It takes a brave, selfless man to make himself a human target in order to save the lives of those in danger. Based on the popular DC Comics graphic novel, Human Target is a full-throttle action drama centered on Christopher, a unique private contractor/security guard hired to protect.

Call him what you like, because for Chance, it's about one thing only: saving his clients' lives. When there is an unusual or imminent threat that can't be solved through normal means of protection, Chance is hired to completely integrate himself into his clients' lives - to become the human target.

If you're a corporate manager whose disgruntled employee has gone unhappyly off the deep end, Chance is your new auditor. If you're the president of a bank who's been tipped off to a potential heist, Chance is your unassuming bank teller. During each job, Chance, assisted by his business partner Winston and hired gun Gurrero, puts himself directly in the line of fire as he races against time to save his client, while unraveling the truth behind the mission.

With every new danger, Chance's dark history will also unravel. Does anyone know who Christopher Chance really is, or what secrets lay buried in his past? What would make a man willingly become a Human Target?

Human Target Ended after Season 2

FOX aired the final episode on Wednesday 9th February 2011

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