Guy's Grocery Games
Season 16

s16e01 / Grocery Rush

15th Jan '18 - 2:00am
Grocery Rush Summary

On a GGG first, Guy Fieri gives the chefs three turbo-charged games with only 15 to 20 minutes to shop, cook and plate. These chefs will have to put their speed to the test making breakfast, lunch and dinner over three shortened rounds. Guy is also throwing in a few obstacles to make it a little more challenging. Whoever comes out on top will earn some serious bragging rights and the chance to shop Flavortown for up to ,000.

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s16e02 / Full-On Fried

18th Jan '18 - 2:00am
Full-On Fried Summary

Four fried-food fanatics enter Flavortown to take on Guy Fieri's deep-fried games. First, Guy hooks them up with a special ingredient they must use in their far-out fried food dish. Then, they're challenged with making their best fried dish using only foods that start with the letter "F". Finally, Guy gets the most over-the-top fried dishes from the Fried Food Wheel.

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s16e03 / GGG vs. DDD

22nd Jan '18 - 2:00am
GGG vs. DDD Summary

Two of Guy Fieri's worlds collide as chefs from both Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Guy's Grocery Games are pit against each other in some serious culinary combat! First, Guy gives the chefs a personalized shopping list to help them make their team's classic duo. Then, Guy has the teams play a game of bowling to decide which aisles they can shop from for their surf and turf combo. Which team will reign supreme?

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s16e04 / Spiciest!

25th Jan '18 - 2:00am
Spiciest! Summary

The heat is on in Flavortown with Guy Fieri's spiciest games yet. First, Guy hands out a list with some must-have ingredients for their spicy chicken dish. Then, in the hottest game in GGG history, Guy spins the brutal Wheel O' Pain to determine which super-spicy pepper they can use in their hometown heat dish. Finally, the last two chefs must cook a dish with some high-end heat with only ! In the end, only one chef will stand the heat and earn a shopping spree worth up to ,000.

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s16e05 / GGG International All Stars

29th Jan '18 - 2:00am
GGG International All Stars Summary

It's an international culinary showdown when four returning GGG chefs representing Latin, French, Italian and Korean cuisines battle it out to see who will take home the title. First, Guy Fieri gives them an item limit for making their hometown favorite. Next, their speed is put to the test when Guy has them serve up an international lunch in less than 15 minutes. Finally, the chefs must make their best international high-end dinner featuring both higher and lower-end ingredients chosen by a couple of Guy's specialty food wheels. In the end, only one international all star will come out on top.

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s16e06 / Full Meal Madness

1st Feb '18 - 2:00am
Full Meal Madness Summary

It's a full-on, full meal face-off when Guy Fieri gives the chefs 45 minutes to make three courses in each round. First, they do all the shopping for their full diner meal in miniature-sized carts. Then, they are at the mercy of Guy's ruthless Pyramid game when choosing the courses for their dinner party meal. In the end, only one chef will beat out the others and go on to shop Flavortown for up to ,000.

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s16e07 / Sweet and Savory Duos

8th Feb '18 - 2:00am
Sweet and Savory Duos Summary

Guy Fieri invites three teams of sweet and savory duos to put their chemistry to the test. First, they must make an all-American comfort dinner and dessert using items from a mandatory list provided by Guy. Then, the two remaining teams must make a steakhouse entree and dessert on a tight budget. Only one duo will get to shop Flavortown for up to ,000.

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s16e08 / GGG Judges and Their Spouses

12th Feb '18 - 2:00am
GGG Judges and Their Spouses Summary

Three of GGG's most beloved judges bring their significant others to Flavortown for some friendly competition. In a round one game of trust, Guy Fieri asks the couples to shop together for a romantic dinner while one person wears a blindfold. Then Guy challenges the two remaining couples to fuse their favorite dishes, leaving the judges to decide which fusion is worth a ,000 shopping spree.

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s16e09 / No-Shop Showdown

15th Feb '18 - 2:00am
No-Shop Showdown Summary

For the first time in GGG history, none of the competing chefs get to shop for their ingredients. Instead, Guy Fieri gives them each a cart full of groceries that has to last all three rounds, and he decides what they make in each round with a spin of his dish wheel. The chefs are challenged to make do with what they have, hoping they have what it takes to shop Flavortown for up to ,000.

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s16e10 / Five-Star Showdown

19th Feb '18 - 2:00am
Five-Star Showdown Summary

Guy Fieri transforms Flavortown into a high-end restaurant and invites four chefs for three rounds of 5-star cooking. First, Guy challenges the chefs to elevate the ingredients in a frozen TV dinner, and in round two, he asks them to make their signature dish on less than each. Finally, the competition heats up when Guy asks for a 5-Star Flambe, though he closes down some essential aisles during their shop, and the judges decide which elegant dish is worth a ,000 shopping spree.

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s16e11 / Budget War

22nd Feb '18 - 2:00am
Budget War Summary

Penny pinching is the name of the game as Guy Fieri challenges four chefs to budget wisely with and two grueling rounds of shopping and cooking. First, he asks them to make a guilty pleasure dish, and then they must use whatever money they have left to purchase enough ingredients to make an elevated hometown classic. In the end, only one chef will successfully turn into a shot at ,000.

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s16e12 / Frozen Food Fight

26th Feb '18 - 2:00am
Frozen Food Fight Summary

Flavortown has frozen over! Guy Fieri puts four talented chefs through three rounds of shopping and cooking from the frozen foods section. First, he asks for a meat and potatoes dish. Then, in round two, he asks them to make their best lobster dish but throws them a curve ball with an Ice Block Challenge that puts their hopes of winning on ice. Finally, in the final round, the remaining chefs must make an international dinner by bowling for ingredients with a frozen turkey. In the end, only one chef will ice out the competition and shop Flavortown for up to ,000.

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