Skins (UK)
Season 3

s03e01 / Everyone

22nd Jan '09 - 10:00pm

As the one remaining link from Seasons 1 and 2, Effy now goes on to Roundview College with a new gang.
We are introduced to Cook, JJ, Freddie, Katie and Emily (the twins), Naomi and Pandora.

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s03e02 / Cook

29th Jan '09 - 10:00pm

Cook prepares to celebrate his seventeenth birthday, although things take a turn for the worse when he encounters a gangster by the name of Johnny White.

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s03e03 / Thomas

5th Feb '09 - 10:00pm

Thomas arrives from the Congo and finds himself homeless and penniless. He gets into trouble when he meets Johnny White. However, the gang find Thomas may be the answer to their problems when they realize he has one advantage over the sinister gangster. Chillies, anyone?

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s03e04 / Pandora

12th Feb '09 - 10:00pm

Pandora throws a party which descends into chaos with the arrival of Katie's drunken friends. Pandora, completely unaware of the ingredients, indulges in some special brownies causing her to lose all inhibitions and jeapordize her friendship with Effy.

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s03e05 / Freddie

19th Feb '09 - 10:00pm

Freddie has always been the black sheep of his family, and is growing more and more sick of this. But when Freddie's sister Karen signs up for a reality TV show, he is forced into acting like a perfect family for the cameras.

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s03e06 / Naomi

26th Feb '09 - 10:00pm

Naomi thinks she has life figured out. However the arrival of student president elections causes much uproar in her life as she goes head to head with Cook. Soon, she finds all is not fair in love and war, as she begins to test the waters of her confused sexuality.

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s03e07 / JJ

5th Mar '09 - 10:00pm

JJ is close to breaking point. The rift forming between his friends is affecting him drastically, and he has deduced Effy as the cause. With everything becoming too much, and a difficult decision to be made, who will be a true friend when he needs one the most?

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s03e08 / Effy

12th Mar '09 - 10:00pm

Effy falls from Grace and Katie takes her place.

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s03e09 / Katie And Emily

19th Mar '09 - 10:00pm
Katie And Emily

What a difference a party makes. Since their disaster in the forest, the twin's lifes have descended into chaos. Katie is refusing to leave the house and must face her lack of control, while Emily is struggling with her feelings for Naomi. With the college ball approaching, a showdown is imminent.

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s03e10 / Finale

26th Mar '09 - 10:00pm

Cook and Effy are in self-imposed exile from the gang, having gone to stay with Cook's father. Effy is running away from everything she's ever known and Cook enables her escape. Problem is, Cook is slowly falling out of lust, and in love. Back in Bristol, JJ tries to snap Freddie out of his depressed stupour, down about the loss of both his best mate, and the girl he loves. Freddie and JJ force Effy to confront who she is and what she really wants. She has to make amends for the damage she's caused. She also has to decide whether to follow her heart. Can the four friends find a way forward together?

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