Guy's Grocery Games
Season 34

s34e01 / All-Star Invitational, Part 1

17th Aug '23 - 1:00am
All-Star Invitational, Part 1 Summary

Guy Fieri kicks off an epic five-week tournament as eight of the most celebrated chefs in the food world compete for the first time in Flavortown Market. Their ranks include Iron Chefs, James Beard winners, Top Chef winners and the reigning TOC Champ, but none have competed in Flavortown Market before. Now, Guy will put them through a gauntlet of diabolical games, starting with the ultimate limited ingredient game, Express Lane, as chefs make their signature sandwich and a side using only eight ingredients. The chef awarded best dish wins an automatic ,000, while the others are vulnerable to a surprise twist!

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s34e02 / All-Star Invitational, Part 2

24th Aug '23 - 1:00am
All-Star Invitational, Part 2 Summary

It's week two of GGG's greatest tournament, and the six remaining all-star chefs must take on Guy Fieri's most twisted budget games. The chefs form teams of two to make an impressive weeknight dinner for four on a budget. To make things worse, Guy makes each teammate shop a separate half of the store. The team that wins best dish splits the ,000 prize, but the bottom team members must compete head-to-head in the checkout round. The chef who makes the best seafood dinner using only frozen ingredients moves on, while their former teammate is eliminated.

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s34e03 / All-Star Invitational, Part 3

31st Aug '23 - 1:00am
All-Star Invitational, Part 3 Summary

In week three of the all-star invitational tournament, Guy Fieri challenges the remaining chefs with wildly unpredictable games of chance. After a food wheel determines the type of dish they must make, the chefs race off in search of their grocery carts, each of which features a mandatory ingredient designed to make their challenge even tougher. The all-star with the best dish wins ,000, while the bottom two chefs fight for their survival in the checkout round. The chef who makes the best steakhouse dinner - despite the restrictions dictated by the dreaded food pyramid - will stay in the tournament.

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s34e04 / All-Star Invitational, Part 4

7th Sep '23 - 1:00am
All-Star Invitational, Part 4 Summary

In week four of this intense invitational, the remaining all-stars must conquer Guy Fieri's twisted list games. First, they must make a comfort classic featuring the mishmash of items on Guy's grocery list. The chef who cooks the best dish wins ,000 and a guaranteed spot in the finale, but the other three chefs must battle for survival by making their best burger and fries. Unfortunately, Guy hands them a list of traditional burger and fry ingredients that are off limits. The chef who makes the least successful burger plate is eliminated.

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s34e05 / All-Star Invitational Finale

14th Sep '23 - 1:00am
All-Star Invitational Finale Summary

The three finalists must conquer Guy Fieri's most extreme aisle games, starting with aisle auction. The chefs outbid each other for exclusive shopping rights to three of the most essential store aisles before they can make their spicy guilty pleasure. The chef with the least successful dish will be eliminated, and the final two all-stars go head-to-head to see who can make the best 10-item winner's dinner after shopping for one ingredient per aisle. The victorious chef wins the tournament trophy, a generous gift in their name for No Kid Hungry and shop Flavortown Market for up to ,000

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s34e06 / Meatless Marvels

21st Sep '23 - 1:00am
Meatless Marvels Summary

Guy Fieri highlights four chefs who make great meatless meals in a challenging two-dish round. The competitors are given one hour to make a meat-free steakhouse dinner and appetizer using only the ingredients that will fit into the world's smallest produce case. Then, things get tougher than a cheap steak when Hunter Fieri makes a mid-cook delivery of mushroom jerky. The chef who makes the most marvelous meatless meal could win up to ,000!

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s34e07 / GGG Tiebreakers

28th Sep '23 - 1:00am
GGG Tiebreakers Summary

Guy Fieri welcomes opponents who previously tied at Flavortown Market as they return to compete in tiebreaker rematches. First, two home cooks who love to entertain throw down once more and fight for their right to make the best party plate. Then, two returning supermoms compete in a budget battle to determine which mom makes the most comforting comfort food. The winner of each single round rematch earns bragging rights and ,000!

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s34e08 / Firefighters in Flavortown

5th Oct '23 - 1:00am
Firefighters in Flavortown Summary

Fire station cooks commandeer Flavortown Market, and they'll have to stand the heat when Guy Fieri hits them with his alarming games. First, they must make a spicy firehouse favorite featuring the mandatory ingredients they pick up in a three-alarm fire sale. Then, they have to go upscale when they're ordered to "cook for your captain" after picking a pail of mandatory whammy ingredient in a crazy game of bucket brigade. Ultimately, the firefighter that smokes the competition will get a shot at winning up to ,000!

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s34e09 / All-Star Teaching Teams

12th Oct '23 - 1:00am
All-Star Teaching Teams Summary

Three of GGG's favorite all-star chefs team up with a teacher who has made a difference in their lives in order to thank them for all they've done. First, Guy Fieri has these teacher/chef duos make an elevated kid's dinner using only the ingredients they can fit inside a lunchbox, including the classic lunch snacks already packed! Then, the teams must make a teacher appreciation dinner on a budget, plus whatever extra money they can win answering pop quiz questions. The top of the class will earn their teacher the ultimate thank-you gift - up to ,000 in cash!

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s34e10 / Wilderness Chefs

19th Oct '23 - 1:00am
Wilderness Chefs Summary

Guy Fieri invites three of the best wilderness chefs he's met on his outdoor adventures to hunt the aisles of Flavortown Market and prepare dishes featuring wild game, all while playing GGG's wild games! First, the chefs must make a fireside favorite using the wild game and wild whammy ingredient they picked up as a two-for-one special at the butcher counter. Then, they'll have to make an elevated backcountry dinner using the number of ingredients they score in a real deal game of archery. Ultimately, the winning wilderness chef will get a shot at scoring up to ,000!

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s34e11 / Beat the Judges: International

26th Oct '23 - 1:00am
Beat the Judges: International Summary

Guy Fieri challenges three chefs representing international cuisines make their signature seafood dish using the global kitchen equipment listed in their chosen "culinary passport". The chef who makes the best dish wins ,000, while the other two chefs are eliminated. The winning chef then takes on the world-class judge of their choice in the ultimate international showdown. They will have the chance to go head-to-head against Maneet Chauhan, Joe Sasto or Shota Nakajima and attempt to make the best family celebration dinner featuring an all-American canned good.

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s34e12 / All-Star Game Day Relay

2nd Nov '23 - 1:00am
All-Star Game Day Relay Summary

It's Fieri vs. Fieri as Guy and Hunter divide up six of their favorite all-star chefs to see whose team makes the best game day platter. In this tag-team challenge, the team members will enter the market one at a time to perform a single step, be it shopping, cooking or presenting the dishes, and only the chefs who do the initial shopping are told exactly what game day dishes they're making. The team that creates the best and most accurate game day platter will score ,000 and bragging rights for either Guy or Hunter.

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