Season 9

s09e01 / The Butter Shave

26th Sep '97 - 1:00am
The Butter Shave

Kenny Bania, Jerry's rival, continues to take Jerry's past material, and even starts dating one of Jerry's ex-girlfriends. To change this, Jerry decides to do badly in one of his acts so Kenny will do bad as well. But Jerry's plan completely backfires. Kramer starts shaving using butter and starts roasting himself in a sauna. Newman sees him as a giant turkey and chases him around. Meanwhile, Elaine and Puddy travel to Europe together, and George tries to hide that he's a closet Bania fan.

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s09e02 / The Voice

3rd Oct '97 - 1:00am
The Voice

George's co-workers find out that he's faking his handicap and they no longer treat him special. George has a contract, so he can't be fired, but everyone tries their best to get him to quit. Jerry and George mock Jerry's new girlfriend, Claire, whose stomach makes strange noises. They do so with an accented 'hello', which is referred to as the voice. Jerry bets Elaine that she'll get back together with Puddy and Kramer gets an intern to help him with Kramerica.

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s09e03 / The Serenity Now

10th Oct '97 - 1:00am
The Serenity Now

Frank begins to use the phrase 'serenity now' every time he feels his blood pressure rising. Elaine is invited to a bar mitzvah for her boss's son and is French kissed by the son. George begins to work as a computer salesman, but isn't good at selling them to other people. Jerry's girlfriend gives Knicks tickets away, which makes Jerry mad, but he doesn't show it. His girlfriend comments that he never gets angry, so Jerry attempts to show his anger.

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s09e04 / The Blood

17th Oct '97 - 1:00am
The Blood

Jerry's parents hire a personal trainer for him. However, the trainer is very old and ends up throwing out his back. Kramer begins stocking up on his own blood, but runs into refrigeration problems. George decides that if he could combine sex and food, he would have the perfect life. Elaine's friend thinks Elaine is too irresponsible to watch her son but tries to prove her friend wrong. But when babysitting is more than Elaine bargained for, she tries to show that she is irresponsible to get out of it.

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s09e05 / The Junk Mail

31st Oct '97 - 2:00am
The Junk Mail

Kramer gets disgusted with all of the junk mail he receives, so he closes off his mailbox and forwards all of his mail to Jerry's box. Jerry has a show to help a car dealership owned by 'Fragile' Frankie, and is given a van for his help. Meanwhile, George thinks his parents are avoiding him, and Elaine tries to get Puddy back.

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s09e06 / The Merv Griffin Show

7th Nov '97 - 2:00am
The Merv Griffin Show

Kramer finds part of a Merv Griffin Show set in a dumpster. He sets the pieces up in his apartment and creates his own show, featuring him as a host. Jerry's girlfriend collects old toys and refuses to let anyone play with them. George hits a squirrel and his girlfriend has him take the squirrel to the vet. Meanwhile, Elaine has to deal with an annoying co-worker.

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s09e07 / The Slicer

14th Nov '97 - 2:00am
The Slicer

Elaine's neighbor is out of the country and left her alarm set to go off at 3:30 am. Kramer buys a meat slicer, and Elaine breaks it when he lets her borrow it. Jerry's new girlfriend is a doctor who only talks about healing people. George gets a new job and realizes that he knows the boss from somewhere.

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s09e08 / The Betrayal

21st Nov '97 - 2:00am
The Betrayal

In an episode told backwards, Jerry, George and Elaine return home from their India trip and they don't want to talk about the trip or even talk to each other. George finds out that Jerry slept with his girlfriend and to compensate, George wants to sleep with Elaine. Elaine tells everyone that she once slept with Sue Ellen's fiance, which causes Sue Ellen to call off the wedding.

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s09e09 / The Apology

12th Dec '97 - 2:00am
The Apology

George demands an apology from a recovering alcoholic for a comment he once made about one of George's sweaters. Jerry's new girlfriend does everything in the nude, leading Jerry and George to debate whether or not there is a bad nude. Kramer thinks he's spending too much time in the shower and goes to Jerry for advice on how to take less time. Meanwhile, Elaine is at odds with a co-worker, Peggy, who gets mad at Elaine for touching her water.

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s09e10 / The Strike

19th Dec '97 - 2:00am
The Strike

Jerry's girlfriend, Gwen, looks either ugly or beautiful depending on what type of light she is in. At a Hanukkah party, George receives a donation made to a charity in his name as a gift. George sees this as an opportunity to not have to give out gifts, and sets up a fictitious charity, 'The Human Fund', which he makes donations to on behalf of his co-workers for their gifts. However, George is found out, resulting in the story of Festivus. Meanwhile, Kramer resumes working at a bagel shop after a 12 year strike.

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s09e11 / The Dealership

9th Jan '98 - 2:00am
The Dealership

Puddy is promoted from a mechanic to a car salesman, so Jerry tries to use Puddy to get a good deal on a new car. But when Elaine and Puddy get into a fight, Jerry tries to get them back together so he can get his good deal. At the dealership, George tries to get a twinkie, but the vending machine won't take his dollar. Meanwhile, Kramer test drives a car and pushes it to the limit to see if it can handle a day in the life of Kramer.

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s09e12 / The Reverse Peephole

16th Jan '98 - 2:00am
The Reverse Peephole

Newman and Kramer switch peepholes so they'll have a different view on the world. George buys a large wallet and keeps all of his receipts in it, but ends up putting one too many receipts in it. Elaine tries to get Jerry to use a Carry-All, or a mens' purse. Puddy starts wearing a large fur coat, which Elaine hates.

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s09e13 / The Cartoon

30th Jan '98 - 2:00am
The Cartoon

Elaine comes across a cartoon in the New Yorker, but can't figure out why it's funny. She then becomes determined to get her comic published. Kramer's honesty gets Jerry in trouble with Sally, an old friend of Elaine's, and she begins to do stand-up about how mean Jerry is. George's new girlfriend looks like Jerry, but he refuses to believe it.

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s09e14 / The Strongbox

6th Feb '98 - 2:00am
The Strongbox

Kramer buys a strongbox to keep his valuable belongings in. But when it comes time to hide the key, Kramer has a hard time deciding where to put it. Elaine finds a new boyfriend who becomes a big mystery to her, until she finds out why he likes to hide in dark corners every so often. George's girlfriend won't let him breakup with her, so George goes to great lengths to do so. Jerry goes with Kramer to a pet cemetery to retrieve Kramer's strongbox key from a parrot that ate it and died.

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s09e15 / The Wizard

27th Feb '98 - 2:00am
The Wizard

Jerry buys a 0 pocket Wizard organizer. Kramer moves to Del Boca Vista, deciding that he's ready to retire. Together, Kramer and Morty plot to get Kramer elected president of the condo. To do so, they give each voter a cheap version of a Wizard, known as a Willard. Back in New York, Elaine tries to figure out the race of her boyfriend, and George tries his best to get out of a foundation meeting.

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s09e16 / The Burning

20th Mar '98 - 2:00am
The Burning

George begins to end conversations early so he doesn't end up saying something stupid. Jerry overhears his girlfriend talking about 'the tractor story', and George and Jerry wonder what the story might entail. Kramer and Mickey volunteer to fake illnesses so medical students can diagnose them. Elaine sees a 'Jesus fish' on Puddy's car and wonders if he's religious.

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s09e17 / The Bookstore

10th Apr '98 - 1:00am
The Bookstore

Jerry and George spend time at a bookstore in order to meet women. There, George takes a book to read into the bathroom, and is forced to buy it. Jerry sees Uncle Leo shoplifting, and tells his family about what he saw. Kramer and Newman start their own rickshaw business. While drunk, Elaine makes out with a co-worker, then makes up a story about dating him to avoid trouble at the office.

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s09e18 / The Frogger

24th Apr '98 - 1:00am
The Frogger

At a pizza parlor, Jerry and George see an old Frogger game that George used to play. He finds out that he still has the high score on the game, and attempts to save the game, with the help of Kramer, when he learns that the parlor is being torn down. Elaine finds a piece of cake in Peterman's refrigerator that was from King Edward VIII's wedding. She ends up eating the cake, then attempts to replace it with another similar looking cake.

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s09e19 / The Maid

1st May '98 - 1:00am
The Maid

Everyone George works with has a nickname, so he decides he wants to be called T-Bone. However, his idea backfires when his co-workers start calling another guy T-Bone. Kramer's girlfriend moves to downtown New York, so he now has to have a long-distance relationship with her. Elaine tries to get a new phone number, but gets a new area code as well. Jerry hires a maid, Cindy, and begins to date her as well. But soon she demands payment even if she doesn't clean the apartment.

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s09e20 / The Puerto Rican Day

8th May '98 - 1:00am
The Puerto Rican Day

At a Mets game, Elaine, George, Jerry, and Kramer decide to leave in the 8th inning since the Mets are losing 8 to 0. However, they have a tough time getting home due to a Puerto Rican Day parade. George is taunted by a man with a laser pointer. Kramer accidentally sets the Puerto Rican flag on fire and is mobbed by a group of people.

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s09e21 / The Clip Show (1) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (1))

15th May '98 - 1:00am
The Clip Show (1) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (1))

A look back on relationships, break ups, and other clips from the past nine seasons of Seinfeld.

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s09e22 / The Clip Show (2) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (2))

15th May '98 - 1:00am
The Clip Show (2) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (2))

Part two of looking back on the past nine seasons of Seinfeld including bloopers.

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s09e23 / The Finale (1)

15th May '98 - 1:00am
The Finale (1)

In part one of the finale, the gang find out that the pilot for Jerry's show has been approved and 13 episodes were ordered. NBC lends the foursome a jet to use before they have to move to California for the show, and they decide to go to Paris. While in the air, Kramer tries to get water out of his ear, but ends up stumbling into cockpit, sending the plane into a dive. The plane has to land, and on the ground, the gang sees a robbery, but don't attempt to help, so they are arrested. Several characters travel to their trial, including Jerry's parents, Peterman, Puddy, Newman, and others.

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s09e24 / The Finale (2)

15th May '98 - 1:00am
The Finale (2)

In part two of the finale, several character witnesses are called to the stand in George, Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer's trial. The bubble boy, Marla, the virgin, Mr. Bookman, Sidra, the old woman Jerry mugged, and several others give testimonies. Estelle Costanza tries to bribe the judge to get George out of trouble. The jury finally returns with a verdict, but the foursome aren't remorseful for doing nothing. The series closes the same it began, with Jerry commenting about the second button on George's shirt.

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