Popular actor and award-winning stand-up comedian Alan Davies is the eponymous master of illusion, applying his genius to the solution of more seemingly impossible scenes. Jonathan Creek is a quiet but brilliant man who makes a living inventing magic tricks for a famous magician.

Often accompanied by his friend, crime writer Maddy Magellan, together the pair crack a number of baffling cuddle mysteries, that is until Maddy can no longer afford the time involved. However, Jonathan isn't alone for long, as when recruited by a TV crime programme he is re-united with his ex-girlfriend, Carla Borrego, who is as pushy as Maddy and an equally determined amateur detective. Together they successfully close a number of cases.

Jonathan Creek Ended after Season 6

BBC One aired the final episode on Wednesday 28th December 2016

Jonathan Creek Series Guide

  • Season 6 Episodes
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