Top Chef
Season 16

s16e01 / The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

7th Dec '18 - 3:00am
The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking Summary

"Top Chef" heads to the state of Kentucky for season 16. This season, 15 new talented chefs from cities big and small across the U.S. will compete for the sought-after title amid the unique culinary scenes in Louisville, Lexington and Lake Cumberland, before heading abroad for an epic finale showdown in Macau, China.

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s16e02 / Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

14th Dec '18 - 3:00am
Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo Summary

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s16e03 / Naughty and Nice

21st Dec '18 - 3:00am
Naughty and Nice Summary

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s16e04 / Surprise... It's Restaurant Wars

28th Dec '18 - 3:00am
Surprise... It's Restaurant Wars Summary

In a massive twist, Padma's favorite challenge Restaurant Wars comes early this year, but before the chefs gear up for battle, they must first duke it out in an amuse bouche-based Quickfire for Top Chef alum turned James Beard Award winning chefs: Karen Akunowicz and Nina Compton. Then, the gauntlet has been thrown and with twelve chefs remaining, three restaurants will be battling for victory. James Beard Award winning restaurateur Caroline Styne joins as the guest judge along with Nilou Motamed. And if this unexpected chaos isn't enough, Tom leaves the Chefs breathless with an announcement that will change the course of the competition.

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s16e05 / Restaurant Wars Part 2

4th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Restaurant Wars Part 2 Summary

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s16e06 / Roaring Munchies

11th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Roaring Munchies Summary

The chefs walk in on an epic battle of Last Chance Kitchen and are drafted into the fight. Once Tom declares a winner, the chefs immediately begin a challenge making dishes based on Prohibition Era cocktails. Chef Ken Oringer joins Padma, Tom and Graham at a Roaring 20's party with Flappers and Dapper Dans.

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s16e07 / Carne!

18th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Carne! Summary

Lena Waithe surprises the chefs, by challenging them to make their best version of the trademark Kentucky dish, the Hot Brown. Then super-chef Nancy Silverton brings her internationally renowned friend, butcher Dario Cecchini to break down a whole cow for the chefs to utilize along with locally-sourced Kentucky ingredients.

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s16e08 / Whatever Floats Your Boat

25th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Whatever Floats Your Boat Summary

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s16e09 / Music City USA

1st Feb '19 - 3:00am
Music City USA Summary

The chefs take a road trip to Nashville and cook on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry for country music artist Hunter Hayes. Then, they have to dig deep to create a dish inspired by a vibrant music memory. Next, the chefs work on a plate for a full table of Nashville food.

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s16e10 / Hoop Dreams

8th Feb '19 - 3:00am
Hoop Dreams Summary

Top Chef alum Ed Lee drops by for a Quickfire that's part trivia, part culinary creativity; Coach John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats host a concession-stand cook-off in Rupp Arena; Food & Wine Editor-in-Chief Hunter Lewis joins the judges.

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s16e11 / The Greatest

15th Feb '19 - 3:00am
The Greatest Summary

The chefs take a turn at fried chicken; chef Art Smith judges a secret herbs-and-spices blind taste test ahead of the Quickfire fry-off; after the finger-licking goodness, the chefs turn their attention to boxer Muhammad Ali, aka the Louisville Lip.

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s16e12 / Kentucky Farewell

22nd Feb '19 - 3:00am
Kentucky Farewell Summary

Tom ambushes sleeping chefs and challenges them to make a dish using ingredients harvested from their gardens; for the last elimination challenge, the chefs bid on luxury ingredients at a thoroughbred horse auction house.

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s16e13 / Holy Macau!

1st Mar '19 - 3:00am
Holy Macau! Summary

The final five chefs travel to the Chinese territory of Macau; Graham Elliot, who has a restaurant in Macau, introduces the chefs to a market full of fascinating ingredients and challenges; the chefs throw a party celebrating the Chinese New Year.

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s16e14 / The Tao of Macau

8th Mar '19 - 3:00am
The Tao of Macau Summary

The final four chefs must cook with the smelly durian fruit; the chefs get a tutorial on the traditional cuisine of Macau; for the elimination challenge, the chefs are tasked with blending their own heritage with Chinese flavors.

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s16e15 / Finale

15th Mar '19 - 2:00am
Finale Summary

It's the final showdown; the three remaining chefs must create the best four-course meal of their lives; Tom reveals in a twist that only two chefs will get the chance to serve their full menu; only one chef will emerge victorious.

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