Good Eats
Season 6

s06e01 / The Other Red Meat

20th Jun '02 - 12:00am
The Other Red Meat

A quick trip to the afterlife convinces host Alton Brown to get serious about eating more tuna. Find out how to grill on a chimney charcoal starter, how to avoid fake soy sauce, and why you can see a rainbow on Tuna Steaks.

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s06e02 / Strawberry Sky

4th Jul '02 - 12:00am
Strawberry Sky

Join Host Alton Brown to learn how to make the most of strawberry season. You can macerate them, glaze them, freeze them with dry ice, and even build a summer pudding in a tin can. AB even holds a quick lesson on the power of antioxidants.

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s06e03 / Artichokes: The Choke is On You

11th Jul '02 - 12:00am
Artichokes: The Choke is On You

Host Alton Brown gets to the heart of artichokes. Pick up tips on storing, prepping, cooking and even eating this giant flower bud, as well as how to make your own herb oil to marinate them in.

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s06e04 / Good Milk Gone Bad

25th Jul '02 - 12:00am
Good Milk Gone Bad

Yogurt's not just good for you, it's just plain good. Especially when you make your own. Host Alton Brown shows how easy this miraculous feat really is, then demonstrates plenty of ways to use the white stuff up.

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s06e05 / Egg Files V: Quantum Foam

8th Aug '02 - 12:00am
Egg Files V: Quantum Foam

The word "souffle" has instilled fear in cooks for ages. Host Alton Brown believes a strong dose of science is all that's needed to get control of your egg foam. Learn the ins and outs of the cheese souffle, and how to manage the heat in your oven.

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s06e06 / Tomato Envy

3rd Oct '02 - 12:00am
Tomato Envy

Learn everything you need to know about making the best use of the biggest berry to ever be called a vegetable. Take a serious look at serrated knives, a strange and delicious sandwich and a tomato sauce that almost isn't.

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s06e07 / Amber Waves

10th Oct '02 - 12:00am
Amber Waves

Join Host Alton Brown and learn everything you need to know about yeast, barley, hops and the hardware you need to bring them together to produce that most American of foods, Beer.

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s06e08 / Dip Madness

17th Oct '02 - 12:00am
Dip Madness

Dips may have driven Alton Brown a little bonkers but that won't keep him from delivering the goods on guacamole, California dip and the unjustly dissed chicken liver mousse.

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s06e09 / Chops Ahoy

7th Nov '02 - 1:00am
Chops Ahoy

Host Alton Brown yearns for the juicy chop of yesterdayand he intends to get it. Visit the neighborhood butcher, pick up stuffing tips (no, stuffing is not evil) and learn more than you ever wanted to know about propane.

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s06e10 / Choux Shine

14th Nov '02 - 1:00am
Choux Shine

The easiest pastry dough to make also happens to be the most versatile and delicious. Trouble is, Americans won's make it because it's got a scary name:pate a choux. Join host Alton Brown as he takes the steamy dough from cream puff to eclair and beyond.

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s06e11 / Casserole Over

9th Jan '03 - 1:00am
Casserole Over

When a Sunday drive goes bad, host Alton Brown finds himself pushing the limits of his casserole knowledge to free his dog from angry church ladies.

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s06e12 / Use Your Noodle II

16th Jan '03 - 1:00am
Use Your Noodle II

Stuffed pastas like Ravioli are much loved but seldom made. Host Alton Brown intends to put that to an end by demystifying noodle and filling alike.The answer: Your ironing board.

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s06e13 / Salad Daze II: The Long Arm of the Slaw

30th Jan '03 - 1:00am
Salad Daze II: The Long Arm of the Slaw

Alton Brown's slaw-centric guest slot on a popular morning talk show turns into a strange and wonderful half hour of good eats.

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s06e14 / A Cake on Every Plate

6th Feb '03 - 1:00am
A Cake on Every Plate

Host Alton Brown finds a challenge in his mail box: decipher a deceased family baker's famous yellow cake.

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s06e15 / The Icing Man Cometh

20th Feb '03 - 1:00am
The Icing Man Cometh

Cake is dandy but let's face it, without frosting it's just sweet bread (not sweetbreads). Host Alton Brown builds a better butter cream then builds a layer cake from ground up... with tools from his local hardware.

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s06e16 / Beet It

6th Mar '03 - 1:00am
Beet It

Long feared by baby boomers accustomed to being accosted by noxious red wedges, beets are good eats, or so says host Alton Brown who suggests one approach the ruby roots with an open mind and a good pair of gloves.

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s06e17 / Fit to Be Tied

20th Mar '03 - 1:00am
Fit to Be Tied

Since childhood, host Alton Brown's had a soft spot in his appetite for roulades, savory rolls of meaty goodness that look hard... but aren't... as long as you've got science on your side.

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