Skins (UK)
Season 5

s05e01 / Franky

27th Jan '11 - 10:00pm

The award-winning drama is back for a fifth series following the lives of eight teenagers in Bristol. There are eight new friends, four boys: Nick, Rich, Alo, Matty and four girls: Franky, Liv, Mini and Grace. Franky starts at Roundview and is determined not to be a loner and things seem to be going well until she accidentally challenges Mini's position as queen bee and when she doesn't conform to Mini's expectations, she's spat out. Franky then meets Matty who understands and empowers her giving her the strength to stand up to Mini. Grace admires Franky, and a new gang is formed with Alo, Rich and Grace. Franky has finally found friends, but in doing so has started a war with Mini.

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s05e02 / Rich

3rd Feb '11 - 10:00pm

Rich - or metal Rich to give him his proper name - uses his taste in properly extreme music to keep the world, especially girls, at bay. But when bromantic buddy Alo finds Rich's perfect woman, he is forced to harden the eff up and face his fears. To help him get there, he turns to Grace. Grace has to learn the ways of metal in order to impersonate a metal chick, but Rich doesn't make it easy, refusing to believe a lame-streamer could understand him. Will she crack his hard metal exterior? 

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s05e03 / Mini

10th Feb '11 - 10:00pm

Mini feels under threat after Grace brings Franky to the charity fashion show and she ends up firing both of them. Grace's relationship with Nick is also on the rocks.

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s05e04 / Liv

17th Feb '11 - 10:00pm

Mini ends up befriending the gang so that she can isolate Liv, who is still dating Nick but is spending time escaping from reality with Matty. Their friendship ends up changes forever though after Liv admits the truth to Mini.

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s05e05 / Nick

24th Feb '11 - 10:00pm

Nick is the star of the school but following Matty's reappearance he beomes unsettled and as he sees Matty slip effortlessly into new friendships, old wounds come back to the surface. After realising that everything he thought he wanted is crushing him, Nick leaves it all behind and puts his faith in Matty.

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s05e06 / Alo

3rd Mar '11 - 10:00pm

Alo is bored with his life on Creevey Farm and he ends up going to the city so that he can party and try and get laid. His parents decide to take him out of him from college in an attempt to force him to buckle down on the farm. Alo ends up throwing a party at the farm which ends up ruining the place.

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s05e07 / Grace

10th Mar '11 - 10:00pm

Grace beleives in fairytales but she fnds herself forced to face reality when Rich meets her father and he threatens to send her back to Mayberry's College for Young Ladies if her grades suffer. Grace's father ends up going back on his word, sending her to Mayberry's anyway even though her grades haven't dropped. Rich ends up asking her to marry her.

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s05e08 / Everyone

17th Mar '11 - 10:00pm

Rich and Grace's wedding day arrives and the team are pulling together to make it a good day. Alo is the best man, so it ends up being no surprise that they run into trouble and become separated in Somerset.

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