The Apprentice (UK)
Season 18

s18e01 / Highlands Corporate Away Day

1st Feb '24 - 9:00pm
Highlands Corporate Away Day Summary

Week One. Lord Sugar's candidates host a corporate away day in the Scottish Highlands. Back in the boardroom, one candidate is sent packing.

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s18e02 / Cheesecakes

8th Feb '24 - 9:00pm
Cheesecakes Summary

It's week two and the candidates manufacture miniature cheesecakes to sell to the public and corporate clients. But crumbling cakes and maths meltdowns lead to a firing in the boardroom.

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s18e03 / Virtual Escape Rooms

15th Feb '24 - 9:00pm
Virtual Escape Rooms Summary

It's week three, and the teams create a new virtual escape room to pitch to industry experts. Boring branding and confusing concepts lead to one candidate being fired.

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s18e04 / Discount Buying

22nd Feb '24 - 9:00pm
Discount Buying Summary

It's week four, and the candidates are sent to Jersey to secure nine items synonymous with the area. After a race to the finish, it's au revoir for another candidate in the boardroom.

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s18e05 / Formula E

29th Feb '24 - 9:00pm
Formula E Summary

Lord Sugar's candidates launch a new Formula E team before pitching for sponsorship, but questionable designs jeopardise multi-million-pound negotiations.

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s18e06 / Cereal

7th Mar '24 - 9:00pm
Cereal Summary

The candidates must design and create a brand new breakfast cereal to sell to industry buyers. Bland recipes and boring boxes result in another candidate being fired.

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s18e07 / Budapest Tourism

14th Mar '24 - 9:00pm
Budapest Tourism Summary

Lord Sugar's candidates touch down in the Hungarian capital of Budapest to sell and run bespoke tours. Back in Blighty, one candidate is sent packing.

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s18e08 / XBUS Advertising

21st Mar '24 - 9:00pm
XBUS Advertising Summary

Lord Sugar's candidates brand and create an advertising campaign for a new electric vehicle. Boring branding and confusing adverts mean one candidate hits the brakes.

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s18e09 / TV Selling

28th Mar '24 - 9:00pm
TV Selling Summary

The teams are tasked with choosing a selection of products to sell live to the nation on one of the UK's leading TV shopping channels.

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s18e10 / Vegan Alternative to Cheese

4th Apr '24 - 9:00pm
Vegan Alternative to Cheese Summary

Lord Sugar's candidates are tasked with creating a new vegan alternative to cheese to pitch to major retailers. But unusual recipes and bland brands result in another candidate being fired.

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s18e11 / Interviews

11th Apr '24 - 9:00pm
Interviews Summary

Some familiar faces are back to interrogate the business plans of the final five, and with £250,000 in touching distance, there's tears, tension and tough love.

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s18e12 / The Final

18th Apr '24 - 9:00pm
The Final Summary

Two finalists will be tasked with launching a new business and pitching it to Lord Sugar for the chance to win his £250,000 investment and become his next business partner.

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