Guy's Grocery Games
Season 5

s05e01 / Bold Tastes and Big Laughs

20th Apr '15 - 1:00am
Bold Tastes and Big Laughs Summary

It's a night of memorable characters and mouthwatering food in the market. Chefs have to spellcheck the ingredients for breakfast when Guy Fieri plays ABC. Next, competitors keep their eye on the ounces when they're forced to weigh their steakhouse dinner. Then, our last two chefs mix luxury ingredients with low-priced fare in a funny and unforgettable finale.

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s05e02 / Battle America!

27th Apr '15 - 1:00am
Battle America! Summary

Chefs from four distinct American regions vie for culinary supremacy; seafood supper.

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s05e03 / Flavortown Throwdown

4th May '15 - 1:00am
Flavortown Throwdown Summary

Creating a hearty lunch with a 5-pound weight restriction; dinner incorporating Guy's grocery list.

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s05e04 / Mother's Day Madness

11th May '15 - 1:00am
Mother's Day Madness Summary

Guy wife, Lori, lends a helping hand in the Express Lane challenge; tiramisu is used to make dinner.

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s05e05 / Orange You Glad You're in Flavortown

18th May '15 - 1:00am
Orange You Glad You're in Flavortown Summary

Comfort dishes with five ingredients or less; orange juice must be used in cocktail brunch dishes.

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s05e06 / A Dicey Situation

25th May '15 - 1:00am
A Dicey Situation Summary

The chefs roll the dice; Clearance Carts items are used to make a champagne brunch; chicken dinner.

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s05e07 / Thrillin' Grillin'

1st Jun '15 - 1:00am
Thrillin' Grillin' Summary

The chefs can only use ingredients that begin with A, B, or G; tamarind paste; fast paced grill-off.

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s05e08 / Triple G Redemption'

8th Jun '15 - 1:00am
Triple G Redemption' Summary

Four chefs return to Flavortown for a second chance at the ,000 Shopping Spree. But Guy Fieri doesn't make this trip any easier, as the four chefs make a redemption dinner using the ingredients that tripped them up when they first competed. Next, the chefs are tasked with creating an unforgettable high-end lunch using less desirable items from the Clearance Carts. Finally, two chefs go head-to-head to make their best dish after a toss of the dice decides what must go in the dish.

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s05e09 / Daring Kitchen Duos

15th Jun '15 - 1:00am
Daring Kitchen Duos Summary

Chefs who are partners in and out of the kitchen join forces to make an elevated classic duo using the dreaded duo of frozen and canned foods. Next, the pairs make a soup and sandwich using ingredients that have to begin with one of two letters in ABC. In the final game, partners tag team as they shop and cook their best surf and turf in hopes of going on a Shopping Spree worth up to ,000!

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s05e10 / It's a Fieri Father's Day!

22nd Jun '15 - 1:00am
It's a Fieri Father's Day! Summary

Four fathers are out to prove they're the World's Greatest Dad in the kitchen, and Guy Fieri's son, Hunter, is out to prove he's the best co-host on Triple G! First, the chefs are forced to use the express lane when making a family dinner. Next, our dads are tasked to make a guilty pleasure but the ominous Food Pyramid will determine what extra ingredients the chefs must also use. Finally, the last two dads are given only two minutes to shop for their Date Night Dinner before Guy swaps their carts!

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s05e11 / Serving Up Summer!

29th Jun '15 - 1:00am
Serving Up Summer! Summary

Four chefs celebrate summer with a barbecue block party where a roll of the dice picks the crazy items in their dish. Then the chefs have to improvise when their seafood spectacular comes with a weight restriction. In the final round, the chefs summer plans are turned upside-down when they have to turn the ingredients for an all-American cherry pie into a chicken dinner.

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s05e12 / Battle America II: Cook or Be Cooked

6th Jul '15 - 1:00am
Battle America II: Cook or Be Cooked Summary

Four chefs proudly represent their regions in the return of a Triple G favorite, Battle America. Making a regional feast without meat sounds odd, but that's what happens when all the even aisles, including the meat department, are off limits. Next, the chefs have to make an all-American burger and fries without any of the classic ingredients. In the final showdown, the chefs try to sweeten the pot by making a presidential dinner featuring a Red Light Special: jelly beans.

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s05e13 / Young Guns Showdown

3rd Aug '15 - 1:00am
Young Guns Showdown Summary

Four of the nation's best young balloon chefs seek to make their mark in the market. First they have to make a fusion dish combining two cuisines not usually seen together. Next, these hot shots must make a daring dish following the dictates of rolled dice. The finale is easy as 1, 2, 3, when the two remaining chefs must prepare potatoes two ways, using ingredients from only three aisles.

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