Season 6

s06e01 / The Chaperone

23rd Sep '94 - 1:00am
The Chaperone

Jerry begins to date Miss Rhode Island, and when they need a chaperone to accompany them to the pageant, Kramer volunteers. At the pageant, Kramer tries to help her prepare and becomes her coach in the process. Meanwhile, Elaine tries to get a job at Doubleday, but ends up working for Mr. Pitt instead, and George decides the Yankees should use polyester uniforms instead of cotton.

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s06e02 / The Big Salad

30th Sep '94 - 1:00am
The Big Salad

George and Susan pick up a big salad for Elaine, and once they deliver the salad to her, Elaine thanks Susan but not George. George can't forget that Susan took credit for that he bought. Elaine's boss wants a special mechanical pencil, and Elaine tries to get it from a stationary store where the clerk hits one her. Jerry goes on a date with a woman that was dumped by Newman, which makes Jerry wonder why Newman would dump her. Meanwhile, Kramer helps a man that he played golf with flee from the police in a white Ford Bronco.

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s06e03 / The Pledge Drive

7th Oct '94 - 1:00am
The Pledge Drive

Jerry finally goes to the bank to cash checks that his grandmother gave to him for his birthday. The checks bounce, causing a big hassle for his grandmother. Jerry volunteers to host a PBS fundraiser and George gets a Yankee player, Danny Tartabull, to attend the fundraiser. Meanwhile, Jerry thinks that one of Elaine's friends hit on him even though she is in a relationship and Elaine sets out to find out if she did or not.

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s06e04 / The Chinese Woman

14th Oct '94 - 1:00am
The Chinese Woman

Jerry dates a woman, who he thinks is Chinese, after phone lines get crossed and he asks her out. Kramer worries that his sperm count is low so he goes to a fertility clinic. George's parents separate and he worries that they're going to get divorced.

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s06e05 / The Couch

28th Oct '94 - 1:00am
The Couch

George joins a book club but since he doesn't like to read, he tries to rent the movie instead. When the movie he needs to see is rented out, he begs the family with the copy to watch it with them. Jerry buys a new couch and Elaine dates the delivery man until she learns his stance on a controversial topic. Meanwhile, Kramer goes into the pizza business with Poppie.

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s06e06 / The Gymnast

4th Nov '94 - 2:00am
The Gymnast

Jerry dates a gymnast and wants to have sex with her because of it. But, George, once again, strikes out in his relationship. Elaine's boss becomes obsessed with 3-D artwork and sends Elaine to represent him in a merger while he goes to find the painting. Meanwhile, Kramer has to pass a kidney stone.

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s06e07 / The Soup

11th Nov '94 - 2:00am
The Soup

Kenny Bania, Jerry's comic rival, gives him a free Armani suit, but asks for a free meal in return. At a restaurant, Jerry buys Kenny soup, but Kenny doesn't think it's enough. Because of his kidney stone, Kramer decides to eat only fresh fruit. Elaine brings back a man from England who mooches off of her. George tries to date a waitress from Monk's, but during a walk with her, she spells out her relationship with him.

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s06e08 / The Mom & Pop Store

18th Nov '94 - 2:00am
The Mom & Pop Store

Kramer gets cut by a wire outside a mom and pop store and the store gets in trouble when it's inspected for faulty wiring. The repairs cost more than the store can afford, so Kramer and Jerry set out to help the store. Meanwhile, George buys a car he thinks was owned by Jon Voight and Elaine gets Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tickets for Mr. Pitt.

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s06e09 / The Secretary

9th Dec '94 - 2:00am
The Secretary

Jerry sees his dry cleaner wearing one of his jackets he took in and goes to confront the man. George hires an unattractive secretary so he won't be distracted, but her efficiency gets her a raise, making her salary higher than George's. Kramer sells the clothes he's wearing to Kenny Bania and has to hide in a dressing room until he finds something to wear home. Later, Kramer gets Uma Thurman's phone number.

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s06e10 / The Race

16th Dec '94 - 2:00am
The Race

Elaine dates a communist, who talks to Kramer about Communism. Kramer gets a job as a department store Santa and tells the children communist propaganda. Jerry meets up with an old high school classmate who he beat in a track race. The friend argues that Jerry got a head start so they decide to re-race. Meanwhile, George responds to an ad in a communist newspaper, making his boss think that he's a communist.

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s06e11 / The Switch

6th Jan '95 - 2:00am
The Switch

Jerry dates a woman, but he likes her roommate more than her. George and Jerry try to come up with a plan of how Jerry can pull off a roommate switch. Meanwhile, George thinks his girlfriend is bulimic and Kramer decides it's time to start using his first name.

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s06e12 / The Label Maker

20th Jan '95 - 2:00am
The Label Maker

Jerry and Elaine think that they got regifted when Jerry gets a label maker that Elaine gave to a friend for a gift. George convinces his girlfriend to have her male roommate move out, but soon regrets his decision. Kramer and Newman play a long game of Risk and Jerry ends up going to the Superbowl with an unexpected person.

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s06e13 / The Scofflaw

27th Jan '95 - 2:00am
The Scofflaw

Kramer helps Newman to escape from a cop that's been trying to find Newman for years due to his bad parking. Jerry finds out that a man is faking cancer to get sympathy. Meanwhile, George gets a hairpiece and Elaine buys some sunglasses.

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s06e14 / Highlights of a Hundred (1)

3rd Feb '95 - 2:00am
Highlights of a Hundred (1)

A clip-filled episode of highlights from the first 99 episodes of Seinfeld.

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s06e15 / Highlights of a Hundred (2)

3rd Feb '95 - 2:00am
Highlights of a Hundred (2)

Part two of the 100 episode mark celebration with clips from the previous 99 episodes.

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s06e16 / The Beard

10th Feb '95 - 2:00am
The Beard

Elaine tries to make a homosexual man 'switch teams'. George gets a hair piece that makes him look ridiculous but gives him more confidence. Kramer sets George up with a bald woman and debates whether or not he can date a bald woman. Jerry starts dating a cop but she makes him take a lie detector test when she thinks he's lying about not watching Melrose Place.

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s06e17 / The Kiss Hello

17th Feb '95 - 2:00am
The Kiss Hello

Elaine's friend, a woman that Jerry has to 'kiss hello', has an old hairstyle and Jerry and Elaine try to get Kramer to tell her about it. Kramer puts up pictures of everyone in the building. Soon, Jerry gives every woman in the building a 'kiss hello' and when he stops, he becomes very unpopular. Meanwhile, George gets billed for an appointment that he missed so he tries to bill the doctor for canceling an appointment.

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s06e18 / The Doorman

24th Feb '95 - 2:00am
The Doorman

Jerry gets in trouble with the doorman at Elaine's boss's apartment but was only trying to be nice. Kramer and Frank Costanza go into business together to help the manly breast problem that Frank has.

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s06e19 / The Jimmy

17th Mar '95 - 2:00am
The Jimmy

Elaine meets a man at the gym that she really wants to date and ends up talking to 'the Jimmy', a man that refers to himself in the third person. Jerry goes to the dentist for some dental work and when he comes to, he sees the dentist and his assistant getting dressed, leading Jerry to wonder if he was violated while he was under. Meanwhile, Kramer is mistaken for a mentally handicapped man.

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s06e20 / The Doodle

7th Apr '95 - 1:00am
The Doodle

George finds a doodle that his girlfriend did of him. He has Elaine find out if she really likes him or not and learns that she likes him because 'looks are not important'. Jerry finds fleas in his apartment and figures out that they came from Newman. Elaine writes a manuscript but leaves it in Jerry's apartment right before it's fumigated. Meanwhile, Kramer gets ready for some peaches that are only in season two weeks per year.

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s06e21 / The Fusilli Jerry

28th Apr '95 - 1:00am
The Fusilli Jerry

Kramer gets the custom license plates that he ordered but they read ASSMAN instead of what he ordered. Despite being wrong, Kramer uses them anyway and wonders who assman is. Jerry comes up with a new move to use during sex and is mad when he finds out that Elaine's boyfriend uses it too. George tries to use the move but does it wrong so he has Jerry write instructions. The instructions work, but George's girlfriend dumps him when she sees them. Meanwhile, George's mother has eye surgery and Kramer makes a statue of Jerry out of fusilli pasta.

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s06e22 / The Diplomat's Club

5th May '95 - 1:00am
The Diplomat's Club

Elaine decides to quit her job but changes her mind when she learns that Mr. Pitt added her to his will. George's boss thinks that he's a racist and George has to prove otherwise. After traveling to Ithaca, Jerry tries to meet a model at the airport's diplomat club but Katie, his assistant, makes the meeting nearly impossible. Meanwhile, Kramer starts gambling again and calls Newman to intervene.

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s06e23 / The Face Painter

12th May '95 - 1:00am
The Face Painter

George talks about toilet paper with his girlfriend and starts to think that he's in love with her. When he tells her about his feelings, she doesn't respond at all. Elaine dates a man who paints his face for hockey games and his actions at the games offend Elaine, Jerry and a priest. Meanwhile, a monkey throws a banana at Kramer, and when he throws it back, the monkey becomes depressed.

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s06e24 / The Understudy

19th May '95 - 1:00am
The Understudy

Jerry and George play in a celebrity softball game and people think that they purposely injured Bette Midler after George accidentally slides into her at home plate. Kramer becomes friends with Bette Midler while she is in the hospital. Elaine thinks that a manicurist is talking bad about her in her native tongue and has George's father translate for her. Later, Elaine lands a job with the J. Peterman catalog.

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