Good Eats
Season 8

s08e01 / Hittin' the Sauce

17th Jun '04 - 12:00am
Hittin' the Sauce

With a few simple tools and some basic chemistry, host Alton Brown simplifies the most common sauce quandaries. Throw away your boxed preparations and find how simple it is to create an elegant hollandaise and peppercorn sauce for your favorite steak.

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s08e02 / Shell Games

24th Jun '04 - 12:00am
Shell Games

Oysters are a mystery to many and downright spooky to some. Join host Alton Brown as he unravels the secrets of this bivalve, cracks a safe or two and reinvents classic applications like oysters "Rock-A-Fella".

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s08e03 / Flat is Beautiful II

8th Jul '04 - 12:00am
Flat is Beautiful II

These days we're all looking for ways to make more out of less. Alton Brown's favorite strategy: flatten meats wafer thin and cover them with flavor. New looks at old classics like Chicken Kiev, Turkey Piccata and Carpaccio.

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s08e04 / Circle of Life

22nd Jul '04 - 12:00am
Circle of Life

Everybody loves donuts but nobody seems to make their own... until now. Join host Alton Brown as he delves into this country's favorite pastry. Not only will you learn how to make your own you'll find out how the donut really got its hole.

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s08e05 / Wonton Ways

5th Aug '04 - 12:00am
Wonton Ways

The humble wonton skin may look exotic but it's also the most versatile pasta you can invite into your kitchen. Join Alton Brown as he stuffs and folds and fries and steams and bakes up a mess of good eats out of this Chinese restaurant standard.

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s08e06 / The Big Chili

19th Aug '04 - 12:00am
The Big Chili

Join Host and cowpoke Gerald P Hobbs (Alton Brown) and his sidekick Rusty as they rustle up a good, honest bowl of red. Along the way, they'll ponder the chili mythology, grind up their own chili powder (that's chili with an "i") and do some serious work under pressure.

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s08e07 / Sandwich-craft

4th Oct '04 - 12:00am

To some it's a couple of pieces of bread with something shoved between. To others, a sandwich is a sublime balance of flavor and texture born as much of technique as ingredient. Alton Brown and his nephew Elton dose up a little Sandwich-craft.

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s08e08 / Soups On

4th Oct '04 - 12:00am
Soups On

A good soup is like a cooking school in a bowl and class is in session for host Alton Brown's nephew Elton. Join the two as they work together to craft an old classic and (perhaps) a new one.

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s08e09 / Say Cheese

18th Oct '04 - 12:00am
Say Cheese

Join host Alton Brown for a collection of short films about his favorite food: cheese. Learn about everything from pasteurization to pairing, Lactose to graters. Learn how to make cheese into soup, crackers, and a spread to end all spreads.

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s08e10 / Art of Darkness III

28th Oct '04 - 12:00am
Art of Darkness III

What could possibly be more chocolaty than chocolate? Join host Alton Brown as for his third journey into the world of chocolate.

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s08e11 / True Grits

4th Nov '04 - 1:00am
True Grits

Whether you're cooking up a mess of grits or a pot of polenta cornmeal may just be the most powerful player in the pantry. Join host Alton Brown as he battles with cultural claims, doses up some science and cranks out an upside-down cake with a twist.

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s08e12 / Stuff It

15th Nov '04 - 1:00am
Stuff It

AB's gone on record as saying the stuff is evil and yet, hundreds of protest letters have him rethinking his position. Can a stuffing be designed that's good for diner and bird alike?

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s08e13 / Puddin' Head Blues

2nd Dec '04 - 1:00am
Puddin' Head Blues

In an effort to pay off the IRS, host Alton Brown decides to enter a pudding recipe contest being held by the TV pudding queen: Auntie Pudding.

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s08e14 / Melondrama

6th Jan '05 - 1:00am

Join host Alton Brown as he attempts to demystify one of the most complex and promising fruits around.

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s08e15 / Myth Smashers

20th Jan '05 - 1:00am
Myth Smashers

Join host Alton Brown as he sears meat, washes mushrooms, oils the pasta water and tries to blow-up water.

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s08e16 / Cuckoo for Coq Au Vin

3rd Feb '05 - 1:00am
Cuckoo for Coq Au Vin

Can a fussy French fricassee fit a modern American lifestyle? Sure. All it takes is a chicken, a couple bottles of wine and a little know-how. The fussy French part is purely optional.

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s08e17 / Carrots: A Taproot Orange

17th Feb '05 - 1:00am
Carrots: A Taproot Orange

They're long, they're orange and they're everywhere, but do we ever really think about carrots? Host Alton Brown does... a lot. Join him as he concocts everything from salads to cakes and explains the whole carrot/vision thing.

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s08e18 / Sprung a Leek

3rd Mar '05 - 1:00am
Sprung a Leek

Host Alton Brown ponders the leek, the lesser-known member of the Allium family which it turns, can do anything its siblings can do, only better. Don't believe it? Try these onion rings.

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s08e19 / Dr. Strangeloaf

17th Mar '05 - 1:00am
Dr. Strangeloaf

Tune in as Alton shows us how to create a great loaf of bread.

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s08e20 / My Big Fat Greek Sandwich

7th Apr '05 - 12:00am
My Big Fat Greek Sandwich

The gyro may just be the perfect sandwich. Too bad you can't make one at home.or can you? Join host Alton Brown as he tackles rotisseries, tzatziki sauce and a pile of broken plates.

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s08e21 / Field of Greens

21st Apr '05 - 12:00am
Field of Greens

Was your childhood eating plagued with plate-loads of slimy, foul-smelling leaves? Host Alton Brown shows how to turn fiend to friend when he takes on dark leafy greens. Tune in and you might learn a thing or two about nutrition too.

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s08e22 / Do The Rice Thing

5th May '05 - 12:00am
Do The Rice Thing

To most Americans rice means long grain, white grains. But we're missing out on the marvels of short, medium and brown grains. Join host Alton Brown as he stirs up a risotto, makes a rice salad and delves deep into a mixed bag of starch.

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