Don Gilet stars as DS Nicky Cole, a charismatic London detective relocated to Newcastle to work the nightshift after he blows the whistle on police corruption. Blending drama and dry humour, the series follows Nicky as he comes to terms with his career change and tries to make his face fit within his new Northern environment.

Armed with a self-effacing manner and a lively sense of humour, Nicky quickly discovers that being a good cop doesn't always win you friends. Stuck away from the land of the living as a night detective, he learns that new friends are in short supply - the other detectives look upon him with suspicion and his boss DI Carter doesn't do much to make his new recruit welcome.

Although his methods can, at times, be unorthodox, Nicky always tries to do the right thing, even if it does make him unpopular with his new colleagues. Nicky finds his match in self-assured Crown Prosecution Service lawyer Claire Maxwell. But could their friendship ever develop beyond the boundaries of work?

55 Degrees North Ended after Season 2

BBC One aired the final episode on Sunday 10th July 2005

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