Skins (UK)
Season 2

s02e01 / Tony and Maxxie

11th Feb '08 - 10:00pm
Tony and Maxxie

It's been months since Tony's accident but he is still struggling to recover and this is taking its toll on the rest of his gang. They are all invited to a massive party, but don't want Tony tagging along. Maxxie dreams of being a dancer, but faces opposition from his builder dad and Sid is mourning Tony while lusting over an inaccessible Cassie.

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s02e02 / Sketch

18th Feb '08 - 10:00pm

Lucy, known as 'Sketch' at school, is in love with Maxxie and incredibly jealous of Michelle, who is starring opposite Maxxie in the school musical. Michelle has more to worry about though, as she tries to make Tony remember their past together. Things come to a head on the opening night of the musical.

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s02e03 / Sid

25th Feb '08 - 10:00pm

Sid's family life is a mess and attempts to disguise this for his grandfather's benefit don't go too well. It doesn't help matters that Sid thinks Cassie is cheating on him with a hot Scottish boy and with Tony still confused after his accident, who does Sid have to confide in?

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s02e04 / Michelle

3rd Mar '08 - 10:00pm

Michelle can just about cope with her mum's new marriage and relocation, but when an evil step-sister enters the equation Michelle finds herself growing increasingly isolated. Scarlett is manipulative and loose moralled, and Michelle becomes jealous when her friends take a shine to her. A camping trip intended to celebrate Michelle's birthday threatens to be ruined when Scarlett manages to invite herself along, and without Tony, who will Michelle turn to for support?

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s02e05 / Chris

10th Mar '08 - 10:00pm

It's time for Chris to start acting seriously following an expulsion from college. But Chris has always been a party animal, so his friends aren't sure that he can hold down a job, find a flat and behave as an adult for long. Jal and Chris strike a bargain, where Chris agrees to try, if Jal stops saying 'no'. However, their increasingly close relationship is threatened by the return of an old face.

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s02e06 / Tony

17th Mar '08 - 10:00pm

Tony is starting to get back to his old self, but the discovery that Sid and Michelle have become a couple is causing him to have panic attacks. Then Tony meets a new friend, a beautiful, mysterious girl who seems determined to make him see that all he needs is to regain his confidence. But is she real?

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s02e07 / Effy

24th Mar '08 - 10:00pm

It permanently falls upon Effy to sort out the lives and relationships of the people around her. Her brother Tony is still mourning Michelle's loss, the new girl at school, Pandora, annoyingly follows her round, and Cassie and Sid won't be happy without each other. But Effy leads her own double life, and at night she is quite a different girl.

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s02e08 / Jal

31st Mar '08 - 9:00pm

Jal's pregnancy is getting closer to the second trimester and she has some serious decisions to make. She also has an important audition approaching, but will she be prepared for it? Chris wants Jal to move in with him, but what has Jal got to say on the matter? Meanwhile, the rest of the gang have their hands full enough with A-Level exams less than a week away, and with study leave removed, things are looking bleaker than ever.

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s02e09 / Cassie

7th Apr '08 - 9:00pm

Chris is finally on the mend and Cassie does her best to care for him. In her Philosophy exam she ponders the question of power and comes to some interesting conclusions. A dinner party planned by Sid leads to a confrontation between Cassie and Michelle and some secrets being revealed. As everything starts to unravel, Cassie finds her burden to much to bear and leaves for new far away place to escape her troubles.

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s02e10 / Series Finale

14th Apr '08 - 9:00pm
Series Finale

Its A-Level results day for the gang but not all of them are present. Decisions are made as they all prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

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