In 30 Days, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock brings to the small screen issues both social and political. It is an experiment that examines the ways we think, the morals we hold and the truths we believe, to see how we use and challenge those beliefs to mold us both individually and as a society.

30 Days puts ordinary people in a world opposite of the one they know, trying to challenge their comfort zones and examine their biases as they never have before. The show follows a 24-year-old farm boy as he spends 30 days living with a gay roommate in the heart of San Francisco. Spurlock himself gets in front of the camera when he and his girlfriend Alex give up the luxury of the house they know and try and make it living on minimum wage for 30 days. An American-born Christian pushes his level of comfort when he takes 30 days out of his life to live with a Muslim family outside of Detroit in a culture he can't understand.

Spending 30 days living in someone else's shoes is not as easy as one would think and can dramatically change the way we think and live more than one would understand.

30 Days Ended after Season 3

FX aired the final episode on Tuesday 8th July 2008

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