Guy's Grocery Games
Season 26

s26e01 / Delivery: Frozen Fiasco

18th Feb '21 - 2:00am
Delivery: Frozen Fiasco

Guy Fieri brings Flavortown to the competing all-star chefs by sending them two bulky boxes full of frozen food. In both rounds, the three chefs must convert ice-cold ingredients into dishes that the judges deem delicious, daring and, of course, hot and ready-to-eat. The chef who best turns Guy's perilous presents into housewarming dishes gets the chance to spin the Money Wheel and win up to ,000 in cold hard cash.

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s26e02 / Delivery: Guilty Pleasures

25th Feb '21 - 2:00am
Delivery: Guilty Pleasures

Guy Fieri challenges three all-star chefs to make guilty pleasure dishes from the comfort of their own homes. In both rounds, Guy plays a game that determines the mandatory ingredients from the fun-filled boxes he sent the chefs. However, they can only rely on whatever ingredients they have in their home kitchen pantries. The chef with the highest score across both rounds gets to spin the Money Wheel for a shot at ,000.

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s26e03 / Delivery: Tournament of Champions

5th Mar '21 - 2:00am
Delivery: Tournament of Champions

Guy turns three Tournament of Champions judges into GGG competitors.

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s26e04 / Delivery: Big Bacon Blowout

12th Mar '21 - 2:00am
Delivery: Big Bacon Blowout

Guy sends boxes filled with piggy goodness to three chef friends.

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s26e05 / Delivery: Sandwich Showdown

18th Mar '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: Sandwich Showdown

In round one, the chefs must flip the ingredients of a diner classic into a tasty sandwich; the chefs start round two with a sandwich draft pick, where they choose which bread and cheese to use in their sandwich.

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s26e06 / Delivery: April Fools'

1st Apr '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: April Fools'

In the second annual Carl Ruiz April Fools' Day special, Guy and Hunter Fieri pay tribute to their late friend by cranking up the pranks on three unsuspecting chefs for a chance to win ,000. In celebration of Carl's life and love of hijinks, Guy turns up the heat and forces the chefs to eat a spicy pepper to determine how many ingredients they can use in their pork dish. Then the competitors endure the most dreaded of all the Grocery Games.

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s26e07 / Delivery: All-Star Family Face-off, Part 1

8th Apr '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: All-Star Family Face-off, Part 1

In Triple G's first at-home tournament, two all-star family teams go head-to-head for a chance at the family crown; Guy and Hunter play along from their own kitchen.

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s26e08 / Delivery: All-Star Family Face-Off Part 2

15th Apr '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: All-Star Family Face-Off Part 2

Chefs Brian Malarkey and Antonia Lofaso recruit family for Guy's games.First, the chef teams have to work together to make a sandwich and side using ingredients that weigh evenly on a scale. Guy and his son Hunter even join in on the cooking action and play along. In round two, Guy and Hunter teach the teams the ABCs of Triple G when they ask the competitors to make surf 'n' turf. With family pride on the line, only one team will walk away with ,000 and a chance to compete in the finale.

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s26e09 / Delivery: All-Star Family Face-Off Part 3

22nd Apr '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: All-Star Family Face-Off Part 3

In the third installment of Guy Fieri's Family Face-Off, two food-driven couples battle to win the prize - and stay out of the spouse doghouse! In round one, each team has to combine their favorite dishes into a cohesive meal. Guy and his son Hunter also cook along with their own hybrid dish. Then Guy puts the teams' relationships to the test in an unforgettable "Newlyfed" Game where every correct answer equals one less whammy ingredient in their romantic dinner. The teams will fight for love, ,000 and a chance to make it into the finale

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s26e10 / Delivery: All-Star Family Face-Off Finale

29th Apr '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: All-Star Family Face-Off Finale

Guy Fieri's All-Star Family Face-Off culminates in an epic two-round battle with three families competing at home. In round one, the teams have to cook a family noodle dish while handcuffed to one another. Then Guy and his son Hunter pull out an old GGG favorite game to decide the mandatory ingredients for the teams' winning dishes. Only one team will be crowned the All-Star Family Face-Off Champions and win a chance to spin the Money Wheel.

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s26e11 / Delivery: Mom Cooks Best

6th May '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: Mom Cooks Best

For Mother's Day, Guy Fieri recruits three GGG all-star chef moms for cooking challenges in their own homes. Guy tests their multitasking mastery as he tries to blindside them with games, surprises and unexpected challenges, like flipping bagged lunches and beating a budget battle. Guy's games test these supermoms' skills in the kitchen as well as their patience, but one chef will emerge victorious and get a chance to spin the Money Wheel to win up to ,000.

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s26e12 / Delivery: Backyard Burgers

20th May '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: Backyard Burgers

It's fun in the sun as three all-star chefs take Guy Fieri's battle to their backyards for two rounds of burger games. First, Guy and his son Hunter determine which mandatory ingredients will be used in the competitors' burgers by throwing basketballs into hoops. Then a dart throw determines the second round burger ingredients, but the Package of Pain and Envelope of Opportunity may sway the competition.

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s26e13 / Delivery: Takeout Takedown

3rd Jun '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: Takeout Takedown

Inspired by his own Flavortown Kitchen takeout service, Guy Fieri sends three all-star competitors his takeout food, which they have to incorporate in two rounds of games. First, the chefs must use the ingredients in a breakfast dish. Then they have to turn Guy's delivery into a restaurant-worthy, high-end entree. Guy even sends takeout to the judges so they can eat along with the competition. With at-home takeout tips this good, you may never leave home again.

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s26e14 / Delivery: All-Stars Shop and Cook

10th Jun '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: All-Stars Shop and Cook

Guy and Hunter Fieri have sent three chef competitors to shop for their own ingredients at their own grocery stores, but the chefs have no idea what dishes they're going to be making, so they have to shop wisely and make their ingredients stretch over two rounds. First Guy asks the chefs to make brunch, but he pushes their creativity to the limit by restricting their ingredients even more. Then Guy and Hunter send the chefs a delivery of whammies that they must incorporate in their high-end dinner. Only one chef will turn worth of groceries into a shot at a ,000 payday.

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s26e15 / Delivery: Exotic Meats

17th Jun '21 - 1:00am
Delivery: Exotic Meats

Guy Fieri sends three chefs on an adventure in their own homes with an outrageous Flavortown delivery box filled with exotic meats! In round one, the chefs choose their meat from the wilderness with a risky game of Wild Cards. In round two, they have to spin the wheel for meats unknown. From frog legs to ostrich, this treacherous cooking escapade will give the winner a chance to spin the Money Wheel for a grand prize surprise.

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s26e16 / Grand Reopening, Part 1

24th Jun '21 - 1:00am
Grand Reopening, Part 1

Guy Fieri invites four of GGG's greatest chef competitors to the grand reopening of Flavortown Market for a two-part ,000 tournament! In Part 1, the chefs have one hour to create two courses - an appetizer and a goat entree - and they must use a grocery list highlighting all the new store sections, including the butcher counter and deli manned by Guy's son Hunter. The judges score the chefs' appetizers using the all-new Flavortown Scoreboard. To finish their goat entrees, the chefs must first shop for one more item that starts with a G, O, A or T, and the chef with the lowest score doesn't make it to the finale.

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s26e17 / Grand Reopening, Part 2

1st Jul '21 - 1:00am
Grand Reopening, Part 2

In the finale of Flavortown Market's Grand Reopening Tournament, the three top-scoring, greatest-of-all-time chefs from Part 1 are back to take on another battle. Guy Fieri challenges them to make a comfort classic appetizer and a high-end entree in one hour using nine ingredients plus a mystery protein from Guy's son Hunter at the butcher counter. The judges score the appetizers, and then the chefs spin for a "wheely" special whammy item that they must use in their entree. The chef with the highest combined score after both rounds gets a chance to win up to ,000!

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