The Apprentice (UK)
Season 1

s01e01 / Wilting Blooms

16th Feb '05 - 9:00pm
Wilting Blooms

After the men had bought their flowers they left the market to get a cup of tea - without any of the roses they had paid for. Whoever had bought the roses had failed to arrange it and Tim, the project manager, had not noticed either. Luckily Matthew had realised and in a panic they all ran back into the market trying to find the stall they bought the roses from - the problem was that no-one could remember exactly where it was. Eventually they found it and the whole team were relieved.

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s01e02 / Child's Play

23rd Feb '05 - 9:00pm
Child's Play

In the second episode of The Apprentice the boys didn't tell the girls the phone call had come through and cheekily left them in bed. They had just 20 minutes to leave the house when they finally woke up.

The two teams, boys v girls, had two days to research, design, make and present a new children's toy.

The girls chose Lindsay as their team leader she was determined to choose a toy she had invented. Secret Signals were cards for children to make semaphore signals. She even imposed it on the rest after both the team and a group of children had voted it down.

Raj was chosen as Impact project manager as he had some experince in this field.

First Forte wasted a lot of time on another toy, a robot, that may well have won if Lindsay had not enforced her preference on the others.

The boys developed an electronic game. Both teams presented their games to senior executives at a games company who recommended the boys' game should win. Sir Alan agreed with them and declared the boys the winners. They went off clay pigeon shooting. The girls had a coffee at a transport caf? before returning to see who would be fired.

Lindsay chose Miriam and Adele to join her for the final showdown with Sir Alan. Alan questioned them all about who should be fired Miriam and Adele both stated Lindsay while she picked Adele. Sugar questioned Miriam loyaltys: she did not give her thoughts on the Robot or Secret Signals remaing "fifty-fifty while Adele is questioned about what she did at all and asked to step up to Project Manager in the near future.

Alan Sugar could not forgive Lindsay for neglecting all the feedback and blamed Adele and Miriam beahivor on her. Lindsay was fired. In her taxi home, she later confess that she brought Miriam into the boardroom to 'gang up' against Adele the 'weak' link.

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s01e03 / Shop Till You Drop

2nd Mar '05 - 9:00pm
Shop Till You Drop

Two girls had been fired in the first two weeks. "We're too good for them", boasted Raj. But Sir Alan Sugar had decided to reorganize the teams for the third week. "Matthew, I'm gonna make you the team leader", he boomed. Matthew looked gobsmacked. Adele was also chosen as a Team leader by Sir Alan Matthew, Raj, Paul and James were joined by Saira and Rachel for team Impact.Adele, Miranda and Miriam were joined by Ben, Sebastian and Tim for team First Forte.Their task: to buy a range of products including a diamond, a bottle of champagne, jellied eels, a bowler hat, a Freeview box, a dental check-up - and get back to the boardroom by 5.30pm. Adele gave each team member a job description. Miranda was not pleased to be appointed Adele's PA and ordered to take notes of meetings. James knew exactly where to buy a bottle of Bollinger 96 Grande Ann... e. He took the team off to the expensive Lea and Sandeman wine merchants in the Fulham Road - and paid ?49 for a bottle. Tim found a cheaper shop and only paid ?44.90. Rachel must have been pleased to learn she needed two fillings in her dental check-up. Sebastian has perfect teeth. Raj and Saira sweet-talked a shopkeeper in Punjabi - and walked out of the shop with a Freeview box which cost them nothing! Matthew's team won despite failing to buy a bowler hat and his team were treated to dinner with Sir Alan at his favourite Italian restarant. Adele's team all blamed the team leader. Sir Alan was reminded that he always got the blame as the boss for everything that went wrong at Tottenham Hotspur FC "and I didn't even play!" Miranda and Ben were chosen to join Adele the next morning in the boardroom. Miranda and Adele kept squabbling in front of Sir Alan - "bickering like two old washer-women" - until Miranda was fired. Sir Alan thought she should have shown more respect for the team leader.

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s01e04 / The Harrods' Sales

9th Mar '05 - 9:00pm
The Harrods' Sales

Sir Alan had arranged with Mohammed Al-Fayed for the teams to test their retailing skills in Harrods. Both teams were given £600 seed money to spend as they will.
Marigay McKee from Harrods told the teams it was very important to smile. Matthew glowered.
Tim was leader for First Forte James was Project Manager for Impact this week. Impact started off badly: Matthew tripped up, Paul miscalculated the percentage of Harrods own-brand goods and the sales area was empty.
Impact and First Forte had to chose between 2 areas 1 or 2. First Forte tryed to get Impact seed money for return of first choice but First Forte was stupid enough and still got first choice Number 2.

First Forte started to hire a Face painter, demonstraters and a panoist in order to attract consumers while Impact had nothing. Then Paul had the idea of dressing up as Rosie the Bear - and he enchanted the kids and the tills started ringing.
For First Forte, Adele upset Harrods' staff members by ignoring a paint facer and

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s01e05 / Art With A Capital F

16th Mar '05 - 9:00pm
Art With A Capital F

Miriam was the last woman standing in First Forte. Four of the original seven women in the team had been fired and two had transferred to Impact.
In week five Miriam's team included team leader Sebastian, Ben, Tim and new recruit James.
In the undefeated Impact were team leader Rachel, Saira, Paul, Matthew and Raj.
This week the teams visited seven modern artists and had to choose which one they would represent selling their work at a gallery one evening.
Matthew admitted: "I wouldn't recognize a Damian Hirst if one fell on me".
James charmed Rob and Nick Carter when he visited them and their light-inspired work. Both Impact and First Forte wanted to represent their work in the gallery. So the Carters had to decide who they wanted to represent them - and they chose First Forte. Impact represented Lucy Bennett, their second choice.
Paul went out on the streets to invite guest to the gallery. "No entendemos nada. Hablamos español", said one lady. Paul then invited a Big Issue seller to t

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s01e06 / Advertising Executives

24th Mar '05 - 9:00pm
Advertising Executives

All the candiates were called and had to get on the Bus with they side advert saying the "Apprentice", they had to go upstairs where they recieved a phone call from Sir Alan Sugar who couldnt be there he described their next task.
The teams had to develop a TV and press ads for the Amstrad JB 1000 - a 10 CD changer. Paul was Project Manager for Impact and Miriam was Project Manager for First Forte they are both Project Managers for the first time.
Both teams had a quick meeting with Alan Sugar son had a meeting with them.
Impact was down to only four contestants: Paul, Raj, Saira and Rachel. Raj didn't think much of Paul's management. "He's all over the place", he told Saira. "I ain't got a clue what's going on".
Paul directed a TV ad featuring a mum and her spotty kid. The kid couldn't act which lead Paul to spend the majoirty of time delevoping the TV ad neglecting the Press campaign.
Paul sent Saira and Rachel off to work on the press campaign. As they couldn't work together they wo

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s01e07 / Apprentice Celebrities

30th Mar '05 - 9:00pm
Apprentice Celebrities

Sir Alan had been involved in the refurbishment of the Hackney Empire and this week a group of celebrities and the remaining candidates helped raise some money in a celebrity auction.
Sir Alan separated Paul and Saira asking them both to select members for the new teams. First Forte were led by James and included Saira, Sebastian and Raj. Impact were led by Ben and included Miriam, Paul and Tim.
Each team visited five celebrities and tried to obtain something from each of them which would be auctioned.
Ben wisely gave Miriam the task of chatting up Michael Winner who contributed a table for four at The Ivy.
Impact were on fire and then managed to get Dermuid Gavin to part with his prized Suzuki bike.
First Forte were struggling. Eamonn Holmes charmed the group sitting them on the GMTV studio couch but the most he would offer was a tour of the TV studios and breakfast in the canteen.
Paul McKenna offered a valuable one-to-one hypnotism session but then Saira asked for a bundle of books

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s01e08 / Food Fight

6th Apr '05 - 9:00pm
Food Fight

The remaining contestants must purchase produce and then create food to sell at a farmer's market.

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s01e09 / Team News

13th Apr '05 - 9:00pm
Team News

The players are challenged to set up a marketing campaign so fans can receive news text messages on their mobile phone from their favorite football team.

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s01e10 / Apprentices On TV

20th Apr '05 - 9:00pm
Apprentices On TV

Both teams are to put on a show for QVC, they have to select the products they wish to sell and then do 1 hour live on QVC promoting and selling the products to a live audiance.
Underhand tactics go this week, then Tim and Paul try to undermine Sara's products but trying to sabotarge her efforts to get the products.
Sir Alan watches both Miriam and James perform their slots and complements them both well, however Miriam's team fails to deliver and ends up in the boardroom.

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s01e11 / Apprentice Interviews

27th Apr '05 - 9:00pm
Apprentice Interviews

The final 4 candidates, Sarah, Tim, Paul and James are interviewed by Sir Alan's top executives.
The executives give their opinion on each of the candidiates and Sir Alan takes the advice of the executives and then sacks two candidates.
After a final grilling boardroom, James is fired first then Paul is fired, this leaves Sara and Tim for the final.

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s01e12 / The Final

3rd May '05 - 9:00pm
The Final

The final two candidiates are put through their final challenge - to create a themed event on a boat.
Both candidiates are given £5000 and some advice from Sir Alan, before they start the task they choose to pick previous candidates to help them on their task.
Tim chooses to run a fashion event on the boat while Sara chooses a wine tasting event.

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