Guy's Grocery Games
Season 27

s27e01 / DDD Summer Games, Part 1: Backyard Bash

8th Jul '21 - 1:00am
DDD Summer Games, Part 1: Backyard Bash Summary

Guy Fieri kicks off summer with a four-part tournament featuring popular summer rituals, games and grilled foods. Three of Guy's favorite Diners, Drive-ins and Dives chefs join him for a DDD-style backyard bash, turning classic diner dishes into backyard burgers and sides. Then the two highest-scoring chefs go toe-to-toe in a game of horseshoes - lead by Guy and his son Hunter - to determine how many whammy ingredients they must include in their grilled chicken dish. The chef with the highest combined score for both rounds wins ,000 plus a spot in the big Summer Games finale.

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s27e02 / DDD Summer Games, Part 2: Extreme Tailgating

15th Jul '21 - 1:00am
DDD Summer Games, Part 2: Extreme Tailgating Summary

Guy Fieri knows that tailgating parties and summer go hand-in-hand, so he starts Part 2 of the DDD Summer Games with three DDD chefs and a "Flavortown 500" race with remote-control cars. The chef that crosses the finish line first gets first pick of proteins to use in two tailgating bites. In round two, the two top-scoring chefs are tasked by Guy and his son Hunter to play a game of Grocery Pong to determine the number of ingredients they can use in a showstopping sandwich. The chef with the highest combined score wins even more bread - ,000 - and a spot in the finale.

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s27e03 / DDD Summer Games, Part 3: Camp Cook-Off

22nd Jul '21 - 1:00am
DDD Summer Games, Part 3: Camp Cook-Off Summary

Guy Fieri's summer tournament continues with three DDD chefs competing in camping-themed games. First, they must make a fireside pork dinner using only items they can throw in a small backpack while following a narrow trail that bypasses half the aisles and avoiding trail dangers such as a wild bear and falling rocks. Then the two top-scoring chefs must try their luck with Hunter Fieri's slingshot, knocking down the canned items they don't want to feature in their grilled fish feast. The chef who hooks the highest combined score gets the catch of the day - ,000 - plus a spot in the tournament finale.

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s27e04 / DDD Summer Games Finale

29th Jul '21 - 1:00am
DDD Summer Games Finale Summary

It's the end of Guy Fieri's Summer Games, so he has the three DDD finalists take a virtual summer road trip! The chefs cruise the store and stop at "roadside" stands to pick up state-inspired food items that they must feature in an upscale diner dish. Then the two top-scorers salute that iconic road trip destination, Las Vegas, by playing a budget version of blackjack - with special guest dealer Hunter Fieri - to determine how much they can spend on ingredients for their steak dinner. The chef with the highest score at the end of both rounds wins the ,000 tournament jackpot!

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s27e05 / Food Network Star Favorites

5th Aug '21 - 1:00am
Food Network Star Favorites Summary

Guy Fieri brings in four favorites from Food Network Star to compete in some special games. Every Food Network Star contestant knows the importance of demonstrating a unique culinary point of view, so Guy challenges them to make a point-of-view dinner using only ingredients from five sections of the store designated by stars. Then the chefs must make a guilt-free guilty pleasure that includes items from Guy's one-of-a-kind grocery list. The chef with the top combined score after both rounds gets their turn in the spotlight and a shot at winning up to ,000!

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s27e06 / All-Star Egg-stravaganza

12th Aug '21 - 1:00am
All-Star Egg-stravaganza Summary

Chef Antonia Lofaso and Guy Fieri's son Hunter pull a prank on Guy by turning this all-star competition into a full-on EGG episode - even though Guy hates eggs! First, the all-star chefs get 15 minutes to make an egg dish Guy would actually eat. They get points based on how many bites, if any, Guy takes of each dish. Then the chefs must use specialty eggs and nine other ingredients to make an upscale egg dish. The chef that whips up the highest score gets the choice of a money-making shopping spree or a jumbo check hidden behind the store's sliding doors!

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s27e07 / Rush to Redemption

19th Aug '21 - 1:00am
Rush to Redemption Summary

Four chefs who lost GGG in their final cook the last time around return for a second chance at proving themselves. But this time, Guy Fieri has made success even harder to attain with two rounds of just 20 minutes to shop and cook! First, Guy asks the chefs to make a 20-minute appetizer, but he hits them with a grocery list of ingredients that gave them grief in their first appearances. Then the chefs must make a chicken dinner using limited ingredients, and the newly redeemed winner goes on a must-see wild shopping spree!

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s27e08 / Firefighter Face-Off

26th Aug '21 - 1:00am
Firefighter Face-Off Summary

In addition to fighting fires, firehouse cooks keep their fellow heroes at their fire stations well-fed. Guy Fieri sounds the alarm as four talented firehouse cooks compete in Flavortown Market. First, they must grab all the ingredients they need - with just their bare hands - to make a cheesy comfort dinner. Then, they must create an international firehouse favorite using strange ingredients showcased in a 5-alarm red-light special. Things heat up when the winning firefighter must choose between a big money shopping spree or a mystery jumbo check!

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s27e09 / Snack Attack

2nd Sep '21 - 1:00am
Snack Attack Summary

Guy Fieri's teenage son, Ryder, accidentally leaves behind a cart full of his favorite afterschool snacks, so Guy makes four talented, up-and-coming chefs incorporate the snacks into two rounds of GGG hijinks. First, the chefs have to make a weeknight dinner, and the three top-scoring young balloons go on to play "Hoops There It Is", in which the number of baskets determines the number of ingredients they can use to make their victory dinner. The winning chef goes on a shopping spree that could change the course of their culinary career!

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s27e10 / Fried Feud

9th Sep '21 - 1:00am
Fried Feud Summary

Guy Fieri brings four chefs together to fight fryer with fryer in an exciting fried food feud. First, they must make a sweet and savory fried feast using only what they can carry in a small fryer basket. Then, the three remaining chefs must prepare a fried fish dinner using the type of fish they win in a classic GGG card game. The fry chef with the highest combined score after two rounds gets a shot at winning a crispy ,000 in cash.

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s27e11 / Bigger, Badder Budget Battle

13th Sep '21 - 1:00am
Bigger, Badder Budget Battle Summary

Four chefs with a knack for cooking on a budget take on two of Guy Fieri's all-new budget games. First, the chefs must make a hearty lunch with ingredients that satisfy Guy's price-based grocery list. Then, the three top-scoring chefs must turn a budget bag of groceries from Guy's son Hunter into an upscale dinner by getting a refund on the items they don't want so they can purchase what they do want! The winning chef gets a shot at winning a budget-busting ,000!

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s27e12 / All-Star Delivery Nightmare

16th Sep '21 - 1:00am
All-Star Delivery Nightmare Summary

Back in Flavortown Market, Guy Fieri pranks three all-star chefs who endured the at-home games of GGG Delivery by having them compete using the contents of the dreaded Delivery boxes!

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s27e13 / All-Star Vegetarian

23rd Sep '21 - 1:00am
All-Star Vegetarian Summary

Guy Fieri hands four of the best all-star chefs the ultimate vegetarian challenge: Make two unforgettable vegetarian dishes in one hour using no more than 15 ingredients. After delivering their appetizer midway through the hour, the chefs learn they must also incorporate exactly 1.5 pounds of an additional ingredient into their fine dining dish. After the judges score the impressive meatless dishes, the winning all-star gets a shot at claiming up to ,000

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