Guy's Grocery Games
Season 32

s32e01 / GGG Winners' Face-Off

9th Feb '23 - 2:00am
GGG Winners' Face-Off Summary

Four returning winners vie for the title of Ultimate Guy's Grocery Games Champ, but it won't be easy! The chefs compete in a pair of one-on-one sudden-passing matches featuring the game Wild Cards. The winners of these dual battles face off in a culinary showdown where two chefs determine their final dish by placing food magnets on a fridge. The highest scoring dish determines who will win a guaranteed ,000 and the title of Ultimate GGG Champ.

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s32e02 / Flavortown Food Network Champs

16th Feb '23 - 2:00am
Flavortown Food Network Champs Summary

Four chefs who've won virtually every Food Network competition are now competing for the title of Flavortown Food Network Champ and a ,000 prize. First, the chefs compete in a pair of one-on-one sudden-passing matches featuring spinning order wheels. The winners of these dual battles face off in a high-stakes culinary confrontation. The chefs make a high-end seafood dinner with details determined by the notorious food pyramid. Ultimately, the judges will determine which chef's dinner will earn them the ,000 prize and the title of Flavortown Food Network Champ!

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s32e03 / GGG Call-Outs

2nd Mar '23 - 2:00am
GGG Call-Outs Summary

Guy Fieri is bringing Grocery Games grudge matches! Two worthy competitors are back to call out the opponents they lost to in a pair of highly-anticipated rematches. First, a Chicago chef calls out the opponent who bested her in a bacon brawl, and both competitors select a "must use" ingredient that will give their double knockout bacon dish the edge. Then, Food Network Star Damaris Phillips settles the score with the Arizona chef that defeated her in the "Beat the Judge: Vegetarian" game as both competitors attempt to create the best vegetarian diner classic. The victor of each winner-takes-all match earns a ,000 prize and bragging rights.

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s32e04 / Super Seafood Showdown

9th Mar '23 - 2:00am
Super Seafood Showdown Summary

Guy Fieri's games always have a catch, especially when he invites four seafood masters to serve up the catch of the day. In round one, the chefs play "Go Fish" to determine the catch they'll cook for their fish dinner. Then in round two, the remaining chefs make a shellfish feast using the sample table items that Hunter and the judges are hawking around the store! The winning chef will earn a "net" profit of up to ,000!

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s32e05 / All-Star Rush

30th Mar '23 - 1:00am
All-Star Rush Summary

Four all-star chefs who feel the need for speed compete in Guy Fieri's most fast-paced game: Grocery Rush! In round one, the chefs serve up a bangin' brunch in only 20 minutes! Then in round two, Guy challenges the chefs to make their favorite noodle dish in 20 minutes using 10 ingredients or fewer. The winner will take a quick shopping trip around Flavortown Market for up to ,000!

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s32e06 / Family Teams

13th Apr '23 - 1:00am
Family Teams Summary

Guy Fieri invites three families to show off their serious home cooking and shopping skills in Flavortown Market. In round one, they'll cook a family favorite that features the must-have food items on the "F is for Family" grocery list. In round two, the remaining families face off in a budget battle, where they'll stretch their dollars to make a plate worthy of a family dinner party! The family that wins together gets to shop the market together for up to ,000!

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s32e07 / Wine Country Chefs

20th Apr '23 - 1:00am
Wine Country Chefs Summary

Three top chefs from Northern California's world-famous wine country compete to show off their superior vintage. Guy Fieri welcomes them to the market with a gift basket full of local artisanal goods that they must feature in their signature dish. Then, the chefs play Spin the Wine Bottle to determine the not-so-romantic budget they'll have to make a romantic dinner. The winning chef will get to shop wine country's favorite market for up to ,000!

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s32e08 / GGG Eggs-travaganza

27th Apr '23 - 1:00am
GGG Eggs-travaganza Summary

Guy Fieri discovers his son Hunter and Chef Antonia Lofaso are holding an unannounced all-star chef competition in Flavortown featuring his least favorite food: eggs! He gets roped into playing "Will Guy Eat It- as the chefs score points based on how many bites of dishes featuring eggs they can get Guy to eat. Then, the chefs try to entice Guy and the judges with ostrich eggs and ingredients from the least desirable sections of the store. The "egg-citement" never ends as one chef will have a chance to win ,000.

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s32e09 / Mother of All Winners

11th May '23 - 1:00am
Mother of All Winners Summary

Guy Fieri brings back four GGG winners who are also proud mothers to prove that Mom cooks best; they'll make a weeknight favorite using nothing but packaged pantry items before transforming apple pie ingredients into an innovative family dinner.

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s32e10 / GGG Redemption

18th May '23 - 1:00am
GGG Redemption Summary

Guy Fieri sends talented chefs running through the aisles of Flavortown Market for the chance to make some serious dough. They face real-world challenges as they compete to be the last chef standing in this high-stakes cooking competition.

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s32e11 / Burger Ballers

25th May '23 - 1:00am
Burger Ballers Summary

Guy Fieri invites four "burgermeisters" who think outside of the bun to test the boundaries of what a burger can be. First, he challenges each of them to pound out four heavy-hitting burgers using only six pounds of ingredients. Then, they slide "sliders" to select the unorthodox ingredient they must incorporate into both their cheeseburger and side dish. The best burger baller gets to shop Flavortown Market for up to ,000.

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