th Apr '91 - 1:00am
The Heart Attack

George goes to the doctor after he had what he thought was a heart attack. The doctor tells him that he didn't have a heart attack, but needs to get his tonsils and adenoids removed. When the cost of the surgery is too much for George, Kramer suggests that he goes on a holistic healer, but the healer turns George's skin purple and he's forced to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, George's doctor catches Elaine's eye, but he's only interested in kissing her.

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s02e09 / The Deal

3rd May '91 - 1:00am
The Deal

When Jerry and Elaine come across 'naked people' while watching TV, they discuss whether or not sex between friends can actually work. George thinks that it could never work, but he is amazed after Jerry and Elaine lay down rules for their new 'friends with benefits' type relationship. However, their new relationship begins to fail when Elaine's birthday nears.

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s02e10 / The Baby Shower

17th May '91 - 1:00am
The Baby Shower

Elaine needs to use Jerry's apartment to host a baby shower so Jerry leaves town for a show. Before the shower, Kramer convinces Jerry to get an illegal cable hookup and the installation men come during the baby shower. Jerry's show gets cancelled so he comes home early, with George, whose ex-girlfriend is at the baby shower. Jerry has to confront a woman that he said he'd call but never did.

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s02e11 / The Chinese Restaurant

24th May '91 - 1:00am
The Chinese Restaurant

Elaine, George, and Jerry stop at a Chinese restaurant to have a quick dinner before seeing Plan 9 From Outer Space, a sci-fi spoof. However, the wait is longer than expected.

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s02e12 / The Busboy

27th Jun '91 - 1:00am
The Busboy

George accidentally gets a busboy fired. Feeling bad, he tries to make up for the incident but ends up losing the busboy's cat in the process. Meanwhile, Elaine has a houseguest that won't leave.

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