Two and a Half Men
Season 11

s11e01 / Nangnangnangnang

27th Sep '13 - 1:30am

Alan is shocked when Charlie's 25-year-old daughter shows up at Walden's beach house to connect with what's left of her family, and who happens to like everything her dad liked - including women.

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s11e02 / I Think I Banged Lucille Ball

4th Oct '13 - 1:30am
I Think I Banged Lucille Ball

Walden finally gets fed up and kicks Jenny out, so she moves in with her grandmother Evelyn and her 91 year old boyfriend, Marty. Alan is surprised when Lyndsey wants him back in her life, partially.

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s11e03 / This Unblessed Biscuit

11th Oct '13 - 1:30am
This Unblessed Biscuit

When Berta hurts her back, Walden and Alan start looking for another housekeeper.

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s11e04 / Clank, Clank, Drunken Skank

18th Oct '13 - 1:30am
Clank, Clank, Drunken Skank

Walden starts partying with Jenny and her hot friends. Meanwhile, Alan and Lyndsey's illicit affair is jeopardized.

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s11e05 / Alan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 2003

25th Oct '13 - 1:30am
Alan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 2003

Alan's curiosity about Lyndsey's boyfriend overwhelms him, and he secretly becomes his friend. Walden makes a concerted effort to help Jenny pursue her acting career.

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s11e06 / Justice In Star-Spangled Hot Pants

8th Nov '13 - 2:30am
Justice In Star-Spangled Hot Pants

Alan wants to set up a date with Lynda Carter once he learns Walden knows her; Walden begrudgingly agrees to invite Lynda over for dinner.

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s11e07 / Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie

15th Nov '13 - 2:30am
Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie

Walden and Alan find themselves on dates with two ideal women until Lyndsey's jealousy throws a wrench in their evening.

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s11e08 / Mr. Walden, He Die. I Clean Room.

22nd Nov '13 - 2:30am
Mr. Walden, He Die. I Clean Room.

Lyndsey's boyfriend finds out she is having an affair but Walden ends up paying the price when Rose enters the picture.

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s11e09 / Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer

6th Dec '13 - 2:30am
Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer

Walden's date with an accident-prone model goes longer than expected. Meanwhile, Alan dates a woman who shares some surprising personal information with him.

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s11e10 / On Vodka, On Soda, On Blender, On Mixer!

13th Dec '13 - 2:30am
On Vodka, On Soda, On Blender, On Mixer!

Walden helps Jenny get a second date with a one-night stand and Alan's transgender girlfriend's ex-wife hits on him. Meanwhile, in the spirit of the holidays, Alan receives a Japanese delicacy from Jake for Christmas, and Walden's Malibu house is alive with questionable Christmas carol lyrics.

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s11e11 / Tazed In the Lady Nuts

3rd Jan '14 - 2:30am
Tazed In the Lady Nuts

Walden starts working with a former employee on one of her ideas but has trouble not being the boss. Jenny is having a difficult time with being vulnerable to Brooke.

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s11e12 / Baseball. Boobs. Boobs. Baseball

10th Jan '14 - 2:30am
Baseball. Boobs. Boobs. Baseball

Alan accepts an offer by Lyndsey's boyfriend to set him up on a blind date, much to Lyndsey's annoyance. Walden pursues Nicole, and offers to help her finish her project to free up time for him.

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s11e13 / Bite Me, Supreme Court

31st Jan '14 - 2:30am
Bite Me, Supreme Court

Marty Pepper asks Alan's mother Evelyn to marry him, and Alan and Walden throw Marty a bachelor party.

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s11e14 / Three Fingers of Crème de Menthe

7th Feb '14 - 2:30am
Three Fingers of Crème de Menthe

Alan is upset when he discovers that Lyndsey broke up with Larry and kept this information from him. When Walden's masculinity is questioned he decides to prove he is a real man.

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s11e15 / Cab Fare and a Bottle of Penicillin

28th Feb '14 - 2:00am
Cab Fare and a Bottle of Penicillin

Alan decides to try to win Lyndsey back, while Jenny tries to do the same with Brooke when she feels Brooke pulling away.

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s11e16 / How to Get Rid of Alan Harper

7th Mar '14 - 2:00am
How to Get Rid of Alan Harper

Walden suspects his new girlfriend is cheating on him. Meanwhile, Alan gets even more intertwined in Lyndsey and Larry's relationship when he starts dating Larry's sister, Gretchen.

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s11e17 / Welcome Home, Jake

14th Mar '14 - 1:00am
Welcome Home, Jake

Lyndsey discovers that Alan is sleeping with Larry's sister, Gretchen. Meanwhile, Walden struggles with telling Barry to find his own place.

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s11e18 / West Side Story

4th Apr '14 - 1:00am
West Side Story

Walden gets an invitation to his ex-girlfriend's boutique opening. Meanwhile, Gretchen wants to spend more time at Alan's (a.k.a. Jeff Strongman) house.

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s11e19 / Lan Mao Shi Zai Wuding Shang

11th Apr '14 - 1:00am
Lan Mao Shi Zai Wuding Shang

Walden's past day or so with Kate has him convinced she is the one he will spend the rest of his life with, until a stranger knocks on his door. Alan asks Gretchen for a big commitment, but something happens that threatens their relationship.

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s11e20 / Lotta Delis In Little Armenia

25th Apr '14 - 1:00am
Lotta Delis In Little Armenia

Alan stumbles upon an opportunity to make money. Meanwhile, Walden has to address his co-dependency issues.

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s11e21 / Dial 1-900-Mix-a-Lot

2nd May '14 - 1:00am
Dial 1-900-Mix-a-Lot

Alan's girlfriend, Gretchen, insists he confess his true identity to Larry. Meanwhile, Walden goes on a road trip with Jenny and Barry to see his first car.

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s11e22 / Oh, WALD-E, Good Times Ahead

9th May '14 - 1:00am
Oh, WALD-E, Good Times Ahead

Alan finally comes clean with Larry about he and Lyndsey. The fallout has ramifications for both weddings, with a twist no one saw coming.

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