Top Chef
Season 11

s11e01 / Soiree In The Swamp

3rd Oct '13 - 2:00am
Soiree In The Swamp

Season 11 opens with chefs battling for culinary honors in New Orleans. Here, the foodies must cook with either alligator, frog or turtle.

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s11e02 / Rebuilding New Orleans

10th Oct '13 - 2:00am
Rebuilding New Orleans

The chefs work overnight to prepare dishes for Chef Leah Chase; the chefs create and operate food trucks to feed Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

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s11e03 / Commanders Palace

17th Oct '13 - 2:00am
Commanders Palace

The chefs reinvent items on a worst food-trends list. Later, they must replicate dishes from a notable New Orleans restaurant. Guest judges: Paul Prudhomme and Tory McPhail.

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s11e04 / Captain Vietnam

24th Oct '13 - 2:00am
Captain Vietnam

The chefs learn about Vietnamese cuisine, culture and customs, then serve up a multicourse Vietnamese meal. Guest judge: Eddie Huang.

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s11e05 / Lea Michele's Halloween Bash

31st Oct '13 - 2:00am
Lea Michele's Halloween Bash

Tools and ingredients are wrapped in aluminum foil; the chefs cater a Halloween party for singer/actress Lea Michele, and the food must be spooky and vegetarian.

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s11e06 / Campfires Cream Cheese and Countryside

7th Nov '13 - 3:00am
Campfires Cream Cheese and Countryside

The foodies create dishes from the creole tomato. They must then impress cooks at chef John Besh's restaurants in a farm-to-table challenge.

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s11e07 / Jazz Hands

14th Nov '13 - 3:00am
Jazz Hands

In this week's Quickfire Challenge, famed musician Kermit Ruffins provides the tunes for a foodie version of musical chairs. And in the Elimination Challenge, Kermit hosts a jazzy pot luck for his musician friends and the cheftestants must bring the food. Will it be harmonious or will it all go flat?.

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s11e08 / Piggin' Out

21st Nov '13 - 3:00am
Piggin' Out

After a Quickfire Challenge where the cheftestants are tasked with making their own hot sauce for legendary musician Dr. John, the focus turns to the pig, the whole pig and nothing but the pig, as the chefs butcher and cook up a 300-pound hog.

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s11e09 / Restaurant Wars

5th Dec '13 - 3:00am
Restaurant Wars

The "Restaurant Wars" challenge tasks the chefs to create pop-up eateries. The judges' panel includes David Chang.

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s11e10 / Like Mama Made

12th Dec '13 - 3:00am
Like Mama Made

The foodies create dishes that remind them of home. Appearing: actor Anthony Mackie and chef Leah Chase.

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s11e11 / Giving It the College Try

19th Dec '13 - 3:00am
Giving It the College Try

Questlove judges various types of poultry drumsticks; the chefs head to LSU's campus to serve incoming students.

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s11e12 / Mississippi Mud Bugs

2nd Jan '14 - 3:00am
Mississippi Mud Bugs

The chefs serve up étouffée, then honor local cuisine by preparing two types of seafood. Chef John Besh is the guest judge.

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s11e13 / Oui Si a Challenge

9th Jan '14 - 3:00am
Oui Si a Challenge

Culinary figure Jacques Pepin arrives to test the chefs' techniques based on one of his favorite dishes. Later, the chefs create meals that represent both France and Spain.

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s11e14 / Po Boy Smackdown

16th Jan '14 - 3:00am
Po Boy Smackdown

The chefs create po' boys, then are tasked to prepare their personal culinary visions on a plate. Appearing: Jon Favreau and Roy Choi.

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s11e15 / Leaving New Orleans

23rd Jan '14 - 3:00am
Leaving New Orleans

The chefs battle for a new car in tests presented by Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons. Later, the foodies demonstrate how New Orleans has inspired their dishes. Appearing: Douglas Keane, Grant Achatz and Andrew Carmellini.

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s11e16 / Maui Wowie

30th Jan '14 - 3:00am
Maui Wowie

Top Chef returns to Hawaii for the final rounds. Tonight, the remaining chefs must deal with Spam in the Quickfire.

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s11e17 / Finale

6th Feb '14 - 3:00am

After a long journey competing in 30 challenges from New Orleans to Maui, the final two chefs must execute the best service of their lives while opening pop-up restaurants to win the title and the bragging rights to be "Top Chef".

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