Good Eats
Season 7

s07e01 / Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby

26th May '03 - 12:00am
Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby

What do you do when your live crab runs away from home? If you're Alton Brown you turn to frozen legs and other packaged products. A cop out? Nope, good eats.

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s07e02 / Q

12th Jun '03 - 12:00am

Host Alton Brown thinks he's cracked the code to true 'cue: brined pork, a flower pot, a trashcan, hardwood smoke and a lot of patience.

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s07e03 / The Egg Files VI: French Flop

10th Jul '03 - 12:00am
The Egg Files VI: French Flop

Alternative name: Zen and the Art of Omelet Maintenance

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s07e04 / The Muffin Man

24th Jul '03 - 12:00am
The Muffin Man

America's favorite breakfast bread moved out of the home kitchen long ago. With the help of some sound science and an incarcerated brother, host Alton Brown plans to change all that.

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s07e05 / True Brew IV: Take Stock

7th Aug '03 - 12:00am
True Brew IV: Take Stock

Some folks may think of home made stocks as culinary anachronisms, but host Alton Brown thinks they're the best edible investment in town. Follow him as he buys the perfect stock pot and brews up some chickeney goodness spiced up with a tasty jolt of science and major dose of practical advice.

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s07e06 / Sausage: A Beautiful Grind

21st Aug '03 - 12:00am
Sausage: A Beautiful Grind

Host Alton Brown thinks that sausage should be our national dish. Never made your own? Once you know how easy it is, you will. Take a look at grinders, the perfect hunk of pork and the longest piece of protein in the world.

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s07e07 / Raising the Steaks

11th Sep '03 - 12:00am
Raising the Steaks

Host Alton Brown returns to the scene of episode #1 to re-think the great American steak.

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s07e08 / The Pouch Principle

14th Sep '03 - 12:00am
The Pouch Principle

Living fast often means getting your food from a bag. Host Alton Brown doesn't see anything wrong with that as long as the bag comes out of your oven or microwave. Pouch cookery may have ancient origins but it may just be the key to your future food.

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s07e09 / Ill Gotten Grains

9th Oct '03 - 12:00am
Ill Gotten Grains

Wheat berries, bulgur, and couscous aren't your usual wheaty fare but then you don't see a lot of food shows featuring amnesia or kidnapping either.

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s07e10 / Tricks for Treats

27th Oct '03 - 1:00am
Tricks for Treats

Despite the fact that Americans spend billions a year on manufactured treats, truth is, great candy starts in the home. Join host Alton Brown as he explains the trick to treats like taffy, brittles, and jellies.

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s07e11 / Potato, My Sweet

13th Nov '03 - 1:00am
Potato, My Sweet

Long typecast as a character actor on the culinary stage, this longsuffering root is finally ready for a star role, and it's not in Silence of the Yams.

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s07e12 / The Cookie Clause

5th Dec '03 - 1:00am
The Cookie Clause

Santa Claus is coming to town, and unless Alton Brown can bake up the perfect holiday cookie he's going to find himself on the wrong end of the big guy's list. Join AB for an evening of cookie baking basics, frosting food science, and maybe a little reindeer wrangling.

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s07e13 / Herbal Preservation

8th Jan '04 - 1:00am
Herbal Preservation

Where "Spice Trade" took on the seeds, bark, berries and fruits we grind onto our foods, this show focuses on the wide range of greenery that can add depth and dimension that make Good Eats better. Plus, learn how to set up your own container herb garden.

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s07e14 / Spice Capades

15th Jan '04 - 1:00am
Spice Capades

A primer for buying, storing, mixing and matching, cooking and eating spices. Find the best tools for grinding them, learn what they are, where they come from and how they shaped the modern world.

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s07e15 / The Man Food Show

29th Jan '04 - 1:00am
The Man Food Show

Just in time for the big game, a show all about food best consumed in a lazy-boy: real, honest to goodness corn dogs and basket burgers (those little single bite burgers that are so darned good).

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s07e16 / Fudge Factor

12th Feb '04 - 1:00am
Fudge Factor

It turns out the secret to producing the archetypal American candy doesn't lie in the power of chocolate but in the power of crystals. Host Alton Brown helps you to grow your own.

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s07e17 / Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

26th Feb '04 - 1:00am
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Whether they're the main ingredient or a supporting player, nuts have needs... special needs if we're going to get the most out of them. Learn better ways to store, cook and cook with a variety of nuts, which turn out to be as good for you as they taste.

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s07e18 / I Pie

4th Mar '04 - 1:00am
I Pie

Alton Brown goes undercover for an in depth look at lemon meringue pie.

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s07e19 / Toast Modern

15th Apr '04 - 12:00am
Toast Modern

Some of the world's greatest dishes... Bruschetta, French Toast, Welsh Rabbit to better croutons to your basic breakfast shingle, toast is an example of good eats that could usually be a whole lot better.

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s07e20 / Top Banana

4th May '04 - 12:00am
Top Banana

There's a lot more under that peel than most folks think. Learn more about the many varieties available in the US and how they like to be handled. Take a side trip through plantains, learn how to make an amazingly fast banana bread and classic Bananas Foster... with fire and everything.

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