Skins (UK)
Season 6

s06e01 / Everyone

23rd Jan '12 - 10:00pm

The gang decide to head to Morocco and find a villa to stay in that's only half finished. Alo plans an epic party but it ends up being combined at a nearby villa with a guy named Luka and Franky finds herself drawn to him. However, not all appears to be right with Luke and Matty and Franky end up getting into a situation beyond their control which will have repercussions for all of them.

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s06e02 / Rich

30th Jan '12 - 10:00pm

David Blood bans Rich from seeing Grace in the aftermath of Morocco. Grace eventually calls him but with more bad news. Alo tries to keep Rich out of trouble, but in doing so, it strains their relationship.

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s06e03 / Alex

6th Feb '12 - 10:00pm

Alex has his first day at college, but he's not worried about fitting in or making any new mates. He ends up catching the eye of another student and they become frinds instantly. Alex sees something special in Liv and she becomes involved in his strange and wonderful world.

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s06e04 / Franky

13th Feb '12 - 10:00pm

Franky is in a bad place as she's unable to concentrate on her studies before some important exams. Her friends have been avoiding her, parental support makes her feel smothered and in her isolation she feels pushed towards Luke.

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s06e05 / Mini

20th Feb '12 - 10:00pm

Mini's mother has hooked up with a pervy new live-in boyfriend who Mini really dislikes. To make matters worse, Alo has broken the rules of their 'no strings attached' relationship and admitted that he is in love with her. Mini decides that she needs to get away and ends up seeking refuge in the arms of her father.

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s06e06 / Nick

27th Feb '12 - 10:00pm

Nick is in love with Franky, but the feelings aren't returned. He attempts to deal with the fact that Franky is nothing more than a friend but his feelings towards her increase. Matty gets in touch with his brother, Nick who is also in love with Franky and needs Nick's help to get him out of Morocco and back to Bristol.

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s06e07 / Alo

5th Mar '12 - 10:00pm

Alo still has no clue that Mini is pregnant with his baby. He attempts to get over her by going out with a new girl called Poppy Champion. Mini is soon a distant memory as things progress between the two of them. Franky's efforts to make Alo see sense fail.

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s06e08 / Liv

12th Mar '12 - 10:00pm

Liv has been partying with her new friend Alex ever since he first showed in Bristol. He ends up disappearing for a dirty weekend though as Liv needs him most. After she attempts to reach out to her old her friends, she finds herself excluded from their lives. Liv is forced to face up to the choices she has made but isn't quite as strong as she thought she was.

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s06e09 / Mini and Franky

19th Mar '12 - 10:00pm
Mini and Franky

Mini and Franky are still held up in Mini's bedroom, but with Matty back in Bristol and Mini's ever-growing baby bump, time is quickly running out for the girls. Things come to a head when Mini's health takes a turn for the worse leaving them isolated and under pressure from family and friends. Grace appears through a phone call in this episode.

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s06e10 / Everyone

26th Mar '12 - 10:00pm

The exam results are in and Alex is throwing a leaving party that he hopes nobody will ever forget. Everybody's future hangs in the balance as Franky finds it hard to confront her past. The group is still in shocjed following Grace's death and time is running out for them to make things right.

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