Good Eats
Season 4

s04e01 / Where There's Smoke, There's Fish

12th Apr '01 - 12:00am
Where There's Smoke, There's Fish

Get the lowdown on wood chips and creating a simple smoker for fish.

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s04e02 / Pressure

19th Apr '01 - 12:00am

The scientific theory behind capturing meaty goodness in liquid form and why the pressure cooker makes great broth.

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s04e03 / Fry Hard II: The Chicken

26th Apr '01 - 12:00am
Fry Hard II: The Chicken

AB pan-fries a chicken, also showing how to butcher it into perfect pieces.

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s04e04 / Crustacean Nation II: Claws

17th May '01 - 12:00am
Crustacean Nation II: Claws

Host Alton Brown demystifies the buying, handling and cooking of the briny bug that put the surf into the surf-n-turf.

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s04e05 / Ham I Am

31st May '01 - 12:00am
Ham I Am

Country and city hams: cured, smoked, raw, brined or fresh, get your juices going for some good old American ham.

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s04e06 / Let Them Eat Foam

14th Jun '01 - 12:00am
Let Them Eat Foam

Chocolate layer and sheet cakes are more American than apple pie, yet few of us ever bake them anymore. We're going to change all that. Shop for cake pans, learn everything you need to know to keep your foam from flopping and produce a heavenly cake.

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s04e07 / A Chuck for Chuck

28th Jun '01 - 12:00am
A Chuck for Chuck

From ordinary chuck to sublime, melt in your mouth flavor: how to make the perfect pot roast without the pot.

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s04e08 / Pantry Raid IV: Comb Alone

12th Jul '01 - 12:00am
Pantry Raid IV: Comb Alone

The most mentioned food in the Bible; The only food produced for us by animals. It's a sweetener, it's an antiseptic, it's amazing.

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s04e09 / The Bulb of the Night

26th Jul '01 - 12:00am
The Bulb of the Night

Meet the Count and discover the miraculous properties of Garlic.

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s04e10 / Mayo Clinic

9th Aug '01 - 12:00am
Mayo Clinic

Join Alton Brown as he debunks the many mysteries of mayonnaise.

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s04e11 / Puff the Magic Pastry

23rd Aug '01 - 12:00am
Puff the Magic Pastry

Don't be afraid, the store stuff can deliver the puff.

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s04e12 / True Brew II: Mr Tea

6th Sep '01 - 12:00am
True Brew II: Mr Tea

Tea is the second most popular beverage, so let's brew some.

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s04e13 / Chile's Angels

4th Oct '01 - 12:00am
Chile's Angels

Alton investigates the fruity heat of chilies and that ubiquitous condiment: salsa.

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