Skins (UK)
Season 4

s04e01 / Thomas

28th Jan '10 - 10:00pm

There's a party at one of Thomas' club nights and all the gang are there; Cook is still up to no good, Freddie is learning increasingly more about love and the girls are busy dancing. An accident during the evening, however, leaves Thomas feeling guilty and alienated from the rest of the group. Will their friendship survive?

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s04e02 / Emily

4th Feb '10 - 10:00pm

Emily and Naomi are back and still in love. When the police pay a visit to the couple things take a turn for the worse.

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s04e03 / Cook

11th Feb '10 - 10:00pm

Cook is charged with GBH after loosing it at a party and he deices to plead not guilty in court. He ends up being given bail but has to be electronically tagged and is put on a curfew which means he has to stay with his mother. He also ends up being expelled from college. Cook receives a visit from Effy who decides to be honest with the way she feels.

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s04e04 / Katie

18th Feb '10 - 10:00pm

Katie has not seen Emily much since she went to live with Naomi. With her mother now the only breadwinner for the family with her new wedding planning business, Katie tries to help her organise a wedding but things don't go to plan. Katie ends up turning to Emily for support but things just end up getting worse for her.

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s04e05 / Freddie

25th Feb '10 - 10:00pm

Freddie finds himself totally digging Effy. They have Stonem house to themselves with Andrea away. They end up in a fight though when Freddie's coursework suffers and he blames it on their relationship. After arguing with his father, Freddie finds himself turning to his grandfather, Norman for some advice.

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s04e06 / JJ

4th Mar '10 - 10:00pm

JJ falls in love with Lara a girl who works at the same place as him. JJ is determined to get her date with her but nobody thinks he is up to the challenge. Cook tries to help him by offering him some advise. JJ soon discovers he will have to beat more hurdles if he is to succeed.

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s04e07 / Effy

11th Mar '10 - 10:00pm

Anthea and counselor John Foster help Effy so that she can return home. She pays a visit to Freddie but now that her life has strict routines she has set herself they find it hard to pick up from where they left off. Freddie and Anthea are worried about her and it soon becomes obvious that something is not right.

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s04e08 / Everyone

18th Mar '10 - 10:00pm

The situation at Naomi's reaches a head and there are several showdowns as the gang head into the adult world.

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