Gloria is convinced that she has found happiness in Lecce, where she founded a small tourist agency and found love with Ernesto but, one day, her life is turned upside down by the arrival of Marina, her friend at the university in Naples, before Gloria began her transition journey. Marina brings with her Andrea and Arianna, her children from two different relationships, and is pregnant with a third, whose father is Pietro, a young man with a passionate and perhaps even dangerous character. Gloria would prefer not to reconnect with Marina, she reminds her of a part of her life that she would like to forget. However, Marina hides many secrets and soon Sergio, Arianna's father, will also arrive on the scene, a man in one piece who was immediately very distrustful of Gloria. For her, the time has come to come to terms with 'the life he wanted'.

The Life You Wanted Ended after Season 1

Netflix aired the final episode on Monday 3rd June 2024

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