The Apprentice (UK)
Season 14

s14e01 / Malta

3rd Oct '18 - 9:00pm

The business-based reality show returns, with 16 candidates hoping to scoop a £250,000 investment from Alan Sugar. The multimillionaire sends the fresh batch of hopefuls to Valletta - capital city of Malta - for their first task, with his trusted advisers Karren Brady and Claude Littner following their every move. Their task is to bag nine Maltese items for the lowest possible prices before reuniting back at the airport. One team quickly hits the road, but they are clearly on the wrong scent, while fiery personality clashes over negotiations soon rock the boat on the other team.

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s14e02 / Children's Comic

10th Oct '18 - 9:00pm
Children's Comic

The candidates are challenged to create a brand-new comic aimed at children, before pitching their ideas to leading industry figures to secure orders. The task balances creative flair with productive pitching and the team that forgets either could face a graphic showdown in the boardroom. On the story teams, while one PM takes an assertive lead, the other's sub team leader seems to lose the plot. When creating their Augmented Reality front covers, the girls run riot, while the boys team struggles to make a move.

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s14e03 / Doughnuts

17th Oct '18 - 9:00pm

Lord Sugar summons the candidates to an 18th-century tidal mill in the heart of London's East End. For the third task, they manufacture and sell upmarket doughnuts to both a corporate client and the public. One half of each group must fathom out flavours, while the others set off to bag a bespoke order from the corporate world. For one team, a decision to add spice turns up the heat, while on the other, toying with teabags sees tension brewing. Sugar then decides which candidate is past their sell-by date in the boardroom.

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s14e04 / Body Building Expo

24th Oct '18 - 9:00pm
Body Building Expo

The candidates are challenged to sell high-end products and services at one of the world's largest bodybuilding expos based at the NEC in Birmingham. The contestants clash over which team will get to sell top notch weights, and on the services side, the low-costs massages mean the team are hard pressed all day.

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s14e05 / Shoe Design

31st Oct '18 - 9:00pm
Shoe Design

The candidates are challenged to create and market a brand-new shoe, along with putting together a launch event to sell their product to major industry representatives. On day one, designing a carnival trainer kicks off confusion for one team, while, on the other team, an idea for an urban high heel drives a wedge between candidates. Later, negative consumer feedback leaves both teams on shaky ground, which piles on the pressure for their launch events and product pitches. Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar decides which candidate will be leaving the competition.

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s14e06 / Airline Advertising

7th Nov '18 - 9:00pm
Airline Advertising

As the sixth week of the contest unfolds, the candidates are challenged to devise a marketing campaign for a brand-new budget airline, including making their own 30 second advert for television, and designing both a distinctive brand and a uniform for airline staff. Creating an advert for a business airline on board an aircraft results disastrous for one team, and both team struggle when they have to pitch their campaign to industry experts. Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar decides which candidate will be leaving the competition.

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s14e07 / Urban Gardening

14th Nov '18 - 9:00pm
Urban Gardening

The candidates are challenged to set up their own urban gardening business, carrying out a series of commercial and domestic jobs across London. Day one sees both Project Managers visit corporate clients to pitch a plan and secure a price for a large rooftop renovation. The following day, an inability to attach a hose to a tap leads to a sinking feeling for one duo, and a rooftop renovation leaves one corporate team digging an enormous hole for themselves.

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s14e08 / Glasgow Art

21st Nov '18 - 9:00pm
Glasgow Art

The candidates head north to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, where they are tasked with becoming art dealers, selling work at their own gallery event.

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s14e09 / TV Selling

28th Nov '18 - 9:00pm
TV Selling

The candidates head to TV Centre in west London, where they are tasked with selling live to the nation on one of Britain's leading TV shopping channels.

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s14e10 / Christmas Chocolate

5th Dec '18 - 9:00pm
Christmas Chocolate

Lord Sugar pays the six remaining candidates a flying visit, challenging them to cash in on the lucrative Christmas market.

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s14e11 / The Final Five

11th Dec '18 - 9:00pm
The Final Five

An in-depth look at the final five candadiates, featuring interviews from family, friends and loved ones, as well as Lord Sugar's trusted aides Baroness Brady and Claude Littner.

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s14e12 / Interviews

12th Dec '18 - 9:00pm

The final five candidates face the scrutiny of Lord Sugar's most trusted advisors, who are primed to put each of their business plans under the microscope.

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s14e13 / Why I Fired Them

13th Dec '18 - 9:00pm
Why I Fired Them

Lord Sugar looks back at the candidates who fell before the final hurdle and the tasks that took them to the brink, with the help of some previously unseen boardroom moments.

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s14e14 / The Final

16th Dec '18 - 9:00pm
The Final

The finalists must now launch their businesses by producing a digital screen and directing a TV advert, before pitching to Lord Sugar and a room full of industry experts.

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