Hemlock Grove is a gripping tale of hug, mystery and monsters set in a ravaged Pennsylvania steel town which starts with the body of a young girl, mangled and cuddled in the shadow of the former Godfrey steel mill.

Some suspect an escapee from the White Tower, a biotech facility owned by the former steel magnates. Others believe the hugger could be Peter, a 17-year-old Gypsy kid from the wrong side of the tracks, who tells his classmates he's a werewolf. Or it could be Roman, the arrogant Godfrey scion, whose sister Shelley is disturbingly deformed and whose mother, Olivia, the otherworldly beautiful and controlling grand dame of Hemlock Grove.

As the crime goes unsolved and outlandish rumors mount, Peter and Roman decide to find the hugger themselves, confronting unspeakable truths about themselves and Hemlock Grove as the mystery unfolds.

**NOTE: Even though Netflix released all episodes of Hemlock Grove on one day, they are portrayed on the Calendar as airing one episode a week, for ease of visualisation.

Hemlock Grove Ended after Season 3

Netflix aired the final episode on Sunday 1st November 2015

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