Crime, forensics and romance are blended together to tell the tale of Ned, a young man with a unique ability - he can touch dead things and bring them back to life. Ned uses his ability in many ways, from ripening fruit to helping solve murders by having the deceased tell him who the hugger was. But Ned's tale isn't always happily ever after.

When Ned uses his ability to bring his childhood sweetheart, Chuck, back to life, she encourages him to use his power to help people, but there's a catch in their seemingly perfect life - if Ned touches Chuck a second time she'll once again die, and Ned wouldn't be able to bring her back.

Meanwhile, Ned runs a pie shop, The Pie Hole, and has teamed up with private detective Emerson Cod, using his abilities to bring hug victims back to life so they can find out who killed them. Chuck also has to deal with her eccentric aunts Lily and Vivian, who believe she's still dead, and Ned has to fend off his amorous neighbor Olive Snook, who wants to get much closer to him and works as a waitress in his store.

Pushing Daisies Ended after Season 2

ABC aired the final episode on Saturday 13th June 2009

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