Guy's Grocery Games
Season 31

s31e01 / Fieri Thanksgiving Party

17th Nov '22 - 2:00am
Fieri Thanksgiving Party Summary

The Fieri family is back as the three youngest members are paired up with all-star chefs to compete in preparing a one-hour Thanksgiving feast. Guy Fieri gives them a two-for-one special of pie and turkey that they must use in both their appetizer and entrée plate. Plus, the longtime members of the Fieri family adults' table - Jim, Penny and Lori - all join Guy in his shenanigans. In the spirit of holiday giving, the winning team earns money for their favorite charity.

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s31e02 / DDD Redemption

24th Nov '22 - 2:00am
DDD Redemption Summary

Three returning DDD chefs who have never tasted victory in Flavortown Market are ready for redemption. Guy Fieri welcomes them back by putting something extra in their carts - the ingredients that caused them to lose the first time around! They'll have to prepare and plate a two-course meal featuring these dreaded items in a single hour! The winning DDD chef will finally get their shot at shopping the market for up to ,000!

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s31e03 / Dessert Games

8th Dec '22 - 2:00am
Dessert Games Summary

Guy Fieri opens Flavortown's doors to four dessert chefs for a night of sweet treat showdowns! They hit the ground running with only 20 minutes to make a handheld fried dessert out of all the ingredients they can carry! Then, the chefs have to make their signature dessert using vegetables they select in a game of produce toss. The top dessert master will get the sweetest treat of all: a shot at winning up to ,000!

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s31e04 / Holiday Hustle

15th Dec '22 - 2:00am
Holiday Hustle Summary

Guy Fieri divides his all-star chefs into teams of three for a wild culinary relay challenge; without being able to communicate with their teammates, they'll have to shop, cook and present a cohesive holiday meal to win the ,000 shopping spree.

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s31e05 / Beat the Judges: Bacon

5th Jan '23 - 2:00am
Beat the Judges: Bacon Summary

Guy Fieri challenges three bacon-obsessed chefs to prove their pork chops in the Flavortown Market. They'll show their worth by making a knockout bacon dish while incorporating two whammy samples table items! The winner gains an automatic ,000 and goes head-to-head with the all-star judge of their choice in a Budget Battle to see who's the best at preparing bacon two ways. The chef who can bring home the bacon wins the second ,000 prize of the night!

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s31e06 / Beat the Judges: Vegetarian

12th Jan '23 - 2:00am
Beat the Judges: Vegetarian Summary

Guy Fieri wants three produce-loving pros to let the world know how delicious vegetarian cuisine can be. They'll make a hearty comfort classic using all the plant-based foods they can fit into a single produce bag! Then, the winner earns an automatic ,000 and takes on the all-star judge of their choice in a vegetarian food face-off. A roll of the dice determines the details of their 5-star vegetarian dinner showdown, and the winner earns the second ,000 prize of the night!

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s31e07 / Beat the Judges: Sandwiches

19th Jan '23 - 2:00am
Beat the Judges: Sandwiches Summary

Three sandwich fanatics show Guy Fieri their stacked skills in Flavortown Market to earn some bread. First, the chefs have to make a decadent sandwich with the cheese and bread picks they select in a Fantasy Food Draft. The winner gains an automatic ,000 and faces off against the all-star judge of their choice in a final sandwich showdown to see who can make the best mile-high sandwich using one ingredient per aisle. Whoever makes the highest-scoring sandwich wins a second ,000 prize.

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s31e08 / Beat the Judges: Cheesy

26th Jan '23 - 2:00am
Beat the Judges: Cheesy Summary

Guy Fieri invites three cheese-lovin' chefs to the Flavortown Market for a night of ooey-gooey goodness. In round one, the chefs must create their tastiest cheese dinner after getting served up a crazy cheese duo. The chef that proves they're "grate" wins an automatic ,000 before going head-to-head with the all-star judge of their choice for the cheese championship. Whichever one makes the highest-scoring fried cheesy guilty pleasure wins the second ,000 prize of the night.

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s31e09 / Beat the Judges: Spicy

2nd Feb '23 - 2:00am
Beat the Judges: Spicy Summary

Guy Fieri invites three spice experts to Flavortown to prove just how heated things can get, but all the chile peppers are out of stock! In an even bigger twist, the winner of the spicy comfort dish challenge wins an automatic ,000 and takes on an all-star judge in the ultimate spicy showdown. Chef and judge duke it out in an elegant spicy dinner battle, and the details are dictated by the Flaming Food Wheel. Best of all, there is another automatic ,000 waiting for the winner.

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