Jake Foley is a nerdy NSA computer technician who suddenly gains bionic powers after he is accidentally infected with nanites that give him enhanced strength, speed, and senses, as well as turning him into a living "remote control" capable of interacting with any electronic device at a distance. The nanites have unpleasant side effects and also make Jake vulnerable to hackers, viruses, EMPs, etc.

The NSA decide to recruit Jake as the core member of a new special ops team, and Jake has no choice since the alternative is being locked up and experimented on. Jake is inexperienced in the field and partnered up with veteran agent Kyle Duarte, who isn't that thrilled to be partnered with a rookie. Dr. Diane Hughes is the young attractive scientist in charge of monitoring Jake's technology and designing new applications for it as well as troubleshooting any problems. And Deputy Director Louise "Lou" Beckett is Jake's nominal head, although she answers to the men above her who want to make sure they get their money's worth from the nanite project with little regard for Jake's situation.

Jake has to juggle his inexperience as an agent with his companion's distrust of his rookie status, while handling his romantic feelings toward old college roommate Sarah Carter, who views their relationship as a platonic one.

Jake 2.0 Ended after Season 1

UPN aired the final episode on Friday 6th February 2004

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