"The Playboy Club" is a provocative drama about a time and place that challenged the social mores, where a visionary entrepreneur created an empire and an icon changed American culture. It's the early '60s, and the legendary Playboy Club in Chicago is the door to all of your fantasies - and the key is the most sought-after status symbol of its kind. Inside the seductive world of the bunny, the epitome of beauty and service, the clientele rubs shoulders with the decade's biggest mobsters, politicos and entertainers.

Nick Dalton is one of the city's top attorneys and the ultimate playboy, rubbing elbows with everyone in the city's power structure. With mysterious ties to the mob, Nick comes to the aid of Maureen, the stunning and innocent new bunny who accidentally kills the leader of the Bianchi crime family.

The Playboy Club Ended after Season 1

NBC aired the final episode on Monday 3rd October 2011

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