Guy's Grocery Games
Season 24

s24e01 / Guy's Eggs-treme Games

23rd Apr '20 - 1:00am
Guy's Eggs-treme Games Summary

Guy Fieri isn't a fan of eggs, but that may change when he brings four egg-ceptional chefs to Flavortown for a culinary competition all about eggs. There's three rounds of egg-sperts doing it all from an egg-citing breakfast to an egg-cellent lunch and an egg-stravagant dinner. Along the way, the competitors must carry their ingredients in a tiny egg basket and win exotic eggs in a classic egg-on-a-spoon race. A surprise finish leads to eggs-tra innings in a Flavortown first where one egg-squisite chef beats the rest to earn a ,000 shopping spree - and that's no yolk!

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s24e02 / DDD-licious Burgers

30th Apr '20 - 1:00am
DDD-licious Burgers Summary

Guy Fieri invites his favorite burger chefs from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to compete in Flavortown and grill, baby, grill. First, Guy has the chefs shop for ingredients in their signature burger and loaded fries combo using only tongs and a grill lid. Then, he makes it a party with a Flavortown version of musical chairs that determines the featured ingredients in their out-of-the-box burger and over-the-top sides. The DDD burger pro who gets top grill marks will go on to shop Flavortown for up to ,000.

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s24e03 / Mother of All Shows

7th May '20 - 1:00am
Mother of All Shows Summary

Guy Fieri enlists the help of his mom, Penny, and his wife, Lori, in his Mother's Day games featuring teams of moms and their children who run family restaurants together. For starters, Guy has the family duos pick from four unique sample ingredients to feature in their top-sellers. Then he makes the kids shop for the ingredients for a prized family recipe only to have Mom take over mid-shop to prove that "mother shops best". In the end, the winning team will go on a Mother's Day shopping spree worth up to ,000.

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s24e04 / Dessert Games

14th May '20 - 1:00am
Dessert Games Summary

Everyone knows Guy Fieri's all about savory dishes, but Buddy Valastro - the Cake Boss himself - has convinced Guy to declare it Dessert Day in Flavortown Market. Four dessert chefs show up to sculpt works of art and bake their buns off for a shot at the dough while playing Guy's dessert-enhanced games. The dessert dynamo who concocts the best confections will cake-walk their way through the aisles for a ,000 shopping spree.

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s24e05 / Salute the Troops

21st May '20 - 1:00am
Salute the Troops Summary

Guy Fieri honors America's men and women in uniform by inviting four military vets with a culinary second-calling to play his GGG games. They join forces with the Messlords, a group of DDD chefs who travel the world cooking for the troops. First, Guy has the Messlord-veteran teams run through a Flavortown obstacle course while shopping for their American comfort classic. Then, the Messlord must carry their team's rucksack while shopping double-time for a victory dinner. In the end, one of the heroic duos will complete the mission and shop Flavortown for up to ,000 while a platoon-sized audience of fellow vets cheers them on!

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s24e06 / Choose Your Budget

28th May '20 - 1:00am
Choose Your Budget Summary

Guy Fieri's doing something he's never done before: letting four chefs choose from three different budgets over three rounds. The culinary combatants quickly realize that budgeting a plate is much harder than it seems! They must decide whether to start off big to impress the judges early in the game or wait until the end to give them a high-budget masterpiece. In the end, one chef will make the right choice and take home up to ,000.

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s24e07 / One-Time Aisle Games

4th Jun '20 - 1:00am
One-Time Aisle Games Summary

In Flavortown, competing chefs usually have free reign of the entire market, but Guy Fieri's changing the rules and allowing the competitors to shop each aisle only once. To make it even tougher, he's throwing them an additional game in every round. When the time runs out, one chef will be standing above the rest and get to shop Flavortown Market for up to ,000.

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s24e08 / Like Father, Like Chef

18th Jun '20 - 1:00am
Like Father, Like Chef Summary

Guy Fieri invites three father-kid teams to play his games. To start, Guy has them use an oversize "Greatest Dad" mug to shop for their dad's fried favorite. Then, a round of Flavortown golf gets the dads in their comfort zone and determines which key ingredient they must feature in their steakhouse dinner. When all is said and done, only one father-chef duo will go on a shopping spree worth up to ,000.

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s24e09 / Sweet and Savory Teams

25th Jun '20 - 1:00am
Sweet and Savory Teams Summary

Guy Fieri knows in order to run a successful restaurant, you've got to have someone in charge of the sweets. To prove it, he invites three sweet and savory duos to cook and bake for a shot at the prize. First, the teams divide and shop their respective side of the store to make a sweet and savory best seller. Then, a massive cake pyramid determines the parameters the teams must meet to make their perfect pairing. In the end, one team will create both a sweet and savory dish worthy of a ,000 shopping spree.

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s24e10 / GGG RAW

2nd Jul '20 - 1:00am
GGG RAW Summary

Four superstar chefs are competing in a one-game showdown that incorporates three of Guy Fieri's craziest challenges. With only one game being played, Guy reveals an in-depth look at how each over-the-top comfort food dish comes together, and he shares behind-the-scenes secrets of GGG.

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s24e11 / Summer Grillin' Games Part 1

9th Jul '20 - 1:00am
Summer Grillin' Games Part 1 Summary

Guy Fieri's inviting eight GGG winners to return to Flavortown Market for a summer grilling tournament that has the judges sizzlin' in their seats. Each week, one chef will be awarded "Best Dish", win ,000 and move on to the next week's competition while the remaining chefs duke it out for survival. The tournament kicks off with a backyard baller-themed showdown with plenty of heat as the chefs make summer classics and elegant entrees!

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s24e12 / Summer Grillin' Games Part 2

16th Jul '20 - 1:00am
Summer Grillin' Games Part 2 Summary

Guy Fieri's summer grilling tournament continues with only seven GGG winners remaining. It's all about the boardwalk as the chefs make summer seafood dishes and spicy seaside sandwiches. One chef will win "Best Dish", the ,000 prize and take a speedboat directly to the next round, leaving the others at rock bottom.

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s24e13 / Summer Grillin' Games Part 3

23rd Jul '20 - 1:00am
Summer Grillin' Games Part 3 Summary

Guy Fieri's Summer Grillin' Games continue, and the fun is turned up to the max when Guy introduces carnival-themed games and dishes to the six remaining chefs. Carnivals are all about wild rides and wacky games, so Guy gives the chefs a funnel cake-sized twist by putting them in pairs to make a fried sweet-and-savory duo and a cheesy carnival classic. The pair that outperforms the rest will win "Best Dish", ,000 each and a spot in the semifinals, and the remaining four competitors will continue to vie for survival.

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s24e14 / Summer Grillin' Games Part 4

30th Jul '20 - 1:00am
Summer Grillin' Games Part 4 Summary

Summer just isn't summer without a vacation, so Guy Fieri treats the remaining five chefs to a Flavortown vacay. In the first round, one chef's destination dinner has a chance at earning "Best Dish", an instant ,000 and a guaranteed spot in the finale. Then, the bottom four chefs compete against each other, and one chef's trip will get cut short. One week remains in Guy's summer grillin' games where one chef will win the grand prize of ,000.

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s24e15 / Summer Grillin' Games Finale

6th Aug '20 - 1:00am
Summer Grillin' Games Finale Summary

Guy Fieri throws a big summer bash for the four chefs remaining in the finale. First, a random choice of beach ball determines which aisles the chefs get to shop for their summertime guilty pleasure ingredients. Then, Guy sends the competitors on an epic scavenger hunt to find feature ingredients for their ultimate grilled feast. When the sun finally sets, one winner will earn the title of "Summer Grillin' Games Champ" and an automatic ,000.

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